Victor Weston

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Victor Weston
Victor Weston.jpg
Full name
  • Victor Weston
Date of Birth
  • August 8, 2491
  • Father: Thomas Weston
  • Mother: Samantha Weston
  • Elder Brother: Timothy Weston
  • Elder Sister: Sasha Weston
  • Younger Brother: Graham Weston
  • Unwed
  • None
  • Security: Red Lion Industries
  • Freelancer
  • Jack-of-All Trades
  • Male
Eyes and Hair
  • Brown Eyes
  • Light Brown Hair
Height and Weight
  • 5'10"
  • 188 lbs
  • Deceased
Education Information
  • High School Graduate
  • Basic Military Training
Military Service
  • Independent Faction: Private - Charlie Company, 88th Rifle Battalion, Highland Brigade (2506-2507)
  • Independent Faction: Demolitions Specialist - Engineering Corps, Highland Brigade (2507-2511)
  • Independent Faction: Corporal - Engineering Corps, Highland Brigade (2511)
Employment History
  • Various transports and freighters (2511-Present)


Standing at 5’10” and weighing about 188 lbs, this man appears middle-aged, though in good health as his back is straight and his frame is sturdy. He has broad shoulders and sizeable upper arms that reveal an athletic build, which his powerful legs confirm. His face is square-shaped and his light brown hair is cropped short at the back and slightly wavy on top; the style seems like a modified military cut that accentuates his head shape. His eyes are brown and he has a chiseled jaw that is encased by a light beard, also brown in colour. His skin is lightly tanned, and offers a nice contrast to his hair and eye colour. He wears no jewelry and there are no tattoos visible anywhere on his body. On his left wrist is a medic alert bracelet. Around his neck, there is a set of dog tags.

He wears a navy blue overcoat on top of a silver cotton shirt, brown wool trousers and brown leather combat boots. Underneath, he wears heavy body armour. He carries holstered side-arms on both his right and left hips that are obscured by his coat, though they peek out when he runs. There is also a long, tube like shape that appears on the inside right side of his coat, which is his ‘xiao,’ a Chinese flute. In his pockets, he always makes sure his PDA and iComm are present, just in case. In another pocket, he carries a fully loaded pen, which seems to be an injection device of some sort. Strapped to his back in an X shape, are two rifles, as well as a backpack.


Victor is a pretty friendly and open guy, easy to be around and socialize with. He generally avoids controversy or conflict, viewing it as more practical to just mind his own business. Above all else, Victor values personal freedom and the right of each individual to do what he or she wishes, which means he never judges or criticizes the decisions of others. If someone likes to sleep with goats, who’s Victor to judge? He may find it disturbing, but he would not really comment on it. However, this does not mean Victor is overly trusting or naive; at the end of the day, Victor relies on himself first and foremost and he never lets anyone get too close. He may make lots of friends, but it is rare for these to be more than casual acquaintances. His very nature means Victor tends to move around and switch jobs a lot, which are not conducive to long lasting relationships. It is the same with women, though Victor is generally open about this fact, trying not to give false impressions to his lovers. He’s also been traveling and working on ships for a long time now, so he knows how to fit in quickly to a new environment and make himself a useful member of the crew. This means that Victor is usually a welcome addition at the new workplace, adapting well to different circumstances. Other than general wanderlust, Victor’s one hobby is his music, the Chinese flute called “xiao.” While he does compose his own music now and then, he’s more interested in tweaking existing melodies, adding some original funky twist or variation. Overall, Victor is easy to get along with, but difficult to get close to. He has an understated wit and dry sense of humour, that makes people comfortable around him while still keeping them at arms length.


Born on the planet Newhall to a middle-class family, who ran a restaurant catering to the tourist industry, Victor was the third of four children. While he was not the black sheep of his family, he was given the least attention by his parents. They did not neglect him per se, but devoted little attention to the boy. By the time he was 7 years old, Victor really only got along with one member of his extended family, his uncle Albert, who was his father’s brother. Albert and a business partner, Harry, owned a small freighter which they took on trade runs throughout the Kalidasa System. It was Albert who introduced Victor to the idea of leaving Newhall and exploring the stars. When he was just 8 years old, Victor asked his uncle to take him along on his next trade run, but Albert laughed and told the boy to wait another 7 years; Albert promised that if Victor still wanted to when he turned 15, Albert would take him. The next years passed quickly with Victor biding his time. He continued to help out with the family business, mainly in the kitchen where he learned a little about cooking. At the same time, Victor also began to take an active interest in music, specifically, the Chinese flute, “xiao.” Not long after his fifteenth birthday, Harry stopped by with some bad news. Albert had become ill on their last trade run and died before they could get to a hospital. However, Harry was prepared to honour Albert’s promise and while Victor was sad at the loss of his uncle, he could not pass up such an opportunity. The year was 2506 and the Unification Wars were just beginning.

Not long after leaving Newhall however, Harry’s ship was stopped and boarded by an Alliance cruiser which claimed Harry was a smuggler working for the Independents. Both Harry and Victor were taken into custody but before being transferred to a prison, a Browncoat attack took place which freed both men. It turned out Harry was just an honest trader caught up in the greater conflict and after that ordeal, he decided to simply retire. He offered to pay for Victor’s passage back to Newhall, but the young man turned him down. Instead, Victor decided to enlist with the Independents, lying that he was actually 17 about to turn 18. With the war getting into full swing, the Browncoats were eager for bodies and Victor was soon accepted. For the next five years, Victor participated in the Wars and his military training and experience taught him basic knowledge of a wide variety of skills. His superiors discovered that while Victor lacked leadership ability, he was exceptionally agile and had a good head for technical work. As a result, Victor became a demolitions specialist, and received advanced training in this area. In 2511, as the Browncoats were losing the war, Victor received his one and only promotion, to the rank of corporal and also got some minor training in command and ground tactics. Victor was not disillusioned by the surrender of the Independents, and after his discharge, began living his dream of exploring the ‘Verse.


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