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Full name Kurt Engel
Date of Birth January 19, 2499
Parents Maria and Hans Engel
Siblings Two, Sarah and Rose
Assignment None at Present
Specialization Computer Slicing and Intrusions
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Silver/Blue eyes, Bright Blue hair
Height and Weight 5'8" (96.52cm) 97lbs (43.9kg)
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • High School Dropout
Military Service
  • Decryption Expert, Data Warfare, Cruiser Aegis (Missing, Presumed Dead)
Employment History
  • None at Present


The man who goes by "Vicar" began life as Kurt Engel, though he has carried more names than most in that short time. He was raised in a loving family by his parents, Maria and Hans, on Persephone. His talents with computers and information led him to rapidly outstrip his peers. He began editing his marks in the second grade; by the time he had reached the sixth, he was able to enter the mainframe of the school district at will. His talents made him arrogant, and soon his performance in class was so poor that his computer wizardry became obvious. Placed in one program after another, Kurt would shrug them off and set his talents against progressively tougher targets. It was during this time that he turned his hand to forgery, for the usual teenage reasons. By the time he would have finished High School, during the war years, he was already in prison on a mild information theft charge.

The Alliance met with a lot of strain on their computer technicians during the war years, with new encryptions coming into being almost before the last ones were created. In this environment of need, some officers gave convicts the chance to redeem themselves. Vicar jumped at the chance, and for a time was one of the most regularly effective decryption experts. Even here, he did not restrain his curious mind from questioning, and even though he was undetected for months, finally another programmer noticed his intensive digging into personnell files and restricted technical specifications. Vicar was hauled away in manacles for the second time. However the captain of the Aegis, impressed with Kurt's talents, offered him an assignment on a commando team as a computer specialist. Though more dangerous, and he lacking any combat skills to that point, Vicar acquitted himself excellently, proved uncannily adept at dodging enemy fire even while setting computer traps to stop them. In the beginning he was kept in a holding cell between missions, which heartily angered him, and despite saving most of their lives, his team never really trusted him. His dissatisfaction was further honed by the massacre at Shadow.

Nonetheless as missions grew more dangerous he was given a long-barelled AI-2519 pistol and gained some minor proficiency with it. He ended his service as the spearhead of a data raid on a burned-out hulk at Sturges. When the team was assaulted by a Browncoat team on a 'recover or destroy' type mission, the soldiers were pinned down. Dispassionately viewing the situation before him, Vicar pulled out his weapon and shot his own protectors from behind, handing himself into Browncoat custody.

He might have served long and well on their side, his sympathy long with their cause, had war's end not come shortly thereafter. Considered dead by the Alliance, Vicar began tracing down all evidence of his existence in official files, assuming an array of disguises and false documentation to aid him when the files could not be accessed through the Cortex. It was here he discovered his talent for accents and flavor words, his ability to slip into one personality or another aided by his vocal range. Given his background in computing, he attended a technical college and expanded his knowledge, granting him a 'day job' as a minor engineer on a bulk hauler. With most traces destroyed, however, the itch to challenge greater heights has struck, and no bulk hauler will offer him the opportunities needed...

Appearance and Demeanor

The most immediately noticeable thing about Vicar is his hair, sheets of bright blue bound up in a club starting at the nape of his neck. His eyes flash in the light, a striking blue/silver color. He has a somewhat tallish face; a bulbous, small nose, medium eyebrows, cheeks neither sharp nor baby-faced. He has a teeny crescent-shaped scar on the outside of his right eye. He's quite lithe, and just a little gangly with it.

He is dressed in the height of street punk couture; a black tee-shirt large enough to enhance his bony frame, emblazoned with some manner of pixelated doodle on the pocket. A pair of black jeans, also over-large, is cinched with a leathern belt with many metal studs in a regimented pattern. His boots are also black (noticing a theme here?), but are 'armored' at heel and toe box with some semi-shiny metal mesh. In stark contrast to his modern style, a black cape is thrown over his shoulders, made of a material that flows like water; it moves with him in dramatic fashion. It is joined at his neck by a chrome o-ring chain and two clasps shaped like sytlized balls of flame.

On his upper left arm the hint of a tatoo pokes out of his shirtsleeve, a good view would reveal it to be an Imperial Dragon shooting a jet of flame. On his wrists are a pair of longish bracers, almost vambraces really, with just a pair of simple rings attatched to the D-ring on each. They clink and clatter lightly as he walks.

Vicar is lazy, smug, and capable of bouts of intense focus. He may not always know what's going on around him. He doesn't really have a lot of secrets, he's willing to brag about most everything he's ever done, except for his real name. He went to too much effort to bury "Kurt Engel" for good. He has a couple of soft spots but you'll have to find out what they are for yourself.