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Brief Description

Verse Through The Black is a poetry club being run by somebody under the pseudonym MrKeating. It's an organization originally conceived of as a way for participants to share poetry. The group will likely expand to areas such as literature and theater as well. The concept was inspired by the movie Dead Poets Society. This group is always accepting new members, so wave Babbage if you're interested.


The plan is for this club to have two elements. The first is gonna be a newsletter, where members can share their work. The second is gonna be meetings, most likely at The Captain's Retreat or some other Persephone restaurant. Of course, what actually happens depends on the group that gets put together.

IC Information

Original Cortex Ad

Someone has been making posts to various poetry forums under the username MrKeating:

Good morning, Bonjour, Buenos Dias, Dobry Utra, and Saluton. I'm starting a little poetry club, and I'm looking for possible participants. As you might be able to tell by my screenname, this project was inspired by the Earth-That-Was film, Dead Poets Society. I plan on calling my little group Verse Through the Black.

I plan on having two elements to this group, and members can chose to participate in one or both. The first is a newsletter. Members can submit poems (either with a real name, a pseudonym, or anonymously) and every so often a wave containing all the submitted work will be sent to all the members.

The second element can be far more frightening, but also so much more rewarding. In person meetings. I don't know how often these will happen, but they'll probably occur at a restaurant on Persephone. At least the first few. These meetings will involve food, drinks, and hopefully a few brave souls willing to share their work.

So if you're interested in writing poetry, or even just reading, give me a wave. (contact information follows)

OOC: If you're interested, contact Babbage. Exactly what becomes of this idea depends on how many people I can get.


For archives of newsletters, see Verse Through the Black/Newsletters

One of the main components of Verse Through the Black is a newsletter. Members who are so inclined may send poems to MrKeating, and they will be published in the newsletter.