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Local Authority Alliance
Population 78.5 million
Terraformed 2415
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing No
Public Shuttle Yes
Type Planet
Size Class 12 (L)
Class Border
Orbit Second from Kalidasa
Coordinates 3310, -1990, -1
Satellites APC-088
Market Information
Commodities Market Yes
Imports Chickens
Parts - Civil
Exports Grains
Low Tech
Luxury Foods
Medical Supplies
"Verbena was scarcely surviving, barely more than a piece of barren rock, but now with the Alliance factory opening you and your families will be able to lead full and satisfying lives."
― Tanaka, in the unaired "Dead or Alive" script

The planet is filled with lush, thick forests, which make the land difficult to clear and farm. However, there are many fruit-producers who run large orchards on the planet. Thanks to Government incentives during the Alliance's "rejuvenation after Unification" campaign, they were able to fund new construction to build up the underdeveloped world. A new factory was built which produced supply parts for military vehicles. Things were looking up with the new factory, but a former Independent soldier who turned terrorist bombed the factory, killing hundreds and completely destroying the factory. This created a strong hatred for the Browncoats and the Independence movement. Though the Alliance has vowed to help the people of Verbena, they are still waiting on the appropriate legislation from the parliamentary committees. It is unlikely that any aid will come their way soon, as the planet is low on the government's list of priorities. Many residents have fled the planet, looking to start a life elsewhere, while many others remain there with no means of leaving the planet. There is a small security force in place, to guard against further terrorist attacks and to watch over a restless population.

In 2528, Count Salin Fawzy petitioned Parliament for permission to transfer his titles to the planet of Verbena in an effort to personally begin to help restore industry to the planet. Approval was received and in a short period of time, Black Wolf Enterprises had moved their entire base of operations to the planet, creating hundreds of new jobs.

With the reformation of Black Wolf Enterprises as White Tiger Financing, the company has created several more jobs by opening up a Nightclub on the planets surface. Rumor is now spreading among the locals that the Count is now looking into the possibility of restoring both the formal hospital and university to their former glory, in an effort to draw more skilled workers to the planet.

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Canon References

  • Verbena appears in the script for the unaired episode "Dead or Alive"
  • Serenity RPG