Verain Xiaowen

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Full name Verain Xiaowen
Date of Birth May 21, 2503
Parents Eve Xiaowen (adoptive, alive) & Gerald Xiaowen (adoptive, alive)
Siblings Danika Xiaowen (b. 2490)
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Companion, House Daska
Specialization Entertainment
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue-grey eyes, Lt. brown/Dk. blonde hair
Height and Weight 5'9", 158 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Enrolled in Companion training at the age of 10, and Guild-educated through the age of 18.
Military Service
  • No military service.

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Born Verain Adrien D'Aubigne to a modestly wealthy, working class but hard-working family from New Dunsmuir, Beaumonde. His father was a Frenchman with a claim to half a dozen bloodlines and as many ethnicities, none of them noble; his mother, a dark-eyed gypsy with Moroccan blood and every penny of her family's money put into boarding school on Londinium. His was a traveling life from the start; a pleasant life for want of very little. Cut short by both his parents' deaths when still a young child -- the circumstances surrounding it were kept covered up, a terrible tragedy, the poor boy -- he was adopted into the Xiaowen household and sheltered quite heavily. The simplistic lifestyle of buddhism quickly appealed, as did the more scholarly pursuits, and he was enrolled in the Companions' Guild training at a young age when he showed a proclivity for the elusive calling. Newly registered with the Guild, he possesses a youthful optimism and a delicate-seeming innocence at times, often at odds with his relaxed confidence and worldly manner.



During his training with the Companions Guild, Verain was a top student in his classes and extraordinarily bright and dedicated to his studies. A consummate patron of literature and the arts, he is a devout buddhist and quite an accomplished swordsman, diplomat, musician and entertainer. He has some amateur skill at mixing drinks, and is quite a fierce opponent at the Japanese game of 'go'. He services both male and female clients, and spends much of his time in residence at Black Wolf Enterprises, as part of his contract with Baroness Kennedy Sinclair. Otherwise, he is generally based out of House Daska on Persephone.