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Full name Duchess Venadia Amaline Trelamaine-Carmichael
Date of Birth May 15th
Parents Duke Andrew Foisten Trelamine, Duchess Amaline Antoinette Trelamaine
Siblings None
Spouse Damian Carmichael
Children Adrian Trelemaine, Caralyn Emaline Carmichael, Sebastien Andrew Carmichael (fraternal twins).
Assignment Noble
Specialization Independent
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Black Eyes, Black hair
Height and Weight 5'5, 130 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Private Tutorship
Military Service
  • No military service.



  • During most of her actual childhood years, her time was spent following Emeisa and Damian around as well as in her studies. Finding it great fun to try and emulate the young lady of the two, as well as her own mother. As she grew older she found many of her studies corresponded at the same time as Eme's, though her mother had more plans of private tutoring for her so most of their contact from the age of 12 on was through waves.
  • Time with Damian on the other hand was never dull, she was always tagging along side him watching him get into various streaks of trouble here and there. And always as they were growing up before he was sent away she would do her best to take the blame for the trouble he got into. Perhaps it was because of her petite size, or those big dark black eyes, in either case she was consisantly able to sway for her friend not to be beaten by his father at least while she was there.
  • Though as she grew up, though their friendship stayed tight in some areas, and were still as protective for each other, she couldn't help but notice the change that was slowly taking away his rebellious spirit into one that was totally and completely filled with a determination she at the time couldn't understand.
  • Her father was a very serious man, having spent ten years in the military and having earned the rank of Commander, she was very proud of the stories he would tell at the grand dinners. Though with this family he was strict, he wasn't shy about showing praise for a job well done. Her mother on the other hand was the consumate hostess. Always running functions of some kind, she was avid in both the arts as well as diplomacy, never once would you see her father without her mother by his side standing proudly.
  • The most important point in the new beginning of her life was 5 years ago. When the news of her parents deaths reached her. Though in private she spent much time mourning, she was also found there afterwards doing all she could to not only complete her studies as fast as humanly possible. But also to begin working on what must be dne to help run things. Though she still smiles often there is a serious determination behind her eyes now.
  • With her parents death's, especially her father's she has been keeping a close eye on the vids to make sure she knows what is going on. With the NOD almost gone, as well as the pirates still on the loose, she knew it would be hard times ahead. But it only strengthened her resolve for knowing she needed to make sure she could run things properly.
  • The only two things she has that make her stand out is an odd birthmark of a crescent moon that rests on the apple of her left cheek. And then the fact that though her parents had grey eyes and most everyone in their family did. Her own where a dark black in color. Though she carried physical traits from both parents no one could explain the difference in eye color.
  • It was a year after she began running her father's factory that she mer Odell Malika. In a grand ceremony that many attended they were married a short four months after they had met. She ended up pregnant and seemed happy though oddly tired through the entire pregnancy. In the end though she ended with a very healthy baby boy that she named Adrian.
  • In the year that passed Venadia found out the hard way that her husband had been sleeping around on her, but as was proper with any noble, she kept a stiff upper lip and her love alive. Then the unthinkable happened, she was kidnapped after a grand explosion that had destroyed her office.
  • Six months of hell ended with finding out that Damian's father, Apollo, had found an old contract between their two families from centuries before. Stating that if at any time, either family ended up without a male heir with the main members dying that the daughter of that family would marry into the other. The legality of it making it clear it wasn't just until an heir was born, apparently having been written so that there was no way to break the contract without penalty of both parties losing their nobility. With possibly other reprecussions as well.
  • Damian showed his friendship through however, and agreed to marry her, after he had rescued her from his father. It was six months later and they were married in a very quiet, private ceremony. There was no fanfare, no exciting party, just a simple ceremony and then a move to Bubastis where she now resides.
  • And the stories and adventures abound. Kidnappings, Addictions, Giving birth to twins, and it goes on and on. Stay tuned for updates in the Life and Times!