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Full name Velvet Von Black
Date of Birth July 1st, 2507
Parents Irving Von Black (Alive) & Dehlilia Von Black (Deceased)
Siblings Oxnard Von Black (Oldest Brother)
  • Teak Von Black (Second Older Brother)
  • Kaedulus (Youngest brother... err.... sister I mean, adopted by her)
Spouse unwed
Assignment Engineer,
Specialization Engineering, Explosives, Computers
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green eyes, Black hair
Height and Weight 5'5", 145lbs
Status Active
Education Information


Military Service


Employment History

Brief Background

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Velvet stands in front of you at 5'5" and more than likely with a smile upon her black lips. Her straight jet black hair is usually in pig tails to keep it out of her face with the exception of her bangs that stop at her eyebrows while she is working on engines and other various things. Her olive eyes a accentuated by her long black eyelashes and her subtle eyeliner doesn't hurt either. She wears a plain black t-shirt that hugs her chest and a tight pair of cargo jeans that let her move rather freely, with black sneakers upon her feet. Various tools seem to be in her jeans. Upon her neck are various gothic charms and upon her wrists are wristbands that read different things daily considering how dirty they get. There is a new addition to her wardrobe which happens to be an armored duster that resembles a gothic black trenchcoat. There is a backpack is rather nifty looking to be honest, its is all black and has rubber spikes all over it which are completely harmless, it is more for looks and really does go with Velvet's look, there are various buttons and patches in between the spikes.

Employment History

Guan-Yin II
  • Signed up with the Guan-Yin II as a engineer but is probationary for now but adores her new family!
  • Is smitten with another crew member named Flick and is exclusively dating her.

Famous Quotes

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Fun Tidbits About Velvet

  • Had only seen Beylix until she came to Persephone on June 20th 2529
  • Allergic to Tree nuts but not Peanuts.
  • Was madly in Love with Flick.
  • She's the happiest goth you'll ever meet.
  • Deathly afraid of spiders.
  • Has a tendency to name the engines that she works on all depends on what she thinks their personality is.
  • Randomly skips around the ship singing about engines and Flick.
  • Saw what the Black looks like from the Bridge for the first time on July 28th 2529
  • Saw what Ariel looks like for the first time August 1st 2529
  • Flick and her broke up around March 2530
  • Started dating Doc Holliday May 2530 but the relationship eventually came to a stand still because Velvet wants children and it ended September 2531
  • Started working on the Mustang September 2531
  • Started dating Casey October 2531 and found out she was pregnant with his child
  • Miscarried December 15 2531 and broke things off with Casey and left the crew on the Mustang and contacted Doc Holliday to come and rescue her
  • December 18 2531 Doc Holliday comes to her rescue
  • December 19 2531 starts working for McGuire and is made the Chief Engineer on board the Jia
  • July 3 2532 Velvet contracts an unknown virus and falls into a coma. Doctors say there is a 5% chance she will wake up.
  • May 2 2534 It's a miracle! Velvet wakes up from her coma to find out her whole life has changed in the almost two years she was in her coma. Decides to leave her past just where it is and start anew.
  • May 21 2534 Begins working on the San Pablo for Elliott as their engineer and cook.


Daisy is an adorable Beagle that is white, tan and dark brown, she as an adorable black nose with white on her face that goes very thin between her warm honey eyes, mostly her face is tan and hair ears are a dark brown. Most of her body is white with medium sized paws and three various spots of tans upon her fur and one spot of dark brown upon her long tail and another on her back leg. She is rather energetic and sweet and adores people and plays very well with cats shockingly enough. Upon her neck is an adorable color that is pink with black skull and cross bones on it and a tag that reads if lost please returns to Velvet Von Black.


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Pictures of Velvet

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