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Conducted by Dr. Stephen Moran, PhD
Grant Alejandro Vega
Full name Grant Alejandro Vega
Date of Birth 05 October 2508
Birthplace Santo
Parents Unknown, orphaned
Siblings Unknown
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Corporal, Task Force Alpha
Specialization Rifleman
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Grey, Brown
Height and Weight 6' 0", 192 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

2508 to 2526 - School of Hard Knocks, Santo.
2526 - 2535 - Alliance Military Academy.

Military Service

Active Service, Alliance Military.

Evaluation Notes

Subject Grant Alejandro Vega is a well built male, six foot tall, of Hispanic and Caucasian descent. While normally bald and clean shaven, he appears to have let himself go in this regard and has developed stubble on both head and chin. He appears to put in numerous hours at the gym judging from his heavily muscled frame. His hand-eye coordination is superb, as befitting a well-trained Alliance Marine. Subject demonstrates extreme difficulty at visibly relaxing unless under the influence of inebriating substances, and appears most comfortable when at attention. This may cause concern if he is required to blend in with civilians. Subject has been noted to rarely smile.

Subject Vega is an orphan. He spent his first fifteen years spent in an orphanage on Santo before being rescued by Alliance soldiers. The orphanage in question was shut down as it was believed to be a front for drug trafficking. His next three years were spent in a boarding school on Santo. He enrolled in Alliance Military at eighteen, graduated in the middle of class and was assigned to the Marine unit stationed on Persephone. He fought with distinction at the Battle of the Bleeding Hearts and was denied permission to rescue Heather Jacy from her capture. He transferred from the Marines to Task Force Alpha one year later under command of Heather Jacy. More recently, he received a brevet promotion to Sergeant for the assault on Osiris Spaceport and Bubasis compound, and called in the orbital strike that slew Damian Carmichael, an act for which he claims credit even though the facts may say otherwise. Two men in his squad perished during the battle. In addition, he participated in the raid on the Syndicate warehouse on Shinbone and served with valour alongside other Marines, though he was unable to retrieve important intel before Syndicate operatives destroyed it. More recently, he fought Syndicate operatives in hidden passages underneath Londinium and was responsible for seriously wounding if not outright terminating noted terrorist Elizabeth Compton, despite receiving a grievous injury in the process. As his wound was life-threatening, he has been placed in the ICU for an extended period.

Thorough psychological examination shows that Subject Vega is conversationally cold and extremely blunt. He has been seen to lack tact, showing a dislike of small talk and opts to tackle topics of difficulty without hesitation, provided he has been given permission to speak freely if a superior officer is present. He has been noted to react with hostility when mocked. Strenuous testing has indicated that his loyalty to the Alliance is total. His behaviour and attitude in the field borders on zealotry. He is insufficiently capable of hiding excitement at furthering the Alliance's cause. All information provided to him about the Alliance regardless of its truth is accepted without question, and whether or not he knows the information is incorrect appears to be irrelevant. He demonstrates total loyalty to the chain of command during all tests, and as to be expected he has shown irritation those who interfere with it. It is worth noting that we have encountered difficulty in eliciting an emphatic response from Subject Vega regarding non-military personnel, particularly if they are non-Alliance citizens, but this is well within acceptable parameters.

In a combat environment, Subject Vega demonstrates no compunctions against utilizing dangerous methods to achieve a military objective. His thought processes appear to border on ruthlessness. Subject displays propensity towards intimidation and threats to achieve his goals and is unbending in negotiations. He has demonstrated visible glee when an objective is achieved, regardless of the casualties friendly units may take. While this may cause friction with his superiors, especially those concerned about the well-being of their soldiers, test results have proven that he possesses an astonishing ninety-eight percent success rate in training exercises containing moral quandaries that could jeopardize a victorious outcome. Considering this efficiency rate, we can afford to overlook his apparent disregard for his comrades' well being.

Finally, throughout testing Subject Vega has displayed subtle hints of personal offense when presented with individuals who had one-upped him in one way or another, from Trinh Da Nang to Elizabeth Compton. I believe that maintaining these vendettas will result in greater combat efficiency, but it is still worth noting in case it causes problems in the future.

NB: Subject Vega has demonstrated a certain love of the old Earth-That-Was song O Fortuna, due to its power and "feeling of imminent doom". He listens to this music and similar classical pieces regularly. Please see attached audio file for reference.

Relevant Individuals

I have listed below individuals that have been tied to Subject Vega's recent activities. His opinion of them has been provided.

  • CDR Heather Jacy: Commanding Officer. Effective and worthy of respect. TESTER'S NOTE: He has been seen to chafe when CDR Jacy asks about the well-being troops under his command. This may be an example of his dislike of small talk.
  • CDR Adrian Calhoun: Field Commander. Effective and worthy of respect.
  • PFC John 'Odin' O'Neil: Comm Officer. Useful, if strange and withdrawn.
  • Victoria Mayhew "Lux": Civilian. Useful. TESTER'S NOTE: Notably, this is the only civilian observed with whom Subject Vega has formed a functional working relationship. Keep an eye on this.
  • Moira Macallan: Civilian. Untrustworthy. Hiding something.
  • Sachin Harlow: Civilian. Obstructive. Other than that, unknown.
  • Elizabeth Compton: Rebel. Former captive. Grievously wounded by Subject Vega. TESTER'S NOTE: It appears he wants to finish the job.
  • Unidentified red-headed woman: Rebel. Injured CDR Jacy and Victoria Mayhew. To be captured and interrogated.
  • Unidentified dark-skinned man: Rebel. Seriously injured Subject Vega. To be captured and interrogated.

TESTER'S NOTE: Undercurrents of hostility were detected when questioned about Elizabeth Compton and her allies, especially the dark-skinned man that shot him. It is possible that he considers recent events on Londinium a personal offense as mentioned above, especially following the life-threatening wound he received.


Corporal Grant Alejandro Vega is best described as the ideal soldier. He is completely unquestioning of authority, obsessive with orders, and adheres to the directives of the Alliance with a fervor that borders on religious. He is to be kept at his place in Task Force Alpha, and is highly recommended for security detachments where rapid action to secure Alliance assets is required.

-- Doctor Stephen Moran, PhD