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Full name Vasilii Yegorovich Ivanov
Date of Birth June 04, 2504
Parents Yegor Grigorovich Ivanov (deceased) and Anitchka Ivanov
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Pirate's Commonwealth, Leviathan


Specialization Incursions, Sharpshooting
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue-green eyes, Dyed black with green streaks.
Height and Weight 5'5", 120lbs
Status Dead!
Education Information
  • Questionable
Military Service
  • No ruttin' way jose.
Personal Notes

Age: 18

Vasilii is known also by the following: Pup, Vas

Vasilii speaks Russian (fluently), Chinese, & English (with a thick accent).

Vasilii is Allergic to Cats.

Vasilii is rumored to have Trust Issues.

Vasilii is rumored to be light fingered.

Vasilii has Lightning Reflexes


Slightly short for a guy, at somewhere between 160 and 170cm, and on the scrawny side at around 54kg this youth looks 16, maybe 17 but might be older. His hair is dyed black with green streaks through it, evidenced by the fact eyebrows are lighter, and looks to be perpetually scruffy. His eyes are a stunning amber, just like a wolf - probably contacts - and accented with black eyeliner causing them to stand out against a pale complexion.
A number of black piercings also stand out against his pale skin. In each earlobe is a 12.5mm plug with a five pointed red star on it. Below his bottom lip are a pair of labrets in a 'snake-bite' layout and each eyebrow has a pair of spiked barbells. Another slight accent is a scar that bisects his left eyebrow.
He's dressed mostly in black. A somewhat fitted thermal with something printed on the front in Cyrillic, is worn under a plain black hoodie which its self is worn under a knee length jacket, possibly a near full length duster at one point in its life. His jeans are also black, a low cut, slim fit held up - though not out of necessity - by a green belt with a row of fake bullets and a distinctive buckle. The buckle is polished chrome and shows two pistols accented with rhinestones, one pointing right the other left the barrels up at a 45 degree angle. Centrally is a wolf-head skull above cross-bones. The belt ties in with the green, studded collar around his neck that has a heart-shaped 'dog tag' hanging from the 'D' ring on the front. A heavy wallet chain, two-tiered, one of those tiers being a length of bike chain, hangs down his right thigh to his knee before looping around to his back pocket. On his feet, rather than combat or work boots, are a pair of 12-holed, black canvas high-tops with four 1" wide straps with two rows of silver tone pyramid studs and buckles. Around his right knee, over his jeans, is a reasonably high tech brace made of the ceramic produced on Higgins moon painted dark blue and accented with flames in a lighter blue.

Distinguishing Marks & Features

  • Wears contacts that give his eyes the appearance of a cat, or a wolf.
  • Mothers name (Anitchka) tattooed on left chest, in Cyrillic.
  • 'Birth certificate' tattooed on left side at kidney level, in Cyrillic.
  • Detailed tattoo showing a stormy sea and a Leviathan attacking a square-rigged sail boat on his back.
  • X shaped scar on his left forearm, inside.
  • Three Gold teeth.
  • Small scar bisecting left eyebrow.
  • Multiple piercings.

Areas of Skill

Vasilii's skills make him equal parts 'Thief/Scout' and 'Gunhand/sharp shooter'.

Small and particularly agile he developed the necessary skills for moving around un-noticed at a reasonably early age making him a good 'point man' or 'Scout'.

He is also somewhat accomplished at gathering information from people on the streets and breeching security systems.

Combat wise he is best with rifles and has shown a tendency towards being a good sharpshooter. He has also displayed at least a passing knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, both armed and unarmed.

The martial art Vasilii learned and practices is somewhat unique. Some observers would call it a mixed martial art and technically it is, but anyone who asks would be told that it has been passed through his family for generations. It's origins are in the Russian fighting style R.O.S.S. Rossijskaya Otechestvennaya Systema Samozashchity (POCC, Росси́йская Оте́чественная Систе́ма Самозащи́ты) and Krav Maga.


Vasilii (Василий - pronounced: vah-SEE-lee) was born on St. Albans in June of 2504.

In June 2519, just after his fifteenth birthday, he joined the crew of a Pirate vessel called the черный колдунья (Black Witch). This ship was Captained by Vasilii's father Yegor (Егор - ye-GOR). His father had just been given command of the ship by Vasilii's grandfather, Grigori (Григорий - gree-GO-ree), following the family tradition. Even before joining the crew Vas was accomplished at sneaking around and gathering information, as well as having learnt to shoot and fight both armed and unarmed.

For almost two years the Black Witch was most active around St. Albans and nearby planets and, most recently, was known to be associated with the forces of Admiral Frost and the Pirate Commonwealth. Some time in early 2521 the then first mate of the Black Witch plotted and successfully lead a mutiny against Vas' father following a bloody fight with an Alliance patrol. Vas' father was disembowelled during the mutiny and Vasilii himself was shot in the knee in order to prevent him coming after the mutinous crew members.

Over a year later, in June of 2522, Vasilii re-emerged from beneath what ever rock he had hidden himself under and somehow found the location of New Tortuga. The eighteen year old was quickly accepted into the Commonwealth by none other than the Admiral himself.

October 2522, the pirates appear to have been captured or skulked off to hide under various rocks. Just what Vasilii is up to now is anyone's guess.

Weapon Collection


- The Lightfoot 42 is the commonly used sidearm on a lot of planets, its 9mm ammo packs enough punch for the average customer. The sleek, slender, black design is one of the most renowned in the rim. Practically available everywhere, this sturdy design, or some copy of, it is the sidearm of choice for the discerning shooter on a budget.

- This piece of heavy artillery was designed as a target/sport pistol in the latter years of the Earth-that-was. Its appearance in the world was a wonder of the first gas-operated sidearm known. Since, a remodel of the weapon in 2296 was offered with a refurbished operation device and a laser sight. This individual weapon will only take 10mm rounds.

- The Bersa Thunder 45UC pistol is locked breech, short recoil operated firearm of the Browning type. It's barrel is locked to the slide by single large lug which engages the ejection port in the slide and unlocking is engaged by the cam-shaped underbarrel extension. The Bersa's trigger is double action with an exposed hammer and an ambidextrous frame mounted safety which decocks the hammer, then locks the slide and sear. This weapon also features a firing pin safety which blocks the firing pin until the trigger is pressed. The slide release lever is ambidextrous and the magazine release button can be easily switched to either side of the grip. The weapon's sights are fixed with front blade integral to the slide and rear dovetailed to the frame. This compact weapon is matte black with a steel slide over and composite frame and grip, and features a single column magazine to further minimize it's size. It can easily be hidden in a pocket, or carried in an ankle holster.


- Manufactured by Steyr Mannlicher, the Steyr Scout is a scoped bolt-action rifle. This model is chambered for the 5.56mm round. It is designed to be a versatile, lightweight all-around rifle, designed for use in hunting or scouting. It is made primarily of polymer and was designed to be accurate to 400 meters. This one is the 'Tactical' version with the high capacity (10 round) clip option and a variable scope mounted in a 'classic' style optical sight mount. A quick access clip arrangement on the right of the stock can hold 5 rounds of .223Lapua ammunition.

- The MSG-1A9 sniper rifle is a "militarized" offspring of the PSG-1 police sniper rifle. Built to military specifications it is much lighter than it's parent, but retains many of the core features. The weapon operates with a roller-delayed blowback and is semi-automatic only, with a significantly lighter match grade barrel. The buttstock is modular, adjustible for length and with a configurable cheek rest and trigger assembly is constructed of a one piece moulded composite. The MSG-1A9 is fitted standard with 10X telescope sight with range settings from 100 to 1200 meters mounted on the MilStd scope rail which allows for various scopes and night vision devices to be mounted interchangeably. This model is configured with a steel box magazine that holds five 7.62 rounds.


- This long and heavy steel blade is a basic longsword, mainly used on rim worlds for it's stability. It's rather easy to manufacture.

  • Straight Razor

- A slim folding straight razor intended for shaving. It's no good for stabbing people or for any of the other uses people might put a normal knife to, but it'll leave a nasty cut.

Close combat

- A classic weapon of the personal beat down, brass knuckles have been around in one form or another since mankind started using weapons against one another. This refined form that you see now has four holes machined in the heavy cast brass, one for each finger, and a grip to close your fist around which has been hollowed through to reduce the weight. The outer surface of the finger rings have been reinforced and raised to augment the damage cause with a punching blow.

Wish List


  • Whiskey in the Jar - Thin Lizzy
  • Fade to Black - Metallica
  • Turkish Song of the Damned - The Pouges
  • The Evil that Men Do - Iron Maiden
  • Two Minutes to Midnight - Iron Maiden
  • Animal I have Become - Three Days Grace
  • Slaying the Dreamer - Nightwish
  • The Flame of Youth - DragonForce
  • Farther Away - Evanescence
  • A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation - Trivium
  • Now I Lay Thee Down - Machine Head
  • My Curse - Killswitch Engage
  • Nailed to the Ground - PAIN
  • Leviathan - Yngwie Malmsteen
  • All Nightmare Long - Metallica
  • Suicide & Redemption - Metallica