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Class Osprey
Type of Vessel Multi-purpose Transport
Scale of Vessel [[1]]
Length 280 feet
Wing Span 155 feet
Height 60 feet
Crew Capacity 12
Cargo Capacity 300 tons
Fuel Capacity 250 tons
Turn Rate 10 degrees/sec
Top Speed 1080 (2160 afterburn)
Command Crew
Ownership History




Valiant, Osprey Class Mid-Bulk Transport. This sleek craft is larger than a Firefly by quite a bit, but the older design historically has less internal capacity than the more common Firefly class. It's simple, two deck design features a main lower cargo bay, and an upper deck which comprises most of the living and crew spaces. The primary hull is reinforced by twin dorsal spines that run the length of the craft and extend far to the aft to form a pair of tail booms that improve the atmospheric maneuverability. Gimbal mounted reaction thrusters are attached to the hull amidships, outboard of the dorsal spines. The cockpit extends off the upper deck forward of the primary hull with a unique down facing canopy.

Like the lady she is, the Valiant isn't about to give up the secrets of her age. The well informed would know that the Osprey Class ship hasn't been in production for over fifteen years, so she's hiding her age well. Truly meticulous care has been taken to keep this ship in service, and it shines through in each of the hull patches. This has caused an interesting effect, the slightly uneven texture becoming a feature of the deep, gunmetal grey, giving it an almost brushed sort of lustre below the paint job. Deep Roman Red accent lines have been painted in as well, to give interest and help smooth over the otherwise randomized appearance. There are two pieces of art that decorate the skin of this ship, the most predominant being that of a copy of the Winchester Round Table, with the characters for Valiant superimposed over the wedges of alternating green and white on the rondel's surface, flanking a red Tudor Rose. Below the ebony black characters, there's just the slightly translucent colouring of that matching Roman Red colour. On both of the tail booms, the logo of the Valiant Delivery Service has been painted - above a golden shield rests a Roman Red standard, held up by a pair of crossed wooden bars. On the standard in pure white are the two charcters for the word Valiant, seperated by the very word in proud black lettering for contrast.

The Valiant's Nose Art is a variation of the Round Table from Winchester Castle on the Earth That Was, long fabled as the actual Round Table of Arthurian Legend.

Ship Layout

While this isn't the exact layout of the Valiant, this is one way the ship can be set-up. It is provided for reference to the crew and other players so that one can more-easily see what is happening and where. Primary differences include individual bathrooms in-quarters, twin single beds in the one-bed quarters, and subtle set-up changes in the internal layout in regards to furniture, as well as the majority of the crew quarters being on the Port side of the ship, while the guest quarters are on starboard.

Valiant Layout

Former Employees and Associates

Many different people have travelled on and called the Valiant home, for shorter or longer periods of time. Listed below are those people who have intertwined a part of their lives with that of the ship.

Richard ClarkeBernice KimTaylor KimHaegar HansonSiegfried Von HeildenMikayla IsakksonAnner KellsRonel Leight
Finnegan MarshTeller MunroSean O'MalleyMaite PadillaPierce PrescottMycol ReamerLucretia RendolinLucien SaDiabloJacob Storn