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Full name Valerius Ibanez de la Vega
Parents De La Vega Trade Syndicate
Siblings Marissa de la Vega
Spouse ....
Children Gabriella, Rafael Ree
Assignment Cargo Master
Specialization Jack of all Trades
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue, Dark Blond to Brown
Height and Weight 6 feet 4 inches
Status Inactive
Education Information

No available Records

Military Service

2nd Div. 3rd Det. 165th AssaultSquad, Sergeant

Personal Notes

Valerius Vega was in prison for 6 IC years

Short Conceptual: Jack of all Trades, Mercenary, Captain, Gunslinger

The Red Angel Pt.1

Shortly after leaving Service in the Browncoats Valerius Vega, at this time calling himself Valerius McQuire joined Captain Daniel Wallace aboard the Red Angel. For quite some time he flew with him and his crew, and having a happy and good time. During many encounters he honed his skills in many areas of his interest, be itpiloting the sabre class, shooting or whatever else came to mind. On this ship he also met the first girls he really was interested in Ree and later on Isabella. Ree joined the crew shortly after Val had and soon they had a cordial good friendship, over time Ree opened up to him and slowly a soft and yet thin band of love seemed to develope. As Ree got pregnant with Rafael Val seemed to be quite happy, then though things broke appart and Ree left the ship for another man while Val was off ship for a while. Val took this rather hard and the blow caused him to loose interest in any form of relationship..that is until he met Isabella sort of the sister of Captain Wallace, they got to know each other over time, and it did happen quite often that Valerius had to stop the little hotblooded girl from doing stupid things..over time, they fell in love.

Isabella de la Vega

After Valerius and Isabella came to recognize their feelings for each other they soon started to date and could be considered a couple quickly after. Things developed as they where travelling on the angel with each other, and one day isabella got pregnant. Did we mention the marriage..No not yet, well they did in a rather big and wonderfull ceremony, moving into the De la vega estates on Shinon where Isabella gave birth to their little child.

Spitfire and Rim Security

Shortly after Valerius and Isa aquired the Spitfire, a once beautifull Sabre class frigate in a bad shape. Together they and their soon to be crew rebuilt the ship and formed the core of Rim Security, an organisation that wanted to secure the rim where the Alliance didn't care of didn't have the resources to dabble. Things where starting to look up, as they got contracts with various Rim worlds to supply security against reavers, pirates and gangs.


One day..valerius just vanished, he seemed to have been swallowed by a black hole for all people could tell. Isabella taking a hard blow at that was at first looking for him everywhere, but as the years went on all hopes of finding Valerius again did fade, and then one day his dead body was delivered to his apparent widow. After he got buried and declared dead she moved on in her live.

Welcome to Hell

Valerius did indeed vanish from the shopping trip he never returned from. when he was approached by multiple Alliance officers he thought nothing about it, not being aware of any things he did he even accepted their invitation to a "short" talk. As he was entering the van they used he suddenly faded out, having been hit by a rather big drug shot in the arm. As he woke again he found himself in a small cell without windows or a bed, just a small square room and a door really. Once a day some awful tasting food was served to him but not once during the first month someone spoke to him, for all his screaming and anger nobody reacted to him. Then one day he was beaten down by a security team and a black hood was placed over his head..a procedure that he would have to endure countless times in the next years, no matter what he did. An unnamed operative was awaiting him in a room and started to pry his live apart, looking for a known fugitive and reader who had fled the alliance. Valerius talked about everything he could think off but one thing..he did never aknowledge even knowing a reader. As the months passed they got more and more prying, at first starting with not letting him sleep for days then pretending to kill him on multiple times..but nothing worked properly, he did not talk. Finally they decided to just let him rot until he would give away his knowledge..and for a few years he was just ignored only being interogated once a month to test his resolve. This was the time when he started talking with Isabella again..whenever they brought him bac into his cell she was there, waiting for him, telling him how proud she was of him, how the little one fared..that one day he would find peace again. He cried often at night, speaking to her and through her encouragement he could go on. When the responsible officers noticed that he did not wane away but instead seemed to grow in resolve with every passing month they resorted to the last possible way they could think off, newly developed form of torture, one that could be made to last for days without killing the body as pure phsyical torture would.

He was brought into a white lab like room and stretcherd onto a medical table of sorts, his hands and legs where bound and hundreds of needles where stuck into his body, all the time he looked at them and smiled "Futile.." is all he said. When the experiment was ready the operative was standing at his side and after a last glance at the prisoner that once was valerius Vega he nodded to the doctor. Pain as no sane person could imagine raced through his body, his back arched against the bindings every nerve on fire. "You see mister valerius..we are inducing a current directly into your nerves and pain receptive areas in your brain and we can do this for days without ever having to stop.." and they did. Hours passed that felt like millenia, hardly able to breathe valerius was just screaming until he had no more voice screaming defiance at his captors. "Why don't you just die Mr Vega..if you don't want to talk you could have it so much easier.." the operative laughed. Then they left him be, turning the machine off and putting him back into his cell, where once more he met Isabella..telling her what he was going through she urged him on to stop doing this to himself..but he couldn't wouldn't ever do that. he told her to go on, find a man, be happy because he realized he probably wouldn't survive that much longer. For weeks this new method was used on him and perfected until one day, the Operative got angry and had the machine turned on even higher and longer. Just then the world ended for a short moment, Valerius body, despite the fact that it was not hurt physically broke down through the stress and torture he was going through. The galaxy of pain his very soul was just dimmed down to a mere candle and he fell back onto the bed, thinking that they had finally given up and turned the machine off once more. taking a few deep breaths he opened his eyes looking at the Operative standing above him. That was when he realized the look of total suprise on his torturers face, the man turned and shouted at the doctors to turn the machine back on only to be told that it was running at full power. Valerius looked at the man and smiled "You lost.." he dropped his head back onto the bed and started to laugh watching his heartrate and sinus waves going back to normal from the stress.

He never found out what exactly happened, but ever since then he didn't feel pain anymore. He did feel touch and could feel warm adn cold in the usual way, but he didn't really notice the difference between a punch and a bullet anymore.

The rest of his imprisonment passed quickly for him, now that physical torture did show no more effect on him the alliance finally tried their last method. a reader was brought in to break him, but he just looked at what was rest of Valerius and knew it was to late for that. He tried anyway, Foricing his mind against that off the man held captive, but it was really to no avail. The years of torture had hardened the mind of valerius to incredible degrees. The few times the reader managed to pierce the mental armor of the captive he saw a shattered mind of horror, only veiled by a very small outer shell of sanity. If he didn't push hard enough he couldn't break the mental resolve, if he pushed harder he sometimes broke it, but went right through the thin veil of sanity into the madness that was left of the mans mind.

Valerius and Vega

During his time in torture more things happened to change the man once known as Valerius Ibanez de la Vega. Roughly one year after his ordeal began his mind, under the strain of torture fractured and shattered, what usually results in a babbling wreck of a person though did, in this case not came to pass. Instead to protect itself, the personality that made Valerius who he is, retreated into the very core of his psyche giving everything else up to hold onto it's last reserves and try protect what was left. All the rest that was surrendered to the tortures and psy warfare experts was pried apart and inspected, but out of this ruins another personality rose..Vega.

Unlike a classical split personality there are some remarkable differences. For instance both personalities are aware of each other, and even share the same memories. So what Valerius does, vega knows and mostly vice versa. The dominant personality though is Vega, he can if he sees the need suppress Valerius and take over in an instant, though he rarely does. They don't see each other as enemies either but as parts of the same a symbiotic relationship.


The cold side. Vega is an impassionate, cool serene thing to the outside. He does not show fact he does not posses them, he's like a machine in his way. originally came to being in the galaxy of pain Valerius Vega was in imprisonment it protected itself by its incapacity of emotions. Vega does not hate, not even the Alliance, he does not love nor feel happy or sad even boredom is unknown to him, since even that was used as a weapon against him. Vega is the dominant side, able to take over the body whenever he sees the need to do so, but unlike one would expect he rarely does do so, instead he's staying in the background and remains vigilant, following his very core of existence. Protect the Valerius personality at ALL costs, make happen what Valerius sets himself up as a goal. Since he is not bound by emotions nor feelings moral believes do not hold sway over him, so Vega is perfectly capable of killing in the most gruesome way and not feel guilt about it, but he does not take pleasure out of it either so he will not do it unless necessary. He is trying to follow the principles, which in Vega's eyes the more capable Valerius side puts forth.


  • While Vega is the active personality, Valerius's face is calm and unmoving like a mask. His eyes are dreamily and impersonate. People knowing Valerius might think him to be an impostor since many of the common traits Valerius has are not present since most of them have their origin in Valerius's emotional nature.
  • Vega often times plays with a coin, flipping it into the air then catching it again or having it wander over his hand
  • Vega refers to old friends with their current name. So Corin and Lareina among others are usually the names it uses seeing no real need in calling them by their old names.
  • Readers see this personality as the utterly mad thing it is, a being so destroyed and fractured that it is incapable of emotions or feelings.


The warm side. Valerius is pretty much as he used to be, friendly, inquisitive and curious. He's aware of the Vega side and has come to accept..even embrace it's capabilities. He rightfully suspects that Vega is able to hide memories from him but trusts the Vega side to only do it to protect him.


  • Valerius refers to old friends as he knew them among others Lance and Isabella.
  • He often smiles and shows emotions openly, love hate, happiness and sadness are apparent.
  • Readers see this personality as a thin layer of sanity above the core that is Vega, holding and shielding the Vega side from the outside, they also see how thin this layer of control is.

Home and a new Home

One day, after nearly 6 years they came to pick him up again, he just stood there as always taking the blows with a smile, but still getting them for all the futility of it. Then he was hooded and drugged again..when he woke up it was on Shinon Spaceport in the cloths he was captured with.

The Red Angel Pt. 2

To Happen