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The Quartely Medical Tribune of Persephone (QMTP)


<What this magazine is about, welcome message, goals ...> Dear reader of the new QMTP, the Quarterly Medical Tribune of Persephone, be honor to hold the first issue of this new medical magazine

About the Derrial Book Memorial

<Personal changes, gossip, room changes, new devices...>

  • Congrats Dr. C. Darsun for her promotion to the new Director of Medicine: Dr. Darsun showed an exceptionally career since she graduaded as medical doctor at XXXX University... <insert here her known IC CV>

Literature review

<some fictiv reviews about new medical congresses or articles in the Verse> Shmidt et all: Fast 3D Imaging on a Space ship, Sihon Radiology, 01/2559: Dr. Shmidt introduces a new technic, which allowes better 3D-Diagnostic images, even performed on a space ship, ....

Health advices

<As the title says> To wash your hands after using the toilet significantly decreases the risk to get the space pocks. Source: Miller et al: Guidlines for correct Toilet use. Acta galactica universa, 03/2527

Kitchen corner

<insert here Athi's recipe tips for healthy food>


The QMTP is produced and published by the Derrial Book Memorial Hospital. You can get a copy for free in the cortex net under the address: Owner: Dr. Tatyana Quinn-Cobain Editor: Matitie Reinhart