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Full name Luke Earlyman
Date of Birth June 24, 2499
Birthplace Persephone
  • Father: John Earlyman, Persephone Local Syndicate Under-Boss
  • Mother: Mary Earlyman, born Winson, unemployed Engineer
Siblings None
Spouse None to date
Assignment Inferno as Security Guard
Guan-Yin II as Security Officer
Specialization Covert Ops
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue/Brown
Height and Weight 195cm, 85kg
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Unknown
Military Service
  • none
Employment History

player info

Excuse any problems with the english language I might have. I'm German.

character info

Please regard this as OOC only as of the time being.


Luke appears as a tall man with athletic features. He is not very attractive, but not outright ugly either.

His black hair is short with a military-type cut. A close look in his face reveals one small scar on the left cheek that was apparently well-treated and blue eyes behind small glasses which never rest on a single thing, but always move, taking in the whole scenery and assessing potential threats at any given moment. His shoulders are broad, but his arms rather slender, and the clothes hide whatever muscle tissue there might be. He wears the commonplace Independent Armored Duster, under it a sturdy white bandage is wrapped tightly around his chest; there is no surplus fat on his belly or thighs, telling about the physical exercise he must get. On his hip, a small holster usually holds a sidearm, and the military-looking belt is outfitted to hold shells and magazine clips, and also two small toolsets and a special pocket for handcuffs. On his feet he wears black sneakers. The blue jeans also don't stick out.

The black messenger-type bag usually strapped over his shoulder diagonally, with a flap over the main compartment, is currently missing; its outline would suggest that it is filled with everything one might need, the small side pockets would be zipped close and also filled with items of matching size, an occasional electrical wire dangling from them.

short concept

I am an underground Freelancer, specializing in covert ops - sneaking, spying, hacking. But I am also a little bit skilled in trading. I'm rather earth-bound at the moment, but maybe I can find a ship to take me on as a crewmember, for minor computer things or as part of a strike team.

background 2

What profession(s) do you think you will be, or are?: smuggler, thief, spy

What is your personality like?: I am a little bit arrogant, but I try not to let it show; I am thoughtful and careful, but when I figured everything out, I act quickly and efficiently; one of my personal mottoes is "everybody lies".
What is your character's goal(s) in life?: live an adventurous life, but stay on the safe side; acquire some kind of material substance.
What do you want to develop on a personal level from this point on?: I want to become part of a ship's crew
Do you see yourself as a follower, a leader, a loner, or otherwise?: currently I am a freelancer, so I am my own leader in executing the tasks/missions/quests I accept; I am good at teamwork both as a leader or as a follower, but out of lazyness I like to subdue myself to a competent leader.
What are your morals like?: Kind of a robust set of morals; I do not like to kill people, but will if necessary. I do not steal from poor people. I try not to harm any good purposes with my actions. But the mission comes first, and then comes myself.

background 3

What is the history of your life?: I was born into a poor slum and quickly grew into thieving and such. I was able to satisfy my natural interests in technology a little bit. I worked my way up from runner for a syndicate to a freelancer.
What were your parents or guardians like?: My father also worked for the syndicate. He taught me my shadier skills. My mother was an engineer, but due to troubles with the law she couldn't find any official jobs anymore.
What was the most pivotal or important point in your life?: on a junkyard I found a computer unit left for defective. Miraculously, it was still functional and I could reassemble it and add peripherals with a few instructions from my mother. In computer technology, I found a completely new world without limitations and without social pressure.
What events have transpired recently to bring you to this point in time?: I am getting fed up with my current life. the syndicate doesn't like me, the jobs aren't paying that good and in my current position I cannot follow my technological interests. So the longing for getting into space has developed and is growing.
Does your character have any deep-dark secrets?:
Is there any specific thing that would make you stand out from others?:
Is there anything else we should know about you or anything around you?:
OOC: Is there anything we should know about you OOCly?:
OOC: Do you understand the rules, regulations and information within the newsfiles and vow to hold those rules and regulations up as best you can?: I will keep to the rules.