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Full name Zhao Caijun
Date of Birth August 4th, 2499
Birthplace Osiris
Siblings None
Spouse None
Assignment Ship Psychiatrist Guan-Yin II
Specialization Psychological Pharmacology
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown, black
Height and Weight 177cm and 63 kilos (5'8", 140lbs)
Status Inactive
Education Information

University of Osiris College of Medicine

Employment History

Guan-Yin II


Dr. Zhao Cai Jun is (or was, rather) a young rising star in the experimental psychiatric pharmaceuticals industry. He was born to Zhao Fei, a psychiatrist of some note, and his wife Zhao Xue, a professor of philosophy and ancient earth Chinese history (with a focus on Kung-fu-tzu (Confucius) and Buddhism) on Osiris in August of 2499.

Jun proceeded through the University of Osiris School of Medicine and School of Psychology with an emphasis in experimental pharmaceuticals with surprising alacrity, achieving the necessary dual doctorate work for Pharmacy and Psychology in only seven years, as well as a fair amount of medical training in how to perform physicals and monitor health and welfare of patients in clinical studies. Following this, he became one of the overseers of several projects to develop new psychiatric medications at a leading pharmaceutical firm.

For reasons of which only Dr. Zhao is aware, he mysteriously ended his contract and vanished on June 13th, 2526. He has since joined the crew of the Guan-Yin