Ugly Duckling Corporation

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Ugly Duckling Corporation (UDC)
Owners * Cody A. Martin
Inception Oct. 9, 2529
Location Silverhold
Ships * Valiant - owned by Cody.
  • Guan Yin II - UDC is providing crew to the not-for-profit organization
Command Crew
Engineering Crew
  • Diana
Technical Crew

<Technical Crew>

Intelligence Crew
Medical Crew
  • Noah
  • Fleur
  • Damien Alexander - Veterinarian
  • Carissa - NPC, Cameron's Assistant
  • Mabel - NPC, Procurement
  • Gregor - Cargo Chief
  • Louise - NPC, Front Desk Receptionist
General Crew
  • Fenton - Hospitality
Household Staff
  • Nancy O'Niell, NPC Nanny and nurse
  • Sebastian - Nanny and bodyguard
  • Guan Yin II - UDC is crewing the Guan Yin II, for it's owner, Count Salin Fawzy.
  • Wulver - UDC is associated with the Wulver given close ties between the two.
  • Valiant - Owned by Cody


General Information

Ugly Duckling Corporation was created by Cody Martin, with the assistance of Lord Salin Fawzy and Rodney Kilbride. It was perhaps accidentally instigated by Lord Damian Carmichael. It started when Lord Fawzy shut down Black Wolf Enterprises, in order to take on a new role in a new industry. Cody thought that must leave a hole in the 'Verse, and conversation with Lord Carmichael confirmed her thoughts. So she took it upon herself to fill that hole. It was not an immediate thing, taking time to prepare herself for the responsibility as well as to find sources for the starting capital she needed. Eventually, she did find the money, due to a large loan from White Tiger Financing and lots of advice from the Lords Fawzy and Carmichael. Cody also did a lot of research on where to situate her new company, eventually deciding on Silverhold as a place where she would be able to make a difference.
And Ugly Duckling Corporation, also known as UDC, was born.
Ugly Duckling has patents in the high and mid tech areas, creating products that currently are in high demand around the 'Verse. These products are sold by UDC in large lots, picked up by ship captains and delivered to the cargo office of the planet where they are in demand. UDC makes it a point of pride to sell its products at a cheaper price than most anywhere else, allowing ship captains to make a good profit, should they make the trip out to Silverhold.

OOC: The UDC factory is part of the cargo system in game.

Current Promotion:

For Sale
High Tech @ $550 ton
Mid Tech @ $300 ton

Titanium @ $495 ton
Mats - Civi @ $575 ton
Low Tech @$240 ton
Parts - Civil @ $300 ton
Please contact a UDC rep before bringing in a load of cargo to sell to sell.

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