Tuesday Quinn

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Full name Tuesday Quinn
Date of Birth January 1, 2492
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Security
Gender Female
Height and Weight 5'9" / 145 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

No formal education.

Military Service

Mustered into Second St. Albons Volunteer Regiment, Independent Army, ranked Private. 2506

Promoted to Lance Corporal and transferring to 1st Company, 2nd St. Albons Volunteers under Captain Kilbide. 2507

Promoted to Corporal. 2508

Promoted to Sergeant. 2509

Surrendered May 2511.

Born on an outer rim planet, most of Tuesday's adolescence is unknown, as she has yet to speak of it. But, whatever the woman left behind, she has made clear to at least a few that somehow she just didn't fit.

After 12 years of fending off whatever oppression she struggled away from - imagined or real - Tuesday managed to weasel her way onto one of the few visiting ships, with very few the wiser. There she made herself useful, cooking and cleaning and ingratiating herself upon the crew despite her young age. In turn, those on board gave her either some tutelage - actual programs to learn from - or some skill training. Though she came to the ship with a list of names a mile long, she left as Tuesday Quinn, because as the cap'n said, "Well, you're not as nasty as Mondays can be, but you sure ain't no Friday."

So Tuesday it was. And the name stuck. Thankfully.

A few months into traveling, she ended up on St. Albans, ready to experience a new culture so different from her own. Choosing her trade as a chef in this mining community, she slowly ingratiated herself on the populace. Not of any real age to involve herself with romantic commitments - and wholeheartedly snubbing her old ways at this time - Tuesday passed the first two years making friends and indeed learning much about a culture not her own.

War struck. The Independents refused to bow down to this threat of Alliance that wanted all under one rule. And Tuesday agreed. Joining ranks under Rodney Kilbride, a man she had slowly gotten acquainted with, Tuesday was placed as scout within his merry band of men.

For five years she fought by his side, their relationship deepening beyond the casual acquaintance that first formed, growing to the bond of trust between a soldier and a leader.

During the war, Tuesday was more often than not positioned as a scout given her natural and honed abilities that fit well within those duties. Breaking into establishments, setting minor security traps, spotting enemies and allies from far off, doing recon and occasionally picking off other scouts and the likes of the Alliance were more common than not for Tuesday. And when the opportunity rose during a lull of battles, she even cooked, this a true pleasure to the woman.

Steadily she rose through the ranks, dedicated even at such an early, albeit impressionable age to fighting for this cause, fighting to keep those she truly trusted alive and well. Captured in 2511 at the Battle of Serenity Valley, she did not believe her last sight of her unit would be then - bedraggled warriors taken in, penned into different areas as processing began. But upon her release, sign of her team had all but disappeared, and Tuesday was left to make a life on her own once again.

The next 11 years passed without notice, in truth. Without her notice, without the notice of many others. Floating from world to world, culture to culture, and job to job, Tuesday saved what she could, but used the rest to see the 'Verse. From security to tracking to cooking to any other sort of odd job she could muster she was employed, always at least superficially on the legal side of the law. No contact made with her family, attempts to find old soldiers failed at the beginning and then given up as time progressed, Tuesday kept to herself, establishing no real relationships, and what little were created allowed to fade with the passage of time and lack of communication.

A recent port proved to be Hera, not far from that fateful battle of Serenity Valley. With her last security job completed, chance and fortune wove new threads: Tuesday was actually reunited with her former man-in-charge, Major Rodney Kilbride. Their first meet-up involved stories, whiskey, and plans on joining forces and finding work together. Tuesday's loyalty clearly did not dissipate in the time past, and her newest vow is to aid Rodney in actually saving for his future.

And indeed they joined forces, together boarding the Tienlong as part of the crew.