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King of Thieves


Tristen is, plain and simple, a thief. He's a good thief. He likes being a thief. He loves the adrenaline rush of it. He loves the quiet power it gives him over people to be able to 'liberate' them of their possessions and he certainly loves the money clients pay him to acquire those possessions.

Full name
  • Tristen Rene LeBlanc
Date of Birth
  • October 29,2499
  • Father: Javier Cortez
  • Mother: Elena Romero
  • None
  • None Known
  • Male
Eyes and Hair
  • Brown hair, Hazel eyes
Education Information

'Home Schooled'


Tristen started life with a strike or two against him. At least one strike. He was born to two Companions. Obviously Elena Romero and Javier Cortez didn't have time for raising children, so Tristen and his twin sister Ailani were separated and shipped off to be raised by someone else at birth.

The man Tristen knew as his father, Jacques LeBlanc, for the better part of his life was a professional thief, go figure. The woman he knew as his mother passed away when he was nothing but a sprout. His father rarely spoke of her. There were no pictures. The womanly influence in his life wound up being his Meme Bridget, his father's mother. From his grandmother he learned the mysterious voodoo religion. But it was his father that taught him the art of liberating people of their excess belongings.

His training started early with simple tasks like picking pockets, but he was barely twelve when he went on his first 'big' job with his father and Jacques' little band of thieves. Tristen was hooked from the get go. It was a relatively simple job, just a snag and grab of a painting being displayed at some 'well to do's' big shindig. He couldn't help but to laugh at the fact that the big unveiling would involve a framed pin up poster from one of those magazines he kept under his mattress after they broke in and stole the thing the night before. But there's more to being a good thief than just breaking and entering.

Tristen threw himself into learning all he needed to know. Disguises, hand to hand combat (for those rare instances that they were caught and had to fight their way out), acting the part... it all became a big game to him and still is to this day. Even after he developed chronic ITP three years ago, a potentially fatal disorder in his profession, he still plays the game along with his childhood best friend and son of one of Jacques LeBlanc's merry little band, John Kennedy. He plays the game seriously, but it's a game nonetheless.

Recent Events

On his deathbed, Jacques LeBlanc made a startling confession. That's when Tristen found out that his parents were Companions. If that wasn't strange and befuddling enough, he also found out that he had a twin sister. He has family out there somewhere, family... a sister. His father's deathbed confessions have served to give Tristen an immediate and almost obsessive purpose in life. He has to find his parents, or at the very least his sister.


Tristen is the quintessential party boy on the surface of things. He's always quick with a smile and some wit. He's friendly and outgoing and just fun to be around. Underneath it all he's an oxymoron of insecurity and scheming to get to the top of the food chain. He doesn't trust easily and tends to keep people at arm's length. He's a sinner and a saint. His moral compass is set on his own terms. He'd steal the shirt right off a nun to give it to a street urchin. Nothing is ever what it seems with him. Expect the unexpected and you won't be surprised.


  • Tristen suffers from chronic ITP (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura.)
  • Tristen seems to have two very distinct personas. One is a brash, party boy with a horrible fake Cajun accent. The other is articulate and intelligent and sometimes a little shy. It has yet to be determined if these are actually two different personalities (as in he's cracked in the head) or if the first one is simply an act he puts on for the sake of the 'con'.
  • He has a tattoo of the veve of Ghede on the inside of his left forearm.
  • He has a fondness for recreational drugs, but his real problem area is marijuana.
  • For the most part, Tristen loathes guns. He's learned to fire a sidearm out of necessity only.
  • Tristen's favorite food is gumbo and it's the only thing he knows how to cook.
  • He smokes non-filter cigarettes.
  • He's often seen with his pet rat, Ruby, and if the thing isn't visible, chances are it's still there somewhere (like in the brim of his hat).

RP Hooks

  • Tristen's medical condition means he's probably frequented more than one hospital or clinic throughout the 'Verse for treatment. If your a medical sort, he might know you.
  • Tristen has the Good Name feat. He's well known and spoken highly of in underworld circles. If you run with these people, you could know him, or might have heard of him, and he might know you.

The People

  • Scharfschutze ~ AKA John (or sometimes Barf when he's being irritating), the fiance.
  • Elizabeth ~ The bosslady.
  • Corin ~ The Enemy (anyone that threatens to kill Trist, no matter the circumstances, is on The Enemy list).
  • Lareina ~ The Sister.
  • Carmichael ~ The Duke.



"Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks
"Ramblin', Gamblin' Man" by Bob Seger
"In the Dark" by Billy Squier

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