Tristan Torres

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Tristan Torres
Full name Tristan Torres
Date of Birth 18 April 2500
Birthplace Lu'Weng,Sihnon
Parents Marcus San and Yukia Tomo
Siblings Constantine San, Gawain San, Guinevere Lee, Vivian Xiao, and Isolde San
Spouse Templeton Torres
Children is the legal mother of Marcus Jiang, age 6 (b.July 24, 2520)
Assignment Pilot, Personal Assistant Red Lion Industries
Specialization Agent
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue, Black
Height and Weight 5' 4", 100 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Private Instructors, Pilot's license for Transport and Capital-class ships, Londinium Flight Academy, currently enrolled in an accelerated MBA program at Thoth University

Employment History

formerly - Kaufmann-Beich GmbH, Pilot (Red Imhotep), Captain (Florence)
formerly - Guan-Yin II, pilot
current - Red Lion Industries, pilot, personal assistant

Personal Notes

Blood Type: AB Positive

Available Information

Tristan is a Core-born woman in her mid-twenties, born on Sihnon, who has worked for Kaufmann-Beich GmbH (a Pharmaceuticals company operating on Londinium, Ariel and Osiris, now out-of-business) as a pilot before working her way up to captaining a transport ship, the Florence. When Kaufmann-Beich went belly-up, she lost the Florence (as it was never properly hers to begin with.) She pays her taxes on time, abides by traffic laws, doesn't smoke, gamble and only drinks moderately.

Recently, Tristan was hired as a pilot for the hospital ship Guan-Yin II, during which time she was on Hera during the Hera Blight quarantine. Afterward, she was hired by Duke Damian Carmichael as pilot and personal assistant, although she did not sever her ties to the Guan-Yin II immediately. Eventually, however, the daily responsibilities of being personal assistant to a planetary Duke required all her attention, and she has since moved full time to employment with Carmichael's pharmaceutical company, Red Lion Industries. She is also now enrolled in an accelerated MBA program at Thoth University.

At midnight on New Year's Eve, 2526, Tristan married Templeton Torres in a ceremony conducted by Captain Lisa Twitchel of the Shadowdancer while in space.

Other information

  • Tristan seems to have a quiet background, but she has the wary, cautious air of someone who had grown up around violence.
  • Tristan has an identical twin sister named Isolde who is a Companion. They have no contact with each other and seem to be estranged.

Skills and Abilities

  • While Tristan's a very skilled pilot with a love of both flying and racing, she is a Jack-of-all-trades in many respects, and values versatility over strict specialization.
  • She is an expert at jui-jitsu and kun tao silat (she also has studied wushu, but seldom uses any of its maneuvers in actual combat.)
  • She is an excellent pistol marksman.
  • Tristan is a skilled diplomat and negotiator.

Appearance and other notes

  • She often wears her hair up in a knot held in place with two Art Nouveau dragonfly hair pins.
  • She is rarely without a camera somewhere on her person.
  • Tristan dresses expensively, and has an extensive jewelry collection.
  • She collects poetry books, Hermes scarves and drinks tea by preference.
  • She can perform the gongfu tea ceremony, and will often do so as a stress coping mechanism.
  • In the Earth-that-was Chinese horoscope, she was born in the Year of the Rat.
  • Her favorite side-arm is a modified Colt 1911 named "Medusa."
  • She loves Jazz music, particularly Nina Simone.
  • Tristan seldom wears any clothing which shows cleavage or bare skin on her legs.


There is a tattoo on her left arm that is the Chinese ideogram "Huai" or "evil" (also "bad" or "wicked.") Broken down, the ideogram translates into the more complex concept "only God can judge the good or evil in men's souls."