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Full name Trista "Glit" Zachary
Date of Birth August 5th, 2494
Parents Cmdr. Jonas Zachary (KIA) & Jasmine Palmer (Maiden)
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Pilot, Dark Dragon
Specialization General Astronautics, Sidearms
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green eyes, Brown hair
Height and Weight 5'5", 119lbs
Status Deceased ~10 JUN 2523
Education Information
  • Alliance Naval Academy (9th out of 240)
  • Fleet Replacement Squadron (Honors)
  • Fleet Navigation Group (Honors)
  • Fleet Gunnery School
Military Service
  • Two Years+ Alliance Navy
  • One Year: 56th Air Assault Squadron, "IAV Carbala"
  • One Year: "IAV Argon" Sabre-Class Frigate


Trista Elizabeth Zachary was born on Boros to a rancher/home-maker mother and an Alliance Navy Commander. Jonas, her father, was part of the fleet anchorage and shipyards at Ares. He was the primary liaison officer between the Alliance and Iskellkian during the production phase of the cruisers. Because of this, the man was never around much but that didn't stop him from spending time with his daughter at every opportunity. Her mother took most of the brunt of raising her and taught her to be self-reliant. Much of her childhood was spent either at a local dance academy, riding on the ranch, or in-town hanging around the markets.

She applied to the Alliance Naval Academy before the final year of the war began. She worked quite hard and took a particular fancy to the flight program. She took all of the courses required and did fairly well, graduating in the top 5% of her class. The Navy immediately sent her to the Fleet Replacement Squadron where her particular specialty and skill at handling bulk and troop transports shined. There was an Honors attachment to that certificate as well as the one she received from the Fleet Navigation Group. She was shoved into service and spent a year in and out of combat with the 56th Air Assault Squadron where she earned two commendations for valor and one for a wound received - all records of those incidents are sealed. Trista then transferred to a pilot slot on a Sabre Class Frigate as Lead Pilot (the youngest to hold the position in 12 years for that class) where she remained for the duration of her service.

Through a vague set of circumstances she was forced to resign from the Navy mid-way through her second year. A bitter discontent with the Navy itself festered very quickly. Her opinion of the sailors overall didn't degrade but she has since taken a hard despise of the organization as a whole. In the past few years she has worked for a freight company running cargo (mainly ranch and farm supplies) from Paquin to the Rim. Another bad set of circumstances left to her quitting this group and she has found herself wandering. Only recently has she been taken aboard by the crew of the Leviathan. When some facts came to light, she became quite concerned for her personal safety and she left.


A woman in her mid to late twenties, her face is rather striking. Classical European features define her nose and thin lips, bright green eyes look to the world around her. A strong jaw gives the idea of an unspoken determination that is only furthered by the way she carries her expressions. The earliest beginnings of some laugh-lines can be seen around her lips, proving that they have seen their fair share of laughter and smiles in her time. Her hair is a dark brown that shines under direct sunlight. Thick and normally tucked behind at least one ear, it hangs down just past her shoulders. A sparing amount of dark eyeliner appears to be the only makeup she wears.

Trista is a little short at five feet, five inches. Long, slender arms move gracefully around a trim waist. Her legs are shaped similarly, but somewhat hidden. Strong shoulders frame her upper body in a flattering way without making anything obvious that otherwise wouldn’t be. The woman’s chest rises respectably from her but her mannerisms seem to detract from any cues to it. When this figure moves, it is with a simple grace that seems to flow naturally, betraying the idea that she could be at least be active in a way that requires practice and patience.

IC Rumors

  • This little lady seems to be amicable with the Feds but rather sour about them in general.

  • Rumor has it she's blacklisted from most of the freighter fleets.

  • Some of the port workers on the Rim will claim to know of someone she has shot.

  • One of the co-pilots and an engineer working out of Paquin will tell a story about her once plotting a run off the lanes and flipping out suddenly at the 'gator..she started calculating some things and detoured around a solar flare. Before it happened.

  • At the mention of her name, various freelance crews out of Paquin will say they won't fly with her despite liking the woman personally. Mostly because of her flying..and not because its bad. She seems to shine under stress or bad conditions and it frightens some how much she appears to enjoy it.

Tools of the Trade

  • Slipshot 44
    • This is an old mainstay of hers, much like the straw hat. The firearm itself shows a good deal of wear and tear but is always oiled and clean. When not around town it sits in a thigh holster on her right side and never leaves except for business.

  • Survival Knife
    • This weapon is a small 8 inch long sleek survival blade with a saw cut into the top of the blade near the handle.

  • Flak Vest
    • Not worn on the Core planets much, Trista usually wears this around the ship or when out on either the Border or the Rim. It doesn't make her look tough nor does she seem to have a problem wearing it around in public. Anyone's guess why she sports it. The seams have taken a beating and the pockets are worn, though. Its seen some heavy use and repairs - a few rips (slices?) on the back and sides sewn carefully shut.

  • Rucksack
    • Trista essentially packs everything she owns in this bag. It will haul 3800cu inches and she uses every bit of it. Being based on a ship, it normally stays in her bunk but she will use it to carry items when needed.

  • PDA
    • Tris generally has this handy when she's on the bridge. Crew will occasionally see her sync-ing it with the NavSat and flight computers. This particular model is larger than most with its attachments and wiring system. Its anyones guess what she does with it but she doesn't seem the type to keep a diary. It doesn't look like the type of PDA to store personal information, either.



These are some Earth-That-Was songs that she would have either enjoyed or that would have described her well. Feel free to page me if you think of one that would do well to be here and I'll add it with credit to you.

  • Lost Highway - Bon Jovi
  • For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield
  • If You're Gonna Jump - Paul Oakenfold (feat. Natasha Bedingfield)
  • All Along the Watchtower - Michael Hedges
  • Small Town - John Mellencamp
  • As Good As It Gets - Grand Theft Audio
  • Black Betty - Spiderbait
  • Cheap Motels - Southern Culture on the Skids
  • Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones
  • Broken - Seether (feat. Amy Lee) <<Dimitri>>
  • Friends - Joe Satriani
  • One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer - George Thorogood
  • The Blood of Cu Chulainn - Mychael Danna
  • Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd
  • Good Ol' Boys - Waylon Jennings
  • Radar Love - Golden Earring
  • Gimme Some Lovin' - The Spencer Davis Group
  • Take It Easy - The Eagles
  • Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding