Trenthia "Tren" Bolton

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Full name Trenthia "T-Bone" Bolton-Rolend
Date of Birth February 21st
Assignment Jia
Specialization Engineering Assistant and Cook
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark hair, brown eyes
Height and Weight 6"/155lbs
Status Active

"If you broke it and you arn't the captain don't ask me to fix it...unless you are paying in peaches."


Trenthia "T-Bone" Bolton was born on Beylix, she worked a scrapyard with her father and picked up many of his tricks. She loves Engines, ships, and anything to do with being out in the black. Her mother Died in Childbirth and she never knew her. Trenthia's father told her, that her mother was a companion who ran away with him to Beylix (this was never confirmed), her parents were never married to her knowledge. She talks about her father often and misses him desperately.

Trenthia ended up Broke on the planet of Persephone when Bmal Enyad of the jia took her in. She began to learn piloting and started to do repairs on the ship which made the chief engineer, Joe Rolend, very upset. He was not fond of strangers working on his home, his ship. Somehow the two misfit engineers fell in love, and were married by BMAL on the jia. d Trenthia is very Skilled at Holographic devices, she's created two holopets that lived aboard the JIA. Sparky and Otis. Sparky is tren's black Holocat...and Otis, a German Sheppard she made as a wedding gift to her husband Joe Rolend. Joe named the Dog himself.

Tren and Joe had been together a few weeks before discovering that Tren was pregnant with their first child.

Their first son was born on Paquin with Ivy presiding over the birth at the medical center. Witnesses include Hase, and Rolend (the father). He was named Fulton Enyad Rolend. Fulton was the inventor of the steam engine, and Enyad for the captain of their ship.

Joe and Tren went on a family vacation at he behest of their Captain taking Fulton to the outer rim planets to get away. Their vacation turned terribly bad when Reavers attacked the resort outpost. In one of many blasts the baby was hit by shrapnel and killed. Joe begged tren to leave Fulton's body behind and she did. They made a run for it, barely reaching the last shuttle. There was only room for one; Joe forced all the credits he hand into the hands of the ship hands and kissed Trenthia forcing her aboard. Staying behind to Die. Tren saw him run and witnessed the tail end of an explosion but she didn't see Joe after.

After six months, Tren had found herself back home on the Jia, doing what she could to move on fearing her husband dead. While docked at the at a space station Tren was working on the docking hatch of the Jia, making minor repairs when a man seeking work came upon her. It was Joe, he'd escaped the reavers to come back to her.

Life was not easy for the two after this. Joe was was always overly cautious. Telling Tren he didn't want her leaving the Jia without him. Getting upset even when she left with the captain to go planet side. He got so overprotective tren grabbed up some of her tools to go scrapping without telling anyone.

Tren was picked right off the scrap pile by raiders who needed a woman aboard feeling that their cargo runs would fare far better with a woman near their animal cargo. Tren stayed their captive for almost a year and a half gaining their trust, showing them she would not run. Durring a cargo run to Persephone she stood at the end of their ship loading out boxes and when the captain of the Raid vessel turned away Trenthia ran, far and fast. Making her escape over a chain link fence with barbed wire. She Scraped her face on the barbed wire and fell from the fence on the opposite side. The raiders, out of ammo, had given up pursuit as she entered Persephone Proper searching for her ship. The Jia.

Upon her return she was caught by Joe entering the Jia through maintenance hatches. Joe grabbed her keeping her held back from everything so he could check the ship. His distance and his behavior toward Tren over her absence. Joe believed she'd run off, when in fact she'd been taken. Joe's opinion set, Tren made her way off the ship not willing to stay when the man she loved was full of doubt.

Knowing not what to do she found word the Fenrir was looking for help. Going to the ship to an old friend, Hase O'Donald She asked to join his crew, despite him not having memory of her at all. She's settling in well and has even gone back to smiling some. She's started going by Trenthia Bolton again, but only to see how she feels about it.

Upon patching things up with her husband she was asked by to the Jia by Captain McGuire and she accepted. She currently works as their Structrual engineer and full time cook. She's spending every credit she makes to ensure they are eatting right.

Trenthia LOVES peaches, and white flowers. They do her in every time.