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Full name Trahaym Aeron Caden
Date of Birth July 13, 2098
Parents Garrett Caden & Mary Caden (Deceased)
Siblings None
Spouse Charly Caden
Children Cyril & Tucker (twin boys)
Specialization Martial Arts


Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Gray eyes, Dirty blonde hair
Height and Weight 6'6", 221lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Public School

Brief Background

Trahaym's childhood was rather tumultuous, born only shortly before the Unification Wars on the planet Deadwood, he didn't see much of his father at all until his early teens. His mother died during child birth and he was left with his aunt until his father's return. Until this point, despite the absence of his father, his life was fairly normal and stable. However, upon his father's return he was taken from his aunt's home to live with him.

His father was by no means bad to his son, he was also not particularly good. Used to the regimented life of the war, his father having fought on the side of the browncoats during this war, this is how he expected life to remain. So his teen years were pretty much like living in a barracks. Meals were at a set time, he had a cerfew, his bed had to be made military fashion every morning, homework was done after dinner every night. It was rigorous and disciplined if nothing else. His father also felt quality time was teaching him to clean and maintain a gun and going to a firing range together.

I suppose it was due to this that it was only natural he fell into practicing Martial Arts as an extra-cirricular. Disciplined and regimented it was easy for him to follow these practices but there was respite in the calm and serenity of his teacher as opposed to the yelling and ordering of his father. He became very close with his teacher and this man took on a more fatherly role in his life than his own distant and cold father. Unfortunately, his teacher was also old and shortly before he turned 18, his teacher passed away. This left him mostly alone once again.

Over the years, Trahaym had developed an interest in art as well, drawing people and places he saw as a way to find a bit of escape from things, loosing himself to just drawing and not worrying about anything else. He has developed something of a reasonable talent in this area but keeps his works to himself.

After graduating Trahaym left his home and his father to find work for himself. He has generally found employement helping in farms, doing menial labour or the like. Unfortunately, these rarely hold his interest for long and he tends to move on. That and the fact he has been known to get a bit drunk, rowdy and into a brawl or two that generally helps him decide to move on to new places and new work. Recently, it has occurred to him that he may be better suited to better work than this. Perhaps signing on to provide some muscle or security for a ship.


Trahaym is young, confident, handsome and tall. He stands a good 6'4" tall approximately and is neither the lanky, tall and awkward sort nor the walking brick wall but somewhere in between. His build is only slightly broader than average, filled out mostly by the moderate layer of muscles that have been worked into a state of superb tone and definition while avoiding being actually bulky and overly large.

His features are sharp and angular, giving them definition and giving him one of those roguishly handsome faces. Only adding to this is the slightly lopsided smile he usually has in place. A smooth, lightly taned complexion compliments steely gray eyes and brown hair. His hair kept to a moderate length and seeming a bit toussled and wild, almost having a somewhat spiked quality to it. A faint bit of stubble adds a roughened quality to his jawline and rather seems to fit with the general sense of the wild one might get from him. To finish it off there is the air of confidence and self-reliance that emenates from him in almost everything he does.

Today he wears a simple but well tailored black button up shirt of a cotton blend material that gives the sheen of silk but heavier weight of cotton. The shirt is left half open to show the plain white tank top beneath, the top fitting to the toned and well-built physique like a second skin and thin enough that the bold black lines of the tattoo beneath can be made out as well. The tattoo further shows itself at the low scooped neckline of the shirt. The black shirt is short sleeved, leaving arms bare and the jagged form of the tattoo that extends down his left arm plainly visible. Both shirts tuck into a pair of faded gray jeans that show a bit of wear in some spots but seem well maintained. The waist cinched with a leather belt and the bottom cuffs bunching at the ankles to show the heavy combat boots. Metal toe, thick leather materal, these are well broken in and durable boots built to last.His hands are currently covered by a pair of fingerless, leather gloves. They are the rather simple driving gloves style with the back of his hands and palms covered but fingers free.

Perhaps duties have kept him up late, or he has not been sleeping well, or simply choosing not to sleep. Whatever the reason, he appears to have dark patches beneath his eyes which usually mark a lack of proper sleep.


Celtic Tattoos.JPG
An intricate pattern of curled and jagged lines cover over half of his torso, marking his skin in thick, bold, black shapes. These shapes have no discernable images to them and yet evoke a primal and natural imagery. They cover he left side of his chest, though curl past this mid point along his ribs, beneath the defined pectorals and washboard abs, the shapes along this area are the more curled, natural patterns which also wrap around his back and cover to his spine in most areas but carry to the majority of the back of his right shoulder. These swirling, curled tattoos however blend into more jagged, tribal and fierce patterns as they extend down his left arm all the way to the wrist, the sweeping lines drawing closer and closer together and becoming more jagged and blade like as they progress down his arm.


  • This ain' no fuckin' glee club. Now quit whinin' an' git tae work!



Sobek is a black, grey and white Akita, one of a pair which Trahaym purchased for himself and Charly.

This Akita is still a puppy, tiny, fits in in two hands, and fluffy beyond all cuteness. Soft fur the color of charcoal covers most of him, while a line of white covers his underside and the insides of his legs, and goes up around the end of his muzzle before stopping between his eyes. His cute, fuzzy little tail is curled up tightly when he's playing or focused on something, the little white tip resting against his back. Short little legs help him scamper about, the too big paws white. The tips of his ears, his pudgy little puppy cheeks, and his forehead are a midnight black. Dark eyes gaze out from that cute little face, giving him an innocently adorable look, adding to the cuteness that is the puppy. The little black nose resting at the end of his muzzle is forever wiggling, sniffing, and low to the ground, as if he were searching for something.

This cute little guy seems to always be on guard, jumping and spinning, checking things out, and he's almost always chasing something, attacking invisible things, or pouncing people's feet. Around his neck is a blue leather collar, with a bone-shaped tag hanging from the front, which is inscribed with his name, "My name is Sobek. Please contact Trahaym Caden or Charly Clear if you find me."

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