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Full name Cid Torres Miyamoto
Date of Birth 22 June 2480
Birthplace Santo
Parents Passed on
Siblings Nada
Spouse Nuh uh
Assignment Security Officer, Chaos Theory
Specialization Keeping things safe and secure (Lawman, Bodyguard, Security)
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Black hair, brown eyes.
Height and Weight 6', 180 lbs.
Status Inactive
Education Information

Graduated university on Sihnon

Military Service
  • 2502-2506, Alliance Army(Lieutenant, SpeFor)
  • 2506-2511, Browncoats(Lieutenant, 5th Santo Bgde)
Employment History
  • Employed as crew with Chaos Theory.
  • Local sheriff for a number of small towns on the Rim before that.

Torres has been a soldier for nine years of his life, five of those years spent as a Browncoat in the Unification War. After that, he took his skill set and applied it as a lawman, becoming local sheriff for a number of towns along the Rim. Making the tough decisions has never been too hard for Torres, though he is a low key sort, seemingly easy-going in the day-to-day. Put in a position that demands calculated risk and professionalism though, and the man transforms into something coldly logical. Not especially religious (a buddhist), Torres is surprisingly spiritual. His interests are varied, but his greatest love is for history, particularly Spanish and Japanese. The story of El Cid (his namesake) is one Torres has memorized, and his knowledge of the samurai is extensive. A second love is music, and he enjoys playing the bamboo flute when he has time to himself.

The Torres Interview

What profession(s) do you think you will be, or are?

I've been in SpeFor in the Alliance Army, a Scout for the Browncoats, and a sheriff in five, no, six towns on Rim planets. Personally, I'd like to get out in the Black, as it were. I've got knowledge of security systems, of course. Can't be too much of a jump from keeping a whole town safe and doing the same for a ship, ya think?

What is your personality like?

Hm, what am I like? I dunno, ask my last ex-on second thought, maybe not, heh. I like to think I'm pretty casual about most things under most situations. There are times one has to get gritty, but only when the circumstance demands it. SpeFor training in the Alliance Army was very hardcore, and I draw on that when the going gets tough. It proved helpful when I joined the Browncoats as a Scout commander. Do I have an edge? Ya betcha, but only if it's needed. Heck, even I don't like to dwell on what I'm capable of in that mindset.

What is your character's goal(s) in life?

Goals? To reach 60? Heck, I don't know. Mosta my goals are short term stuff. Like right now, for instance. I want to get out in the Black, in space. So, I'm seeing about hiring on as crew on a ship as security. I know how to keep the Law in a town, so how hard can it be keeping a ship secure? Ship's a lot smaller than most towns with a lot less folks too. Once I get out There, I'll let you know what my next goal is.

What do you want to develop on a personal level from this point on?

Well, that's pretty simple to figure out. If I wanna get out into the Black, I better start developing my skills in shipboard security. Aside from that, I like staying in shape and being prepared for combat. It's what I do. Period.

Do you see yourself as a follower, a leader, a loner, or otherwise?

I can be a loner or a leader, no problem. I can follow without too much trouble, long as I know who I'm following knows what the gorram they're doing. Having been SpeFor and a Scout, I had to be prepared to be alone for long periods. I was also an officer, however, so leadership qualities are a must. I think I did well in that regard. Our unit did good work in the Unification War.

What are your morals like?

I was raised a Buddhist, and still largely adhere to it--regardless all the crap I gotta endure from some christian types. I mean, I'm not insensitive to christian beliefs, my own Dad was a christian, one of those old catholic types. But, he had no trouble seeing me born a Buddhist like my Mama wanted. Anyhow, my morals are pretty much 'Live, and Let Live'. Now, if I got a job to do and it involves the Law, and I represent the Law? Well, I got a job to do. I mean, my beliefs are important to me, but if people are depending on me to do my job ... the job's gonna get done. I'll go make my peace later. Or not.

What is the history of your life?

What is the history of my life? Wait, you said that already. Heh. Hm, well, I was born on Santo. My father, Francisco Torres Cruz, managed a small casino, and my mother, Kiku Miyamoto, managed me. We were a pretty normal family when I was growing up. They got divorced when I was in my last year of secondary school. Mom took it hard, though she recovered. Dad took it hard too, but he was able to lose himself in his job. They remained good friends afterward, which was nice. After that, it was university on Sihnon. I got good grades in secondary, and I decided to try for the best university--and got it! University was pretty interesting. I really got to see how the Alliance worked up close. It was a little disturbing, but overall sorta made sense. I'd done good by it up till then, and my family had no complaints with the workings of the Parliament, so what was there to bitch about? Early on I saw the opportunity to become a military officer in the Alliance Army through university. Slept on it, then decided to do it. Didn't really have an idea of where I was going academically--other than history--so it seemed a good move for this kid. Did well in university and graduated near the top of my class, and also did well in the officer training program. Chose SpeFor, or special forces, as my branch of service. It wasn't a shoo-in, but I passed the muster and was in. My first term as a SpeFor officer started well enough. Impressed the brass with my enthusiasm and creativity in military operations and training (we were always training for some new approach to military art and technology). In the last year of my term I was a Lieutenant with a high probability of seeing my Captain pins real soon when the shit hit the fan. I'd gone over my CO's head to basically report him to his CO. This jerk was some big brass's baby boy, and he almost killed some of my men through pure idiocy, and I wasn't gonna let that pass. Next thing I knew, I was accused of some serious charges by my CO that had no basis of fact, but the kangeroo court was in town and I found myself a civvie faster than you can say 'pimple on an albatross's ass'. It was a shock to my beliefs, pure and simple. I didn't think the Alliance was perfect, but what happened to me was criminal. Disillusioned, I bought a ticket and headed for the Rim. As it turned out the Unification War was just around the corner. Stuck on Shadow, I was trying to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life (I couldn't go home like this, just too much pride as a young man) when hostilities broke out between the Alliance and Independents. It was more out of a sense of vindication that I joined the Browncoats. I found myself assigned to a Scout unit, the Browncoat equivalent of the Alliance's SpeFor. We fought for about four years, our unit. Lost a lot of good men and women. Somehow, I survived. After that amount of time, the War became everything, you know? When we lost, I was left with this great vacuous hole in my gut. I drifted along the Rim for a time until out of anger over some petty thing I can't even remember anymore, I was sheriff of this no nothing town on a no nothing planet. Turned out to be the best thing for me at the time. Got my direction again, got some focus. Ended up sheriff for about six towns in all on the Rim. I kept the peace, but with a fair hand. The last two towns, my appointment to sheriff was personally sought after. So, I was doing something right.

What were your parents or guardians like?

Like any other, I guess. My Dad pretty much wore his emotions on his sleeve, and he had a temper too. It never lasted long though. He loved being around people, right in the thick of it. A smart guy, but in a street sorta way. Was real hard to pull one over him. Heh. But, he had a good heart. Yeah, my Old Man was alright. My Mom was something different. Very quiet, calm. At least that's how it showed. She was real good under pressure, and did a better job in crises than my Dad did. Funny thing was, she was never interested in outwardly questioning my Dad. She did that her own way. In other words, she was a master of pulling the wool over my Dad. Absolute master. I remember calling her on it one occasion. She stared at me, eyes grinning a mile wide, and said in this calm, amused voice, "Babe, I have no idea what you're talking about." Every time I think of that it still makes me laugh. They were a pair alright. It's sad they grew apart, but at least they remained close friends.


What was the most pivotal or important point in your life?

In the last year of my term in the Alliance military, our SpeFor unit was assigned a new CO, Capt. Pryer. A total idiot as it turned out. Great for PR and looking shiny for inspection, but knew diddly about leading soldiers, especially a unit as exemplary as our own. We'd heard his Daddy was some big damn general who pulled a few strings to land his boy this prestigious post (and let me tell you, it was a prestigious post). During a particularly stressful training maneuver, Captain Pryer paid us a rare visit in the field. He had some high falootin' brass tagging along. It was a gorram hot day that was, and as platoon leader I didn't see why we couldn't take a 15 minute breather after humping 16 klicks. Well, Ol' Pryer thought otherwise, told me to get going, now. I advised him that was a calculated risk, given my soldiers' fatigue and that we still had another 16 klicks to go. He brushed it off in no uncertain terms, the brass monkeys just chuckling to themselves. I asked if my soldiers could take a 10 minute break after we made 8 klicks. He got all red in the face and said not only could *his soldiers* not take any more breaks, but he wanted us to reach our next waypoint 15 minutes ahead of schedule. I started to object, and he screamed at me, that was an order, Lieutenant. We got there 16 minutes ahead of schedule, but I nearly lost three of my soldiers, and one eventually was discharged on a medical resulting from that blatant act of stupidity. I sent a report to Capt. Pryer's CO, stating his gross disregard for the safety of those under his command, explaining the entire incident in detail. I knew it might end any idea of an extended career in the military, but I felt it was my duty. What happened next was unbelievable. I was charged with demanding and obtaining sexual favors from one of my soldiers, a certain PFC Jill Bauer. She produced this whole sordid story about me, all lies. It was slick how well they had me framed. I didn't have a chance. They were going to hit me with everything they could if I pleaded innocent. My lawyer advised I plead guilty and charges would be limited to a dishonorable discharge. After a long night of angry thoughts, I agreed the next day. That was when I gave up on the Alliance and all it stood for.

What events have transpired recently to bring you to this point in time?

Boredom? Okay, maybe not boredom. I've always had an interest in the stars and going places. It's partly why I joined the Alliance Army to begin with. It's why I'm so interested in history. I want to see what's out in the Black, what's it like. Wouldn't you?

Do you have any deep-dark secrets?

Aside from that one weird, wild, inebriated night with a farmer's daughters and their livestock on Jiangyin, no.

Is there any specific thing that would make you stand out from others?

I dunno. I'm Buddhist and proud of it? Actually, in my line of work 'standing out' is sorta a no-no.

Is there anything else we should know about you or anything around you?

Not sure. I'm pretty lethal when lethality becomes an issue, but it's not like I go out of my way to seek it. That's for idiots, crazies, and Reavers.



My logs can be found here.


  • 2480 - Born on Santo.
  • 2498 - Attended university on Sihnon.
  • 2502 - Graduated as a commissioned officer in the Alliance military. Branch: SpeFor (special forces).
  • 2506 - Dishonorably discharged after a severe incident with a superior officer.
  • 2506 - Withdrew into the Rim, to forget his past, but got sucked into the Unification War, joining the side of the Browncoats.
  • 2511 - Ended the war as a Lieutenant, commanding a Browncoat Recon-Scout company at the age of 31.
  • 2511-2521 - After the war became a gunslinger, holding the office of Sheriff in a number of towns along the Rim (6 towns over a period of 10 years).
  • 15 Nov 2521 - Joined the Chaos Theory as crew.
  • Jun 2522 - Leaves the Chaos Theory.