Tiruis Lorani

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Full name Tiruis Lorani
Date of Birth February 24, 2503
Parents Cirdan Lorani(father), Stephanie Lorani(Mother)
Siblings A younger brother, Nickolas, and younger Sister, Natasha.
Spouse None.
Children None.
Assignment Sulchar Baobh
Specialization Capital and Transport ships.
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green with spikes of Brown/Short Thick Brown Hair
Height and Weight 5'11"/203 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

No formal education.

Military Service


Employment History

Current: Sulchar Baobh- Pilot Previous: Guan-Yin II - Pilot

Personal Notes

Blood Type: A+
Age: 20


He is young man of pale completion and an average height and build. He is wearing a worn brown leather jacket which hangs open with a set of faux wings on the left breast. His clothing seems well kept yet lived in and hangs about him loosely not restricting his movements. His thick brown hair is cut short and he seems to have run a comb through it at some point within the last week. His face is round and is outline by the beginnings of a beard. His eyes are green with the occasional spike of brown throughout. Below his left eye a scar runs back towards his ear disappearing in the stubble

Personality and Demeanor

Flying is the only thing he has ever done that has ever made him happy, so far. He is quick witted and a smart ass if he is given half a chance. He only truly trusts himself but is willing to give his trust over to lose who earn it. He is a very logical thinker and will follow reason over emotions. He is extremely easy going and will let most things slide. Even though he is smart he does not belittle others for a lack of intelligence. He is rather lazy and would much rather have someone else do things for him, unless it is flying, he always does the flying.

Character Biography

He was born on a small transport freight that was doing runs mostly among the border planets, although they did sometimes visit the core and outer planets on occasion. He spent most of his time growing u p flying on various small transports where ever his parents could find work. He would help them with there duties, by flying or fixing the ship or the smaller MULE. He also learned to cook at a young age since his parents where both busy and on occasion had no time to cook themselves. During his teenage years aside fr om learning about ships his parents taught him some combat skills to ensure he would be safe after leaving them. They taught him how to conceal things you didn't want the alliance to find and how to hind objects on your person you didn't want anyone to find. They also taught him some ways he could defend himself, with particular attention being paid to the use of throwing knives in both close comb at and the more traditional use.