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Timara Lake

Born out on the Rim but dreaming of bigger things, even if it takes a gun or two to get there.

Full name
  • Timara Lake
Date of Birth
  • July 10th, 2509
  • Father: Marshall Lake (deceased)
  • Mother: Vanessa Lake (deceased)
  • None (Though Big Tim mostly counts)
  • None
  • None
  • Female
Eyes and Hair
  • Blonde, Green


Grew up on Whitefall, father and mother are both dead. Off that damn planet now. End of history!

Recent Events

Recently Timara's mother was killed by robbers and she left Whitefall to get away from her home. She hired herself out to a transport vessel as a deck hand and thankfully found herself a good crew of people who helped the backwater Rim world woman out until they reached Persophone and her help wasn't needed anymore. Due to her persuasive nature she managed to land herself a security job at the spaceport and avoided the various crime lords. She was always looking to get back off the planet and thankfully found herself in the path of the captain of the Praemia. Hired on as Security she is now focusing on making a new life for herself.

More recently Timara returned to Whitefall to take care of big Tim's family when he was sick. She returned only to find the ship in a whirlwind of saving her ex's (Dan Sabo) life. Striking a deal with the devil, Tim's hummingbird the Rascal is now parked at Freehold while she is using a Yellowjacket class starship for some find raising of her own to help out her captains cause. Life saved it seems the little blonde was offered a promotion, as they traded in the Preamia for the Catalyst, to chief of security. Her own rather nice cabin (since the ship's XO Ellis happens to be dating the captain and didn't need it), some authority (scary) and Timara is hoping to just not screw it up completely.


Timara seems younger then she is in some ways due to being raised on a back water fringe planet with very little outside experience. She is gullible but naturally convincing with her outgoing and extroverted attitude towards others. She tends to like people when she first meets them but if proven wrong it takes a lot to convince her to give someone a chance again.


  • Normally referred to as Tim not Timara

The People

  • Anya ~ Captain, Ma'am, bosslady, awesome!
  • Ellis ~ Sparks, good guy and all around nice, but god damn don't let him get pouty.
  • Sushmita ~ At first a right jack, now she seems alright.
  • Dan ~ A right ass most of the time but fascinating and fun.
  • Dei ~ Going, going, gone. The drug addict she rather stupidly believed has disappeared from the verse.
  • Leo ~ You just can't help but love this guy.
  • Benny ~ He came out of no where, and has so far swept Tim off her feet.
  • Kyoshiro ~ The dude be crazy but he's save my ass a few times and he's a good friend.
  • Doc ~ The epitome of a cowboy.

RP Hooks

  • Anything and everything?


A picture is worth a thousand words.