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Full name Tiladene Fletcher
Date of Birth Aug 15 2515
Birthplace Jiangyin
Parents Isaiah Fletcher

Marienne Fletcher (Deceased)

Siblings Elyse Fletcher

Conley Fletcher

Spouse Unwed
Children None
Assignment House Raven
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hazel/Brown
Height and Weight 6'0"/175lbs
Status Active
Education Information


Employment History

APC Ares


Tiladene Fletcher was born on Jiangyin to Isaiah and Marienne Fletcher on August 15, 2515. He was the middle child, preceded 3 years by his brother, Conley, and followed 2 years later by his sister, Elyse. His parents lived outside of a small town and ran cattle on an even smaller ranch. Tilly grew to learn to care for animals and became talented at breaking horses for trade and sale under the unfaltering, unforgiving eye of his father.

When Tilly was fifteen, his father and brother ran a small herd of cattle to a neighboring town. The trip was to take three days' time and Tilly was left to care for Elyse, as was the usual. On the second night, the children were awoken by a shockwave that shook their rooms. Tilly grabbed his father's rifle, and ran out in the night to prevent the cattle from stampeding. He climbed atop his best horse, and rode out hard, calming his family's animals over the course of an hour. When he returned, exhausted, the front door was open, and Elyse was gone.

He rode out in the night, calling for her until his voice was raw and his horse covered in sweat. He stayed up until his father's return, hoping Elyse would come back. She never did.

Tilly recieved the beating of his life upon his father's return. He exited boyhood in the span it took for his fist to connect with his father's jaw. He left immediately after, without a word. He took only the clothes on his back, a small bag of personal items and money, a gun, and his finest horse. He he rode to the nearest port, tried not to cry as he sold his horse, and bought passage on the first ship going anywhere. He finally broke in his bunk and cried silently as he left Jiangyin forever.

The shuttle he booked happened to be going to New Melbourne, where he settled. He learned to fish from the locals, and did odd jobs in return. Before he realized, ten years had passed, and in that time he never heard from what was left his family.

Recent Events

Tilly received a wave from his brother- or someone claiming to be his brother - requesting a meeting on Persephone… regarding the whereabouts of his lost sister.

Upon arrival on Persephone, Tilly witnessed the kidnapping of his sister onto the Dirty Dog, which, he learned, was a slaver ship. He was recruited onto the Calamity Jane with the promise of finding his sister.. and making those who took her pay.


A kid, wet behind the ears in his first tour in the black. Kind and sweet, and a bit naive and rather protective of those few people in the 'verse he calls friends and family...


  • Tilly hates his full first name. With a name like Tiladene, though, who can blame him?
  • Tilly suffers from terrible nightmares of past experiences, and current traumatic events as well.
  • He hates sleeping on a ship, as the engine noise keeps him awake.
  • Tilly is much more at home planetside.. and outside.
  • Tilly's got a tattoo around his left bicep: Three solid rings of even width.

Rp Hooks

  • Tilly spent a lot of time on New Melbourne doing odd jobs and breaking horses. Recognize this kid?

The People

  • Beau - The male authority figure in his life. Keeps Tilly from doing real stupid stuff... by doing the stupid stuff himself.
  • Belle - She is beauty, she is grace, she will punch you in the face. Lovingly.
  • Abbey - An adorably badass friend. Sniper mentor.
  • Dinger - Good Friend on the other side of the fence.
  • Tammy - Irritant extraordinaire. Sometimes a sweetheart. He hasn't figured out which to expect at any point in time...
  • Hal - Ouch. Less ouch. Okay, no ouch.


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