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Tian Hu United
Tian Hu United
Owners Viscountess Zhang QingHua
Inception Sometime in 2350 or so
Location Sihnon
Household Staff


As the masses first settled upon Sihnon, there came the Zhang family of minor importance back on Earth-That-Was. But here, a new start is seen, and the family flourishes, quickly growing into one of the noble families of Sihnon.

At first, silkworm and tea farms are the family's main revenue, but over time, that would change. It all came about around 200 years ago when a younger son, Zhang Jin, would decide to put his mind to good use. While his two older brothers were raised in taking over the family farms, it was Jin who would take the family in another direction - that of import/exports. Looking for new markets for the family's goods, Jin would begin to work towards setting up his own business, talking with merchants and ships that came in to the nearby port. It was not an easy task, but slowly the business of Tian Hu United got it's start and would grow to what it is today, each new head to add to the family's fortunes.

The Zhang family has split in some ways, for still one branch of it runs the farms, while the other overseas the cargo company. At times, there might be rivalry as to who is more important, but it never escalates to something extreme. Just your normal family rivalry that might come up between 'siblings'! Currently, the other branch of the family is ran by Zhang Gen and his family of three children (two sons and younger daughter who is 5 years younger than Qing.)


Tian Hu United currently deals in Textiles (Silk) and Titanium which can be picked up at their factory on Sihnon, located at the Zhang jia yuan landing pad.