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Tian Biyu
Full name Tian Biyu
Date of Birth October 13, 2505
Parents Hyu Biyu (Father; Deceased)
Ai Biyu (Mother; Deceased)
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Tech, Evening Star
Specialization Anything with Wires
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown Hair/Eyes
Height and Weight 5'2", 108lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Masters: Computer Science
  • Bachelors: Electrical Engineering
  • Various Certifications
Military Service
  • No service record

Tian knows Chinese, & English

Tian suffers an Allergy to Strawberries

Tian has Total Recall


  • SMILY - Ai Otsuka
  • I Will Buy You A New Life - Everclear
  • To Die For - The Birthday Massacre
  • Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne
  • Crazy Bitch - Buckcherry
  • Figured you out - Nickelback
  • When I Grow Up - Garbage
  • What's My Age Again? - blink-182
  • Bathwater - No Doubt
  • Fireflies - Owl City
  • Here In Your Arms - Hellogoodbye
  • Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits
  • Human - The Killers
  • Friend of The Devil - Grateful Dead

What is Known?

Very little is known about the strange, cute and oddly insane women known as Tian Biyu. Records state she was born on October 13th 2505 on the planet of Persephone. The only daughter of Hyu and Ai Biyu, both software engineers for Blue Sun Corporation. It would seem that on paper that she had a normal upbringing with two loving and involved parents, though it seems her picture perfect life was about to be shattered.

Records show that she out preformed almost all students in any school she attended. Though if one was to speak to the teachers that the records state taught Tian Biyu, they do not recall ever having a student by that name. Tian apparently graduated High School at the age of fourteen and proceeded to go to College at Persephone University, first receiving a Bachelors in the Electrical Engineering Field, in a short two years, followed by receiving a Masters in the the Computer Science Program in a short four years.

A few random pieces in a papertrail can show that she started to work on various Security, Engineering and Computer related certifications. However the trail seems to go cold at the finding of her parents Death Certificates. Cause of death apparently a car accident, instant death on both parts. Though no place of burial or plot location is recorded on Persephone or any other planet. Then Tian Biyu simply seems to vanish off the face of the world.

If you where to wander around and ask enough people about the name Tian Biyu, you will hear a mixture of things from people who knew or claim to know her. A spunky cute and energetic young girl who often times is described as not acting her age. While others might refer to her a home wrecker, with no regards or understanding of the boundaries of a relationship or marriage. Some would tell you to stay far away from this girl, that she is dangerous and only brings headaches and pain to the people she brings into her life. Other talk about perhaps one of the greatest computer Hackers the verse has ever seen. What is true and what is fact, that is all left for interpretation.

However it seems that Tian has found a new place, for the time being, to either cause her mischief or perhaps help. The Evening Star has taken her aboard for now, though who is to say how long she will stay or how long they will put up with her, perhaps they will just throw her out the airlock...only time will tell.



Tian appears to be in her early twenties. She is Short in stature at about five feet two inches tall. Her brown hair cascades down her back and often times in her face, ending at her mid back. Her soft brown eyes, seem to hold a hint of curiousity and mischief in them. She appears to be from asain decent and has a rather small frame about her. Her face is soft and is what most would consider attractive, her hands soft and delicate seeming as if they have not been exposed to the harshness of hard labor. Her chest though small, seems to fit her build roughly leaving her with a A-Cup.

She is currently wearing a white muscle shirt, that wraps around her form perfectly showing off her curves and a bit of her clevage. Around her waist is a pair of hip hugging blue jeans, with a few tears in them, exposing a bit of her flesh and a small D-Ring brown belt. On her feat is a pair of black sneakers, seeming to fairly new and devoid of any logos. Hanging loosely across her chest and at her side is a black messenger bag, with a small white cartoon cat with a bullet hole in it's head, laying in a pool of blood, written beneath it is "NO I AM CUTER!" in a girly font.


-- Tian breaks down in tears again, tears running down her face, "Zo My God! All I wanted was some BACON, and it caught on fire, the cortex made it sound so easy, and the Kittens where not helping me, and the smoke and then the fire and Zo My God, it was all so crazy and all I wanted was some BACON, I was soo hungry, I have been working so hard, and wires red one and blue ones every so often a green one, but no bacon ones, and I wanted bacon and everyone was sleeping I thought, so I found bacon, I think it was bacon, and I looked up on the cortex how to make bacon, and I tried to make bacon and Zo My God it caught on fire, and I didn't know what to do and Lord of Hiring the Tian came and put the fire out and gave me water and made me bacon and didn't kick me off the ship, even though I almost burnt down the ship and if I would have burnt myself, Doctor Insano would have been angry, he is the C word when he is angry and and and." she stosp and takes a deep breath, "I am Tian."


Babbage - Executive Officer - Evening Star: Known to Tian as "Lord of Hiring the Tian" this is for the simple factor that she was hired by him. He has thus far been kind to Tian and rather patient in despite all of her insanity.
Rose - Pilot - Evening Star: Known to Tian as "Mad'am Pilot of Flightness" since she is the one who flies.
Braenen - CMO - Evening Star: Known to Tian as "Doctor Insano" the reason for this is well that Tian it seems has made it a hobby to drive the poor Doctor Insane, she gets a giggle when he gets lost for words.
Danniella - Former Culinary Officer - Evening Star: Known to Tian as "Lady of Food Making" she has been rather kind in teaching Tian how to cook some chicken and well also putting up with her.
Satah - Miniature Human - Evening Star: Know to Tian as "Princess Sarah" is the Eight Year Old girl who Tian seem to enjoy to company of on the Evening Star, Tian finds herself often times trying to explain the games on the custom built gamepad she created for the child.
Chovian - Captain - Bengalo Draba:Known to Tian as "Prince Meeting of Pleasures" was met when Tian saw and went to say Hi to The Lady of Food Making, she was introduced and he was rather nice to Tian taking her to go get food at the Romany Camp's Tavern.
Aubrey - ??? - ???: Known to Tian as "Mr. Monkey Man of Boundaries and Limitations" do to her first meeting with him, where he told her she was not a Kitten. She didn't mind him at first til he told her she had no Ports.


-- Computers

Tian has a assortment of computers, however her main computers is located in the black messenger bag that she carries around with her. This system is a mixture of the best and most compact parts available on the market and alot of custom tailoring and design work done by Tian. The main system remains inside the bag, while a assortment of various touch screen data pads can be removed or stay connected via cables to the mother system. This allows Tian to work on multiple projects at once and also it stores her most private data and computer programs she has written, including her custom OS that her system runs. Her system is capable of interfacing with various system ranging from simple diagnostics on a ship or personal equipment to breaching security systems both Electronic and ones on the Cortex.
-- Toy Laser Gun This all metal silver laser gun, resembles a toy from the Earth-That-Was, a sleek and almost comic design resembling that of a rocket. When one pulls the trigger, the various lights shine and flash, and it makes a rather comic noise of a laser being shot off. The design and creation of this amazing toy, was also done by Tian.