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Full name Theodore James Aleksander Poe
Parents Yuri and Elena Poe
Siblings Only Child
  • unofficially has adopted Aubrey as a brother
Specialization Being Theo
Gender Male
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • St Ivy's Prepratory Academy
  • University of Ariel: MA in Pharmacology
  • University of Ariel: Doctorate in Chemical Engineering
  • Ariel Medical College: Doctorate of Medicine, and Doctorate of Psychiatry
Military Service
  • No military service.


Theodore James Aleksander Poe was born to a prominent deceased Prosecutor by the name of Yuri Poe and his wife Elena (Елена) Poe who was a philanthropist and Doctor. When he was 8 years old his mother and father were killed while his father was working a trial against a man suspected of being involved in organized crime and was facing several murder charges. Alliance records show the boy survived because he was at a private academy. At an early age the teachers realized that the youth was gifted with a unique mind and way of looking at things he was set to studying. Quickly picking up on things as well a learning at a near unneving pace. While at the academy he studied Latin and Italian finding the two classical languages to be a mystery that he wanted to solve, the study proving to be simple as he showed a natural talent.

At the age of 17 he was sent to Ariel University using the inheritace from his parents as a means to pay for education, where he studied and gained a PhD within 5 1/2 years in Chemical Engineering as well as began his foray into psychology. During the first two years he also dedicated some time to history of the earth that was and religion. To better understand some of the course work he enrolled in classes in Japanese.

At the age of 20 Theo attained a MA in Pharmacology and a minor in Linguistics and a secondary minor in Psychology. Due to the challenge presented by Ariel Medical School he enrolled shortly before obtaining his MA's from Ariel university and was accepted. Focusing his studies on Diagnostic Medicine and Virology due to the challenges presented by both fields while continuing to work on his PhD in Chemical Engineering which he obtained at the age of 22.

After several years of studying the two fields as well as Psychiatry he recently finished his last internship and graduated in the top 3 percent of his classes. Gaining a Doctorate of Medicine as well as a Doctorate of Psychiatry at the age of 27.

The four months that preceeded his graduation from Medical school were filled with simply traveling, A short time was spent simply shuttling around until Theo while on Greenleaf to take some sample for his own little collection of herbs that had pharmaceutical applications he stumbled across the Golden Mountain Buddhist Monastery. He was greeted by one of the temple's monk's and after visting daily for a month he finally moved into the Monestary to better learn and immerse himself within the Buddhist religion. He spent another 2 months at the Monestary before leaving it.

He traveled to Persephone and wandered planet side for 3 days before meeting a young Russian woman by the name of Mikhaila, shortly after their meeting he also found himself in possibly the worse place for someone who lacked interpersonal skills or even basic social graces, before Duke Carmichael of Osiris. That day Theo joined the staff of Red Lion Industries with their Medical R&D.



  • Speaks Russian, English, Latin, Italian, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Actually witnessed his parent's execution, having been forced to watch as his parent's were examples.
  • Enjoys ancient Philosophy
  • Is a psychonaut
  • Has a near blind Meerkat
  • Knows how to fly..sort of.
  • Has been known to self medicate
  • Though rarely seen or even known about, Has had extensive tattoo work done on his torso
  • Is a semi-practicing buddhist depending on his mood and mental state

Little Poe

Little Poe was given to Theo from his adoptive little brother Aubrey while Theo was suffering from Depression.

This creature is small, probably no more than one and a half pounds, slender and prone to standing on its hind legs. This young male meerkat has silvery white fur and the type of glassy blue eyes that hint to the creature being albino or blind. Sleek and slender body has an 8 inch long tail to help balance creature. His coat is peppered with other shades of gray, and he has black patches around his eyes like a little mask. He sniffs at people and things curiously with an adorable little nose at the end of its tapered facial features.

Good Name

Good Name: He has the good name feat in the medical field due to papers written and submitted to various journals on both medicine and psychology as well as possible experimental treatments.


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