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Terra Takamoto
Full Name: Terra Takamoto
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115lbs
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Brown
Date of Birth: July 1st, 2505
Place of Birth: Londinium
Spouse: Amakaze Aleksandrovich Takamoto
Children: Annie, daughter (8, adopted 2526)
Parents: Kazuhiko; stepfather (d.), Cheyenne; mother (d.), ???, biological father (presumed alive)
Siblings: Thomas (22), Heather (?)
Specialties: Art, con artistry, musical talent, psychology.


From the outside looking in, Terra Takamoto has led a relatively privileged life. She knows little of wars except for the things that she's read in books or seen on the Cortex. Her father was a businessman with a rather large corporation, and her mother was a very well-known former Companion with the same startling purple eyes that often get her daughter recognized. Terra once enjoyed a successful career in modeling, with a less successful career in singing. She has been seen on the cover of several fashion magazines and in numerous photo spreads. She was once the spokesmodel for the Blue Sun cosmetics line "Radiance". In the past her reputation painted her as something of a party girl with an unpredictable nature, owing to her wild modeling and singing days. Since retiring from show business, Terra has made a name for herself as the personal assistant of one Sebastien Rhys, the head of prolific Red Lion Industries' public relations department. She has since earned the right to call herself Doctor Terra Takamoto, acquiring her psychology degree in 2527.


Terra is a perfectly charming, sociable young woman... when she wants to be (which is admittedly not often). It seems that she has learned to rely upon her beauty from a young age, though she's intelligent enough to realize that beauty doesn't last forever. Terra is far from the most tactful person when it comes to human interaction; she's often more 'fake nice' to people than genuinely nice, as she finds the act of actually getting to know people very exhausting. She's witty, humorous, and bright. She uses her sense of humor as a coping mechanism to deal with whatever comes hurdling her way, thus having a very rough time taking anything at all seriously. When she is serious about something, she tends to become very passionate about it, to the point of outright stubbornness. Terra is a classic example of an overachiever who never quite seems to think anything she's accomplished is good enough and is never happy with any one profession. Despite her shortcomings in the social field, Terra is incredibly extroverted, though this has been achieved through years of diligent training and practice. She'll talk to almost anyone as long as the subject doesn't delve too deeply into personal matters (at least not her own). Her genuine side is shown to few and far between, leaving many to wonder what's real with her.

To get in contact with Terra's somehow more sinister alter ego, please page her.


2505 Terra is born to Kazuhiko Takamoto, a Japanese businessman, and Cheyenne (nee Lefebre) Takamoto, a former companion of Chinese-French extraction, on July 1st in Londinium.
2507 Terra's only sibling, Thomas is born on September 20th.
2509 Noting that Terra has a natural talent for impersonations and singing, arrangements are made for Terra to attend an arts school on Paquin.
2510 Terra is sent to Paquin to study fine arts. She does not return home except for on holidays.
2515 'The incident'. Something happened to Terra whilst at home over Christmas break. She doesn't remember it, but whatever it was must have been traumatizing, as Terra now suffers from terrifying nightmares related to what went on.
2517 Terra's first photo shoot, at the tender age of 12.
2520 After having worked steadily as a model, Terra gets a record deal at a smalltime label. An album called 'I Love You Forever' is released, mostly comprised of pop/dance/techno tunes. The reviews it garners are not favorable.
2521 Terra develops acute insomnia, sometimes staying awake for days on end before relenting and taking her medication. The nightmares don't help her sleeping troubles.
2524 Terra graduates from school in June. She decides not to return home immediately. Instead, she planet hops for a few months, working freelance modeling jobs before finding herself on Paquin around late August. In late September 2524, Terra is caught in a shootout on Santo at a casino. In early October, Terra is hired to be the spokesperson of Crimson Shield Security. She does a brief stint on the Cortex show The Bachelor, wherein she vies for the love of Neil Stinson. She is eliminated early in the game after an altercation with another cast member and returns 'home' to Persephone. Later in the month, she boards the Klaighmar for the first time. Starts to date Amakaze Aleksandrovich in November. On December sixth, Terra is formally disowned by her family. On December eleventh, Terra resigns from her position with Crimson Shield Security. Shot by Itzal Nekane on the same day. Injured in a minor explosion aboard the Klaighmar on December twenty-second. Undergoes surgery for the second time in less than two weeks.
2525 Terra's parents are found dead in their Londinium estate on January 22. Terra suffers a grand mal seizure in early February, the apparent side effect of having taken a batch of poisoned medication. Ushered into Red Lion Industries on March third as Sebastien Rhys' personal assistant. Terra fades from the public eye somewhat in the following time, largely withdrawing herself from the 'Verse outside of Osiris. Terra remains withdrawn for sometime, not leaving her bedroom for days on end. She continues her work from home. After celebrating her birthday and receiving her mother's diary, Terra sinks into something of unstable depression in July. The depression continues untreated despite the success of a new modeling campaign with Blue Sun's new line of hair and skincare products, Luminosity. In addition, Terra must deal with the loss of her best friend Temperance, who has decided to gallivant around the 'Verse without so much as a proper goodbye. Apparently having come out of her depression, Terra returns to the world with a renewed strength and purpose. She does research about her own lineage and discovers a surprise, a previously unknown agnate sibling by the name of Heather. In early November, Terra starts going out more, leaving the comforts of Bubastis and going on 'good will missions' to other ships. Essentially, she drinks a lot on their tabs. Around the same time, she and Amakaze Aleksandrovich end their nearly year-long relationship. In mid-November, Terra leaves Bubastis and goes on a camping trip in Londinium. There she breaks her left femur and is flown back to Osiris after a few meager days out in the wild. In mid-December, Terra is released from the bondage of her plaster cast just in time for the holidays. Now she has two new accessories: a pronounced limp and a very sparkly cane with a tiny disco ball attached to the top of it. At the city wide Christmas party in Persephone, Terra performs a Coventry Carol with Bastien, dressed as a Christmas elf.
2526 Terra rings in the New Year in Persephone for the most part. On the eleventh of January, Terra has a chance encounter with Lucas Magley that somehow leads to Miss Takamoto nearly getting shot by an angry woman. In February, 2526 proves to be an even more interesting after Terra is invited aboard the Dochasan Lasair by acting captain Sev Desera and walks into an ugly altercation, thus having both a shotgun and another large gun pointed at her. Terra makes her way off the ship unscathed and is shortly afterward called to work as a nurse at Bubastis, putting her degree to good use. In mid-February, Terra intercepts a package at Bubastis from Temperance, someone she thought was lost to her forever. The package contains Temperance's voice box, along with a note from Temperance that indicates she and her daughter Annie are fine. The voice box is hastily implanted within Terra (and has since been removed). Terra's deteriorating mental health only worsens after this experience as she loses touch with almost all of her close friends. With a mounting disregard for her own life, Terra engages in more and more risky behavior. As a result of this, in late February Terra begins intensive therapy with Damian Carmichael. In late March, Miss Takamoto is forced to take a month's mental leave after a violent altercation with Duke Carmichael himself. Naturally Terra doesn't obey orders and comes back to work earlier than scheduled. In May of 2526, Terra passes her first year of college and plans to take a nice long vacation before her second year starts. After a vacation to Sihnon with Amakaze Aleksandrovich and Roxana DeLos, Terra stars in a college production of Hamlet as Ophelia with mixed reviews. July of 2526 brings about the reconciliation of she and Mister Aleksandrovich. Right after that, Terra learns of Temperance's death at the hands of pirates on Paquin and gains custody of Annie, her daughter. The rest of the year is fairly unremarkable.
2527 On August 5, 2527, Amakaze proposes marriage. In mid-October, Terra becomes the interior designer/house entertainer of the Helios Grand Hotel. Somewhere in there, Terra finally graduates from college with a major in psychology and a minor in fine arts, thus ending her reign of terror upon Osirus U.
2528 In late August, Amakaze and Terra are wed in holy matrimony. Who would have thought?
2529 Terra undergoes light cosmetic surgery early in the year to remove all scar tissue and scars from her body.


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It's somewhat well-known that Terra has problems sleeping. She tends to get understandably unbalanced when she reaches about the third day mark without any sleep. Terra used to be on prescription sleeping pills before the BTX epidemic. She now refuses to take sleeping pills and most medications as a whole.
Unbalanced? Terra? Naaaaaah.

The lesser known of her problems is her nightmares, accompanied by the occasional night terror. Those who have slept near Terra have regaled her with tales of her waking them in the middle of the night with ghastly screaming. Terra tends not to remember the nightmares, and most certainly not her night terrors, and would like to keep it that way. She hasn't undergone any successful treatment for the nightmares.

Terra suffers from a seldom mentioned anxiety disorder which she is prescribed even more seldom mentioned drugs for.

Terra was diagnosed at age fourteen with obsessive compulsive disorder, something which she hasn't been successfully treated for yet. While the OCD isn't severe enough to control ALL of her actions, it sometimes interferes with her daily schedule. More recently the disorder seems to be worsening.

Miss Takamoto is prone to bouts of severe depression which she currently remains unmedicated for.


  • Bullet graze to the collar bone, following entry point to left shoulder. Accompanied by a torn ligament. Courtesy of Itzal Nekane, December eleventh 2524.
  • Shrapnel embedded in left forearm and right calf following a minor explosion on the Klaighmar. Terra removes the shrapnel herself, loses a lot of blood, and causes further muscle damage to her right calf. She undergoes surgery for the second time in the month of December. December twenty-second, 2524.
  • Stab wound stretching across the left palm. Self-inflicted during a night of weirdness. Courtesy of letter opener, September twenty-eigth 2525.
  • Broken left femur acquired while camping in the wilds of Londinium. November eighteenth, 2525.

Distinguishing Marks

Terra has a small tattoo on the back of her neck -- usually covered up with her hair. It's the outline of a bunny rabbit, done in black ink.

Terra has another tattoo of a small black rose on her right hip, though not many people get to see this one.

There's yet another tattoo that spans between Terra's shoulder blades in small cursive lettering, reading: "Love is a many splintered thing."

She used to have a tattoo that rode high on her right thigh, depicting a garter belt with a Slipshot tucked underneath it. (REMOVED as of 2528.)

She has eight ear piercings, four on each side. They're usually covered by her hair.

Terra has a belly button piercing that can usually be found with an elaborate golden belly chain worn through it.

More Info

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