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Full name Lou Tengfei
Date of Birth 12 August 2489
Birthplace Persephone
Siblings None
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Tong, Operations, Mian Tang
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dark Brown, Black
Height and Weight 5'9", 178 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

The Streets

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A sleak, sturdy, broad shoulder man, standing just under six feet tall. His almost black eyes are nearly painted onto his imposing yet welcoming features. With a strong chilsiled jawline, his eyebrows accentuate a srtong browline. His hair is black hair is kept short and manageable and is always styled.
He is dressed in a clean, pressed, ash grey two piece suit, with a white starched point collared dress shirt with the top button undone. The shirt cuffs peek out from the jacket showing brilliant gold cuff links, and on his feet are stunningly well polished black dress shoes with almost a mirrior finish.


History and background

Information may be gained Icly only