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Full name Templeton Torres
Date of Birth March 8th, 2492
Birthplace Capital City, Osiris
Parents Ken and Liza Torres
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Tristan Torres
Children Cassandra Emma Torres
Assignment Commonwealth Fleet Engineer
Specialization Jack of all trades
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue-green eyes, brown hair
Height and Weight 6'5", 190 lbs.
Status Active
Education Information

StarLight Engineering Academy

  • Bachelor of Engineering - Aerospace Engineering
  • Engineering skills: Electrical, electronics, computers, engines.
  • Experience with repairing all types of craft
  • Research and Development experience in Starship Design
  • Self-trained in all types of flight
Employment History

Current: Engineer, Red Lion Industries Science Division

  • Formerly: Fleet Engineer, Commonwealth High Command
  • Formerly: Shadowdancer, Engineer/Acting XO
  • Formerly: Arctic Raider II, Captain
  • Formerly: Klaighmar, Captain
  • Formerly: Highlander, Captain
  • Formerly: Arctic Raider, Chief Boatswain
  • Formerly: Devil's Corsair, Boatswain
  • Formerly: Lilac Spaceport, Cargo Handler
  • Formerly: Jazz band performer (Saxophone)
  • Formerly: IMV Phoenix, Executive Officer
  • Formerly: IMV Phoenix, Engineer



"You're a sex-hound who's only interested in a woman to get into her pants, is scared off by anything that smacks too much of commitment, and although everyone agrees that you're a genius, you're also erratic and unreliable. During your RLI tenure, you were two-timing two of the women there, knocked one up, and fled for the stars rather than face the responsibility of being a father."
-- Tristan Song to Templeton Torres shortly after tea

- Templeton is a 34 year-old male currently working as an engineer at Red Lion Industries.
- He has designed and manufactured a multi-role starfighter that he has classed 'Renegade'.
- Torres is known widely among the underworld to be one of the oldest and most legendary pirates.
- Declared by Admiral Frost himself to be a formidable warrior, it would be wise to think twice before crossing his path.
- Recently left the employ of the Pirate Commonwealth without consequence.
- Known to be extremely brilliant.
- Known to be extremely unreliable.
- Has had a very bad penchant for being a womanizer.
- Weakness for red-haired people of the female persuasion.

"Oh no, sweetheart. I love your mouth. It's just the cacophony that spews forth from it." -- Templeton Torres to Nikolette McBride


2492 - Born in Capital City, Osiris.
2510 - Graduated from secondary school, ran away from home after acquiring enough funds to save up for school, as his parents had alternate life plans for him.
2514 - Graduated from Starlight Academy, Bachelor of Engineering.
2515 - Joined the Independent Merchant Vessel Phoenix (OOC: Unrelated to the one operating on this game) underneath Captain Sheridan Hawthorne. Position: Engineer
2517 - Promoted to Executive Officer, IMV Phoenix. Made acquaintance with Dr. Charly Clear.
2519 - Left IMV Phoenix due to personal issues with the vessel's commander.
2520 - Stranded on Beylix because of lack of funds. Played jazz on saxophone in dives for money. Later acquired to funds to travel to Lilac responding to an ad for a cargo master.
2521 - Encountered Arctic Raider one day at the Lilac Landing Pad. Recruited by Kennedy Sinclair into the Pirate Commonwealth.
2521 - Promoted to Chief Boatswain of the Arctic Raider. Quickly gaining renown within the Pirate Commonwealth for brains and quick learning.
2522 - The Pirates are defeated at the Battle of Three Hills. Templeton survives the conflict and goes into hiding with Dr. Samantha Kist. Daughter Cassandra is born.
2522 - Templeton acquires captaincy of the Siren, a Dragonfly transport that was once called La Paz. Started up the company 'Epsilon Salvage and Repair'.
2523 - Epsilon Salvage and Repair goes bankrupt. Siren is acquired by Duke Carmichael and rebranded Highlander. Templeton is Captain and working for Red Lion Industries.
2524 - Highlander is sent to the scrap yard for unreliable operation. Klaighmar is acquired. Templeton is slotted in as captain of this new APC.
2525 - Templeton reponds to a call sent out by Admiral Frost recalling him to active duty. Torres accepts. He becomes Pirate Lord, captain of the Arctic Raider II, the Arctic Raider's sister ship which Torres had helped create.
2525 - Pirate Commonwealth rank tables shift. Acquired the nobility title of 'Pirate Lord'.
2525 - Steps down as Captain of the Arctic Raider II. Becomes Engineer/Acting Executive officer of Shadowdancer under Captain Elric Ratius.
2526 - Identity comprimised. Returns to New Tortuga and assumes position of Fleetwide Engineer.
2526 - Leaves Pirate Commonwealth in a fuss and takes the Pirate Starfighter Renegade with him. Floats around the 'verse for a while until meeting Tristan Song and becoming involved with Red Lion Industries once again as an engineer in their science division. Within the first day of employment, he wins a hoverbike at one of the Halloween parties. Becomes romantically involved with Tristan Song.

"Any last words for the gravestone Mister Templeton?"
"Blow me."

-- A brief exchange between Valerius de la Vega and Templeton Torres

Known Associates

Carmichael, Damian -
Frost, Admiral -
Devane, Angela -
Hearne, Aisha -
Lebedev, Kaija -
Ratius, Elric -
Song, Tristan -
Takamoto, Terra -