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Temperance E. Cullen
Temperance Cullen
Full name Temperance Elise Cullen
Date of Birth May 4, 2502
Parents Patience Cullen and Ethan Harmon
Assignment Engineer, Ascension
Specialization Engineering
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes and bronze hair
Height and Weight 5'2", 106 lbs
Education Information
  • Home schooling
Employment History



  • 2501 - Patience Cullen returns to Hera, her home planet, to live with her brother Braden Cullen.
  • 2502 - Patience Cullen gives birth to Temperance Cullen, and then expires. Braden Cullen officially adopts Temperance.
  • 2506 - Braden Cullen enlists in the Independent Army, and relocates their little family to Deadwood. He leaves Temperance with a Shepard and goes off to fight in the war.
  • 2511 - Temperance gets a wave from her uncle, stating that he's been re-stationed on Hera, but after news spreads of the awful defeat at Serenity Valley, Temperance assumes that he is dead, because he does not return.
  • 2512 - May 4th, Braden Cullen returns to Deadwood, bringing with him a woman named Bai Ling, and a man named Sketch.
  • 2515 - Temperance gets both of her thumbs smashed with a hammer. Sketch disappears.
  • 2520 - Bai Ling and Braden Cullen are killed.
  • 2521 - Temperance signs up to crew with the Ascension.
  • 2522 - Temperance signs up to crew with the Chong Sheng

Pre-PC History

Very little is known about Temperance before she signed on with the Ascension.

Her full name is Temperance Elise Cullen, and she was born May 4th, 2502 on the planet Hera, near Serenity Valley. She was left an orphan, and adopted by her uncle Braden Cullen. In 2506, when Braden enlisted in the Independent Army, and moved her to the nearby planet Deadwood. Braden arranged for a Sheppard to look after her while he was gone, and then left the planet.

Braden Cullen returned to Deadwood after the war, bringing along with him a young Chinese woman named Bai Ling, and a man named Sketch. Sheppard Grant moves on to Greenleaf.

In 2515, Sketch too took off. That same year, Temperance got both of her thumbs smashed, as a result of witnessing a crime, and calling the police.

In 2520, Braden Cullen, and Bai Ling were shot dead on a job. Temperance inherited everything, but after a year she managed to sell everything.

Temp used the money to hitch a ride to Greenleaf, and then to Persephone.

In early 2521, Temperance signed on to the Ascension

PC History

Temperance signed on with the Ascension, but several months after she joined up, the ship's doctor, Maleagant Ironside took on a new ward named Alexandrite that Temperance didn't get on with, so on April 8th, 2522, she left the Ascension, and signed on with the Chong Sheng


  • Temperance hates Paquin more than she hates any other port in the 'verse, for unknown reasons.