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Full name Temperance ???? ????
Date of Birth Sometime in December
Parents Unknown
Siblings Reese
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Dark Dragon
Specialization Artistry
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Red eyes, bright blonde hair
Height and Weight 5'1", 110lbs
Status Dead
Education Information
  •  ???
Military Service
  • No military service.


  • Songs sung in Temperance's voice.



Sisterly Love

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Cinderella...

And she has absolutely nothing to do with this story.

Temperance can’t even remember her birth date. In fact, there is much about her past that she cannot remember; most of it is lost. Temperance isn’t even her real name, and she knows it, but for the love of God she can’t remember her old one. It is unfortunate that so much happened to someone so young... Even if she has no chance of recalling such events.

Her family was small, not wealthy, but certainly on the upper side of the economic spectrum. Several years after she was born, her parents divorced, and her father went to work on a farm on humble old Beylix, while her mother was a successful psychiatrist. A very rare disease caused Temperance’s skin to be washed out and pale, while her hair is as vibrant a blonde as one can have. This condition was passed down through her mother; it occurred in every second birth on her mother’s side of the family. Her sister, Reese, was the only one in the family to have dark hair.

Growing up, Temperance suffered from more than just albinism. She was not a happy child, and she struggled with depression since she was very young. Seeing that her sister was a happy little cherub, she grew very jealous, and began devoting her time to ruining her parent’s impression of their dark-haired daughter.

Temperance FF9.jpg

She was outgoing and articulate, while Temperance was shy and, quite frankly, a sociopath. A nasty person to her subordinates, and a sycophant to her superiors. She may have been gifted with superb artistic ability--which she frequently practiced—but her real talent lay in how she could bend the willpower of others. Both of her parents may have been Christians, but little of that religion’s morals rubbed off on Temperance.

Their father taught them how to do simple things around the farm, like shoot a gun, and milk cows. Meanwhile, their mother on Ariel made sure they were properly schooled, and she helped to develop Temperance’s musical and artistic inclination.

She spent most of her preteen years pining for her parent’s attention, while playing horrible (and dangerous) pranks on her sister. Pushing her into traffic, locking her outside the house whenever they visited their father’s ranch, you name it. All the while, she deviously manipulated her sister into keeping her antics a secret by either using a threat, or a clever explanation as to why such a cruel thing was justifiably done without a need for punishment.

The 'Accident'

Perhaps if her sister had not been so successful, and so goddamned nice, then Temperance would not have plotted to kill her. A disturbed and jealous child, she convinced her sister that it might be fun to fool around with the rifles that daddy kept in the barn on his ranch. “Dad’s always talking about ‘a better place’ that we go to when we die,” Temperance had told Reese. “Let’s go see it; we’ll both go at the same time.”

Only one gunshot was fired off that night. Rather than Temperance shooting her sister, like she had planned, her sister pulled the trigger just a second too early—on accident.

Temperance FF7.jpg

7 years. When she woke up, that’s what they told her. That’s how long she’d been unconscious for. In a coma, for 7 years; imagine all the time she lost, and she would have just turned 17. All the while, dreaming in her deep slumber about the happiness she never allowed herself to experience, and gradually forgetting her past. She was on Ariel, the doctors told her, and she’d been shipped back there from Beylix shortly after taking one bullet to the chest, and another which skimmed the side of her head, breaking her skull and collapsing. It was by sheer luck that she wasn’t killed instantly.

“They don’t know you’re alive,” said the first doctor to Temperance. “They think you died on the farm.”

Temperance asked how such a thing was possible, and the doctor merely replied with a shake of his head.

Chagrined that she could not return to her home—or at least the vague memory of the home she could remember, Temperance spent the next few weeks recovering in the hospital there on Ariel, alone. The most vivid memory was her plan to kill Reese; how could she go back after concocting a plot like that? Ashamed, she fell into another rut of depression.

Ariel was such a lonely place. She had no friends, no family to go back to; not even the doctors seemed to satisfy her need for attention. They eventually booted her from the hospital when she recovered anyway. She began questioning why she hadn’t died that night, when she planned to shoot her sister. It didn’t seem fair.

Convinced that death would be retribution, and sicker than she had ever been before, Temperance fastened a belt of explosives together, and sat beside it. “It’s what I deserve,” she reasoned with herself, before setting off the detonation switch...


“WHY HULLO THAR!” came the excited, yet somehow haggard voice of the old man staring down at Temperance. “Decided to blow yourself to smitheroons didja? I saved ya the first time; ya couldn’t’ve tried to not kill yourself for at least a month?”

Ol’ man Mitchel Mundo was a doctor. Although his name suggested that his work was more organically oriented, his specialty was the engineering of cybernetic, prosthetic body parts... Temperance found that she was not quite herself when she peered down at herself. She could no longer feel her left side. Her left arm from the forearm down had been replaced by an arm that was a strange combination of cybernetics, pneumatics, and hydraulics. It wasn’t as good as her old arm—it even looked similar because of the artificial skin--she found, only it was heavier and less flexible. There had been much cranial damage as well, Dr. Mundo said to Temperance, so he fixed that up too.

Not only had she changed physically, but she also changed emotionally and mentally. Chips implanted into her brain had two purposes; compensate for lost memory space, and reconstruct certain aspects of her personality. For good measure, the doctor imbedded a set of triggers, so Temperance wouldn’t try to kill herself again. Those thoughts of suicide were still floating around in her mind, but the triggers caused a wave of sheer terror to pass over her.

What’s a cyborg (what else is she going to call herself?) to do when she’s all alone? Temperance wasn’t quite up to staying with the doctor. He was just too strange; one night she even heard him mumbling something about continuing his experiments on the new ‘specimen’, which might explain the barcode over the back of her neck and wrist. Without any other choice, Temperance fled, and snuck onto the first shuttle she saw.


“I must be 18,” Temperance told herself, after glancing at the date on a giant cortex screen. She calculated, in her mind, that it couldn’t have taken Dr. Mundo more than a year or so to fix her up. Without ever knowing for sure what her real age was, Temperance merely assumed that she was 18. Temperance felt a gentle tug against her new, robotic arm, and she glanced downwards. There, standing beside her, was the most beautiful and precious thing she’d ever seen. Annie, she called herself, and the little girl was no more than 4 or 5 years old.


Annie explained that her mother had died a year ago and that she and the remainder of her family were on Londinium— so THAT’S the planet they were on--to visit her grave. Temperance assumed that it was an annual thing. And while they were there, Temperance met with Annie often while her family was busy at the reunion.

“Grandma’s sick, and she doesn’t let me play at all,” Annie told Temperance. Annie talked a lot about how much she disliked her family. Moved by this girl’s stories, Temperance decided to, quite illegally, take Annie—at her request--and sneak her off on the first shuttle they could catch. Temperance quickly became Annie’s best friend, and replacement mother. She felt a special connection to the girl; they both had the same disease, only Annie had dark brown hair, much like her sister, and there was something else wrong with her, but Temperance could never get the girl to tell her.

Temperance kept bread on the table by begging, doing drawings for people on the streets, and even performing musically, though they never had any money to spare.


“Per-sef-oney,” pronounced Annie, as she and Temperance disembarked from their shuttle. The cyborg just nodded. It was very rare that Temperance actually spoke at all; her voice wasn’t the same since the explosion and reconstruction of her body.

“Are we going..?” Annie asked Temperance, whose hand she held so tightly. Temperance lifted her chin, and then nodded.

And then off they went, into the streets of Persephone.


Temperance FF5.jpg

Temperance stands at around 5 feet 3 inches, give or take. She's got a body made of sinewy muscles, covered in pale skin that is cracked with many scars. Parts of her body, such as her left arm and leg, don't appear to move as fluidly as the other parts. Her eyes are shockingly bright and red. Her pale blonde hair hangs down to her shoulders in loose curls, framing her heartbreakingly beautiful and scarred face. Her skin is as pale as alabaster stone, as if all the pigment has been drained. One can see the blush made by the blood running underneath her skin, in her veins.

Her clothes are ruined and dirty. She wears a tight fitting purple tanktop underneath a baggier black tanktop, both made out of cotton, and both covered in dirt and blood. Around her neck, is a golden chain with a gold key charm hanging from it. It looks as though it might have been worth a lot of money, if it were not for the rust tarnishing it. Covering her lower half is a dark pair of denim jeans, bootcut, with a thick, torn brown belt holding it over her hips. More often than not, she wears a baggy--so baggy that it looks like it's a few sizes too big-- and gray hoodie over her tank tops, with the hood up, and shadowing her face.


Cautious, yet curious. Temperance rarely speaks outloud, and prefers to simply write on her sketchbook as a way of communication. She is very selfconscious of her disabilities, and she won't even discuss them if you ask politely. Before, she was a manipulative, angry person, but since her two 'accidents', she's become a much more pleasant person.

She is anxious, and nervous; very easily frightened, and she's a pacifist. Everything about Temperance is confusion, yet at the same time, she wants to be positive. She's idealistic like a child, and prefers to see the goodness in others no matter how much they mistreat her. Because of her innocence and naivity, she is easily manipulated, and she releases grudges in a heartbeat.

She goes by a very strict set of rules, and her conscience is one of her biggest weaknesses. She hates breaking the rules, for fear of being punished and letting others down around her. If she thought she did something wrong, she would immediately confess to it. On top of that, she's extremely sensative, both emotionally and physically. Yet she is perceptive, and a good listener. If a fly landed on her arm, there's a good chance that she'd cry about it. Or cry if she accidentally squished it...

Other Opinions


Sink moves to stand beside the crate that Temperance is sit up on, and takes another bite of the pizza, "Well, in some ways we all have our issues." He looks up at her and nods, "I think eventually she'll find her way, she'll learn about her self. But the only way she'll do that is to let people close enough, and to do that, she has to really start to be more respectful of others." He pauses, and looks at his half eaten piece of pizza, then puts it on top of the box, "Everyone has to be true to themselves, but when being true to ones self forces people away, well, then you have to bend before you break to loneliness and bitterness." There is a sigh as he looks at the crate, and his finger follows a crack on the crate top. He smiles and after a moment he looks up again at Temperance, "But you don't have that problem. I'm sure you'll have no problem finding someone. You are different, but personality, and a caring attitude, count for so much. You have more in you, that is more attractive, then most of the Verse. I believe, no matter what, you'll end up happy." <English>


With that, Terra finishes another drink and puts it aside, smiling innocently. She looks back towards Temperance and lets out a soft squee. "Look, she's smiling! It's so cute when she smiles." Then Terra notices something and does a double take, looking Temperance up and down, as though she'd never noticed before. "Oh God, Temp is hot." She bats her eyelashes rapidly as though she can't quite compute this information, as though steam may come out of her ears at any moment. "She's... hot. Dude." Terra says, looking back to Rendolin. "When did she get a bosom, Amar? This isn't right at all!" <English>


  • How Temperance relates to other people.

Person Relationship Description
Sink Captain Captain Sink offered Temperance a job, when she didn't have any where else to go. He graciously accepted her and Annie onto his ship, and for that, Temperance is forever grateful. He's also the first person she goes to when she's hungry. She looks up to him, and he's the closest thing to a father she has.
Andrew Owen Crewmate & Friend Andrew was the first person to help Temperance fix her cybernetic arm, and he gave her a tour of the Dark Dragon when she was first hired on. She likes watching him and Annie play together, and is fond of him because of his friendly personality and humour.
Trevor Crewmate & Friend Annie seems to have taken an instant liking to Trevor, and their antics together make Temperance laugh. Temperance is interested in what Trevor does as a pilot, and she often asks him questions about it.
Beckett Embittered Crewmate Beckett scares Temperance witless. Things started going downhill when Temperance asked Beckett to press the button on her palm, though unbenounced to Robin, it was the button for an airhorn. She feels guilty about pranking Beckett, and now she spends a lot of her time trying to make it up to her. As time passed on, Beckett began warming up to Temp, and now they might even consider each other friends.
Aristiya Doctor & Crewmate Temperance's favourite doctor - the most gentle she's ever seen. She likes Rys for her kind touch, and she's the only doctor who's given her a needle that didn't make Temperance book it from the room.
Ru Sycorax Girlfriend It took a while for their relationship to form, going from mere friends, to something so much more in a matter of days. After the Blue Sun explosion in the Spaceport on Persephone, Ru was injured by a bit of shrapnel to the stomach. Temperance took her to the Medical Wellness Clinic, and made a habit of meeting up with Ru frequently afterwards. Then the Christmas holidays began, and so did their affections towards each other.
Tam Close Friend Since Temperance first met Tam, she's always had a very strong connection to him. He's very similar to her in that they both have cybernetic parts inside them, and he's one of her best friends in the 'verse. Tam's one of the only people she'll let touch her cyberware.
Mardi Annoyance Martina blew Temperance's artificial arm off. Since then, she's not been too warm on the pyrotechnician, and she has been known to even ignore Mardi completely out of fear.


  • Allergy: Arithromicin
  • Phobia: Abandonment, doctors
  • Diagnosis: Mild Histrionic disorder, Post Traumatic Stress disorder
  • Favourite person: Annie
  • Favourite animal: the bat
  • Favourite composer: Mozart
  • Favourite author: Shakespeare
  • Favourite play: The little Orphan Annie
  • Favourite book: Gandhi: Behind the Mask of Divinity
  • Vice: Despair (hope betrayed)
  • Virtue: Temperance (duh)
  • Hobby: Painting


  • Untouched - The Veronicas

-I feel so untouched that
I want you so much and
I just can't forget you.
It's not enough to say that I miss you. -

Temperance FF2.JPG
  • Annie - Vanessa Carlton

-There's nothing you can do,
someone gently says to you.
The doctor said that now it won't be long.
It's just a song she likes.
Little arms around my neck,
and a dying girl whispers in my ear... -

  • Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against

-Warm yourself by the fire son,
And the morning will come soon.
I'll tell you a story of a better time,
In a place where we once knew,
Before we packed our bags and left all this behind us in the dust.
We had a place that we could call home, in a life no one could touch. -

  • To Build a Home - The Cinematic Orcestra

-By the cracks of the skin I climbed to the top.
I climbed the tree to see the world,
When the gusts came around to blow me down,
I held on as tightly as you held onto me.
I held on as tightly as you held onto me... -


  • This space will change. It may not always be up to date.

Temperance FF8.jpg


Attribute Base Adjusted
Strength 45 45
Agility 50 50
Intelligence 50 50
Charisma 50 50
Perception 50 50
Technical 48 48


Skill Base Adjusted
Acrobatics 30 45
Artist 71 61
Culture: Earth That Was 2 14
Dodge 40 44
Sidearms 62 58
Melee Attack 15 29
Listen 15 26
Martial Arts 45 47
Music 52 52
Spot 20 29