Teja Ruby Burrell

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Full name Teja Ruby Burrell
Date of Birth September 9th 2500
Parents Kevin and Maggie Burrell
Siblings Richard (16, Deaf) Aubrie (16)
Assignment Cargo Master of Fool's Errand
Specialization Business Markets, and Economics
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark brown/Black
Height and Weight 5'6"/135lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Local Newhall Community College

Employment History

Gypsi Gaelic

Burrell (Insert DOB-Present)

Type in some BIO



The woman is of dark skin, like dark chocolate, or bitter sweet. She is a taller woman a few inches above average, but not so overly tall that she sticks out like a sore thumb. Her eyes are almost black, making the whites around them stand out even more. The woman's hair is shoulder lengthed, finger thick mass of dreadlocks of dark black that fade to the tips to a light brown. Mingled into the dreads are brown colored ceramic beads placed at the ends of each cluster for decoration.

Her lips are darker then the rest of her skin, though they have a sort of crimson tint to them making them stand out against the dark brown of her cheeks. She has long pretty fingers, the kind musicians or surgeons would kill for, her nails kept long and curved and bright red in color.

Personality and Demeanor


Teja is a very layed back person with her own hidden skeletons and ajenda. She comes from the lowincome housing island of Newhall where your resort maids, dockhands, bartenders live. Though her family is primarly catholic they still hold to some of those old islander superstitions, her father being the head of the household a docworker on Newhall he's basically disowned and kicked Teja out of the family due to her desire to live beyond the expectations, and she dated a white man.

Her mother is compliant, a maid for one of the local resorts. Teja grew up with two younger sibblings, the twins in a two bedroom house. Her brother Richard was born deaf though her sister Audrie is normal. Teja's grandmother is a bit strange, playing more into old superstitions of Ewa, Santa Maria, Voodoo, and Hoodoo.

Though Teja doesn't really believe in most of the superstitions, Teja does hold a very deep seeded fear of death, and the dead. Most of her issues come from a tragic night spent on a crashed ship in the middle of the jungle with several corpses of the crew mates she used to work with, then wandering around for days in search of a way out. From there she just can't handle being around corpses, or the dead with out getting sick to her stomach and freaking out thinking they are moving.

Teja can be a little selfish at times, but for the most part she is a pretty open minded person excluding a few paraniod racial prejudices. Teja grew up in a mostly black, or latino islander area, her grandmother took responcibiblity of passing down the traditions through the family, including reminding people that in their history they were used as slaves, and often kept in poverty as a means for others (white folks) to use as they see fit. Though Teja herself doesn't hold many racial and ethnical prejudices some do leak out occasionally, and she gets ultra sensitive over a few things said to and about her.

Current Employment

Cargo Master of the Fool's Errand


OOC Information

Flight for HSpace

1. man engineering console

2. type: sysperc reactor=100 (Now each ship is different so ask your captain what number you should set your ship reactor to)

3. man flight controls

4. type: computer

5. type: cpower on

6. type sysrep

7. It takes time for the reactor to warm up so you will be grounded for about 2 to 5 minutes. If a system won’t power up, don’t panic just wait.

8. type: engine

9. type: life

10. type: comm.

11. type: sensor

12. type: thrusters

13. type: undock

14. Wait 60 seconds to reach space

15. type: start here (this will set your starting point to plot your course)

16. type: stop at (planet) (this will set your destination for where your wanting to go)

17. type: plot course (this will give you all the info you need to set the bearings and speed)

18. type: sh ###m# (this information will be on your plot course info under bearings. The plot course info will read ##/# but you will type it in ##m#)

19. type: ss 900 (this will set your max speed before the afterburn)

20. type: afterburn

21. From this point on you will have to wait the time to your destination. Occasionally you will have to type plot course, to make sure your bearings are still right. Once your planet destination comes up on sensors you will stop using plot course, and use srep. The bearings for srep is more accurate.

22. Now each pilot has their own preferences… but when it comes time to land there are a few things you need to pay attention to.

23. When you reach a distance of 100 type: noburn. This will start the slowing down process for the ship. From here your going to watch your distance, once you reach a distance of 20 you will type ss 300. This will slow you down enough so you can land safely on the planet. From here your going to want to wait until your at a distance of 11, and then your going to type scan ####. This is a scan of the planet so you know which places your going to dock at… unless the captain says otherwise always type: land ####/#. Wait the 60 seconds for you to land.

24. man engineering controls

25. type: sysperc reactor=0

Flight over, enjoy. Keep in mind some ships slow down faster then others... while other ships take forever to slow down. Get to know your ship, I recommend until you get familure with flight to turn off the afterburn at 120, and then slow down to 300 when you get to 25. .