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Full name Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Assignment Something
Specialization Special Stuff
Gender Girl
Eyes and Hair Grey eyes, long black hair.
Height and Weight 5'8", 135lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information


Employment History

A job.

Tegan (Unknown-Present)

"You wouldn't like me, if you met me."


A young woman, aged not past her late teens to early twenties, judging by her youthful appearance. Long locks of hair as black as a starless night cascade down her neck and back, the main length pulled to her right side. Hair serves to partially obscure the right side of her face, while leaving the left side of her face, neck, and shoulder exposed. Her skin is pallid in appearance; her complexion a stark contrast to her dark, luxuriously black hair. Thin, arched eyebrows are superior to crystalline-grey eyes that peer out cautiously. Long, thick lashes frame the young girl's eyes, and a very slight application of a greyish eyeshadow serves to accent them subtly. A cute, pert nose overshadows a pair of unadorned pink lips, parted gently even when her mouth is closed. Her face is a delicate oval shape, though only very slightly. A singular dimple in her chin is visible, adding to her youthful appearance. Her long, thin neck is the same pale complexion as her face, revealing that she's likely not wearing any basal makeup.

Her arms seem to be moderately muscled, possibly indicative that this woman is no stranger to work. The skin on her hands seems to be soft and delicate. Strong, agile hands taper down into the nimble fingers of a potter, or some other skilled craftsperson. Long and slender, the woman's body is of the same lean musculature as her arms. Ample, but not overblown breasts showcase her most visible assets of femininity. Her upper torso nips sharply into her well-muscled abdomen, and her legs seem to continue down forever, finally ending in her small feet whivh are built much like her hands: strong and simultaneously delicate.

Personality and Demeanor

Personality: None
Demeanor: Unpleasant

Current Employment

Tegan is currently a crewmember aboard a ship.

Bounty Record

None Currently

OOC Information

You wouldn't like me, if you met me.

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