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Moon Bloodgood as Teanna Mirae
Full name Teanna Mirae
Date of Birth 02 Jun 2501
Birthplace Persephone
Parents Orphaned
Siblings none
Spouse unwed
Children none
Assignment Security
Specialization Guns
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown and Brunet
Status Active
Education Information
  • School of Hard Knox
  • Alliance Interpol Academy
Employment History
  • Current: Arabella
  • Formerly: Sealastair
  • Formerly: Department of Alliance Security DAS
  • Formerly: Security Hand on the Boudica
  • Formerly: Bounty Hunter's Guild
  • Formerly: Mercenary


She is a tall and athletic woman whom reaches to about five foot nine inches without the aid of high soled boots. Her hair is long and just a little bit curled as if she had forced it upon her hair. The color is a deep dark purplish to it that seems to turn just dark brown at the roots, hinting at having had it dyed. Her hair style is kept lose enough so that it could extend just past her shoulders and nearly halfway down her back depending on where she would keep her hair. Her skin is smooth and tanned with a hint of Asian heritage touching her shape. Thin eyebrows arch over her eyes giving her a cautious look. Her eyes are brown and her nose long. She has thick lips which is perfectly proportionate to her face. She also hardly wears any makeup; perhaps just enough to accentuate the pink of her lips and the colors of her cheeks just a little bit.

(Clothing changes per mood.)


"I was doing a job, sir. Feds got in the way. Now it's my job to get in the way; Funny how things work out."

"I like to shoot obnoxious things. Break skulls. Clean my weapons. Eat ice cream. Work out, and lots of other fun things."

Personality Quirks

She takes her job seriously. It’s considered a primary in her life and always has, to a point where she only has a very small list of friends. Get it done, get paid, move on. That’s her usual motto. She’s loyal to those she works with, and even more to those she considers friends. She has a few things she likes to do personally, drinking, music, gym and some outdoor sports activities. Anything that keeps her physically active she would probably be interested in.


RP Hooks

  • Wears an inscribed gold ring threaded on a silver chain.
  • Names her weapons.
  • Hooked: She enjoys a drink, or two, or three.
  • Ex-Interpol
  • Gun for Hire.