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Taylor Daisan
Full name Taylor Daisan Puri Kim
Date of Birth June 23, 2502
Parents Sir Delun Sung Puri Kim and Lady Florian Zhilan Zhe Kim (both deceased)
Siblings Burn Kim
Spouse Unwed
Specialization Registered Companion
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes, Thick Floppy Black hair with Red Streaks
Height and Weight 5'10" 140 lbs.
Status Active
Education Information

House Madrassa, Sihnon

Noble Parentage

Taylor's mother was Lady Florian Zhilan Zhe Kim. She was an incredibly gorgeous woman, with long black hair, who was infamous on Osiris for her long, draping gowns that would flow behind her whenever she moved. She was a kind, gentle woman, filled with love, who stood by, protected and supported her husband, the family patriarch to a flaw. Her support of him was so unwavering and blind, that she had grown afraid of her husband.

His father was Sir Delun Sung Puri Kim, a short, but well muscled man of noble beauty who kept his hair short and trimmed. He was always nervous and without confidence, but the encouragement of his wife was always enough to give him the push he needed. When he became patriarch unexpectedly, he nearly committed suicide from the pressures, but his wife had given him the strength and belief in himself to carry on. That weakness would return again when he came home from the war, riddled with post traumatic stress disorder. He was different upon return, shaky and lost, his eyes often staring at nothing.

In the Days Before Sihnon

Taylor Daisan, relaxing between his training classes on Sihnon when he was sixteen.

Taylor Daisan Puri Kim was born in in the summer of 2502 at the noble house of the Kim family, on the Core planet of Osiris. They were a minor noble family, titled and wealthy, but with less social standing due to their family having only being ennobled for ten generations. Many of the older, more snobbish families looked down their noses at the Kims' for it. His sister was Bernice Xiao Zhe Alute Kim, and was three years his junior. Taylor's father was a third son and was not meant to carry the title of patriarch, but circumstances had intervened and he ended up with it. This made Taylor the heir apparent in the family, set to inherit a great deal of wealth and property in investments and corporate holdings.

Sir Delun had entered the military at a young age to prove himself to the family, and remained even after he became the Kim patriarch, serving in the war, and returning from the military with severe post traumatic stress syndrome. This would rock him mentally, and led him to punch, kick and toss Taylor whenever the boy disobeyed, though never in public. Lady Florian, of course, feared him, and her dedication to him kept her simply turning away during these episodes, helping the staff cover it up, and later, mothering the boy back to health with gentle words of encouragement towards Taylor improving his behavior to avoid such events in the future. Sir Delun eventually became so mentally unstable that he locked the boy in a storage closet long enough that it should have killed the child. Taylor was placed in a tiny storage room with no food or water for over two weeks.

Taylor had always played these beatings off to Burn as if they were a game, to protect her, and he convinced her in this final instance that secretly bringing him food and water, and slipping it through the vent those two weeks was a game, as well. When Burn was caught, Sir Delun hit the girl for the first time, and finally, Lady Florian had had enough. While she was dedicated to Sir Delun for so many years, she finally found the strength to no longer allow him to physically assault her own son, but only because he had finally abused her daughter as well. She snatched Taylor and fled, but could not take Burn, as she had hidden in the attic of the large house. Lady Florian's plan was to return for Burn in a few days, though it would not happen.

House Madrassa

Taylor Daisan, dressed for entertaining at a noble gathering.

Taylor's life was to forever change when his mother kidnapped him, and left him at the Companion house on Sihnon, never to see one another again. From that day forward, his life was that of a typical Companion, training for the day he would be released to practice his trade. While he struggled with languages, Taylor was renowned in the training house for his charm and ability to make anyone feel at ease and special. His particular talent was illustration and painting, and now that he has completed his training, his clients pay quite well for the opportunity to be his model, generally keeping the sketches as part of the encounter.

Valiant Efforts

His days of nobility are over, though in most ways, he traded up. It has made him unsure of what he feels about his mother. She was the one who stood by and did nothing for years while his father beat him, so he hates her, and yet, she also saved him. His father, he feels no love for, but no hatred either. It is mostly pity, for the man was clearly sick and unable to handle the pressures of being a noble. It is his sister, Bernice, he is most curious about, though he isn't exactly searching for her, either. To find her is to reopen old wounds, and risks noble obligations he might be forced to address. And while he sometimes is curious what happened to his noble inheritance, it is not for greed's sake, but rather, simple curiosity to where his family line has ended up, or just ended.

To help keep from carrying any of his noble baggage, and to distance himself even further from his father, Taylor uses the name Taylor Daisan, and rarely speaks of his days prior to the Companion training. Recently, he was transferred to House Dasska on Persephone, where he began searching for a ship to make his home upon. With the hope that moving from world to world might accidentally force himself to run into his estranged sister, Taylor has begun renting a cabin aboard the Valiant, an Osprey class freighter. Working with the crew to ensure he meets his clients when and where scheduled, he is building a new client base that is not just bound to one world, though he refused to step off the boat on his old home of Osiris.

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