Tayen Killburne

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This Character is Retired

Full name Tayen Killburne
Date of Birth May 31, 2494
Parents Unnamed (but alive)
Siblings None (Cousin to Naiya)
Assignment Tsukai no Inari
Specialization Pilot
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown/Brown
Height and Weight 5'4" 110 lbs.
Status Inactive
Education Information

Home schooled

Employment History

"One man's Black is another man's treasure."

"Well, Ah have many skills."


Brown hair, brown eyes and standing 5'4" tops, Tayen looks like most people born and raised out on the Rim: a hick. Anywhere between 15 and 30 years old, Tayen's a simple looking girl, who's probably never seen a book, let alone bothered to read one. Any time she speaks, her voice is pure Rim, complete with drawl and dumb farmer tones. Her face is gently shaped, making her look on the younger end of the age speculation, and her frame is light and fit, like the perennial tomboy. Contradicting her simple seeming nature are those sharp brown eyes, which are alert and attentive.

Like most folks from the Rim, Tayen dresses practically. While the specifics change, the basic style is trousers, shirts and sometimes a hat. And a gun. Which apparently doesn't count as an accessory.

What's known...

Like every other two-bit pilot in the Verse, Tayen'd love to own her own ship one day. Of course, you have to save up for that.

While she bills herself as a freelance Pilot from Beylix, she was born the daughter of scrap-yard owners and learned how to drive and fly anything anyone would let her get her hands on. She supported the Browncoats in the War, though likely due to location, and spent the next ten years gigging her way across the Verse as a substitute pilot. Tayen doesn't philosophize or espouse her political beliefs (though she does still show a slight predilection against the Alliance if you get her riled up), and seems to have adopted a 'Live and don't hurt the rest of the world while you let live' attitude.

Tayen was quite happy gigging around, doing a lot of freelance type jobs, and as much as she says she'd like to find a ship to settle on for a long period of time, she's a victim to the fact that she gets bored easily and is picky. In short, she gives every crew a month or so of try out, and when things don't fit in, she takes a walk without any hard feelings.

In 2521, she worked for under a month as a security officer on the Guan-Yin before hopping off at Newhall. Not long after, there was an incident on Paquin and some kids there might mention she helped save one of their lives. Then she was spotted on Persephone, cleaning ships for a short while before returning to Paquin to work on the White Rose as chief pilot for a couple months before trading off to the Tsukai no Inari.

After six months with the Inari, Tayen was promoted to 2nd Officer and Flight Control, which didn't really change what she did or who she reported to, but it did change who she was responsible for.

Sadly, she left the Inari to go back to Beylix and help her father.