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Tatyana Quinn
Full name Tatyana Celeste Quinn
Date of Birth 2 Feb 2498
Birthplace Ariel
Parents Michael Quinn and Nataliya Marisko-Quinn
Siblings None
Spouse None
Children Xander
Assignment Owner and Captain, Shu Chang
Specialization Medicine
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green, Red
Height and Weight 5'0", 130 (muscles people :P) lbs
Status Active
Education Information

University of Ariel Medical School

Employment History

Guan-Yin II - Previous
Red_Lion_Industries - Previous
Shu Chang - Active Owner and Captain
Derrial Book Memorial Hospital - Owner Chief of Staff


Tatyana, or Tat, stands just over 5 feet tall and weighs 130 pounds. Her upper arms are firm, toned, and muscular, as are her legs. She is a bit curvy but overall would be described as a petite woman. She has firey red hair that cascades down the middle of her back in soft curls, held up in a ponytail while working. Her pale skin is offset by striking emerald colored eyes that seem to sparkle on their own.

Tatyana as drawn by Lillith



Tatyana was a very mouthy and opinionated child of two Alliance Federal officers. She remains very opinionated, very mouthy, and not afraid to speak her mind. She has strong morals, especially concerning sex. She is steadfast in her beliefs and one would be hard pressed to change her mind unless one can prove her wrong three different ways. She's VERY sarcastic and silly. Loves to be a joke-cracking ham, and tends to get told to 'shush' quite often. She only reveals the deeper sides of her personality to those she knows and trusts. She will make up a nickname for people within the first few moments of meeting them, and that's who they will be filed away as in her brain.

Trust doesn't come easy for Tatyana, it must be earned. Those who do earn that trust, however, will find themselves treated as part of her family and she would go to the ends of the 'verse to help them - be that medical help on the down low, a friendly ear to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, or an ass kicked, as needed. Tatyana will never let down her friends or break her word. She also refuses to lie about anything.

Skills and Abilities

  • Speaks 5 languages.
  • Well trained in Tae Kwon Do and Jiu-Jitsu. Currently learning Krav Maga.
  • Dead shot with a sidearm.
  • Versatile with computers.
  • Esteemed doctor, graduating with high honors and carrying letters of great recommendation from her previous employers. Surgery, Pharmacology, Virology and basic medical training.
  • Dancer since she was 4.
  • Excellent singer.
  • Awesome sneaky-pete type person.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • Nature Lover.
  • Bartender during college.
  • Accomplished Pilot
  • Exceptional financial negotiator

History and background

Tatyana was an only child of two Alliance Federal Officers, Michael and Nataylia. She hated what they stood for in every way. She made it known and was very vocal about it when she was very young. At the age of 8, her parents decided there was a need to silence her. She never saw the weapon of torture as she was forced to have her eyes closed, but she still bears the scars upon both of her legs. They are deep, nasty, and very angry looking. They cut deep grooves in both of her legs-front and back. She's counted them often during the night, and the total comes to 27 on each leg. As she grew up, she realized there was a better plan she had in mind so she bit her tongue and went through martial arts training with her father, and firearms training with her mother, learning to be a good military girl when she grew up starting at the age of 12.

Her parents were very strict and cruel. Her only real solace was to sneak out at night and go into the woods where she felt safe until sunrise. To this day she loves nature and took a few classes in school to learn more about. When Tatyana was training with her father and mother, it was all part of her plan. She would make them think she was going to follow in their footsteps because she wanted to be a doctor. They were thrilled to have a Military Doctor in the family. She played along and excelled, graduating top of her class, and early to boot because of her hard work and extra classes. The extra classes has a purpose, they gave her an excuse to always stay away from home. She always had a class so she could never go home for a visit. She also took up a job as a bartender to further use up any and all free time. On the day of her graduation, she got her credentials and walked with her parents out of the university on Ariel. Once outside, she hugged them, stepped back and told them exactly what she had done, that she would fight the rest of her life against them and promptly left on the next shuttle heading straight for the borders.

Once out, Tatyana decided she needed a job so she could fufil her dreams; to be a great doctor, to find a place where she fits in and find someone who understands her and shares her opinions of the 'Verse. She worked for awhile on St. Albans before she got sick and tired of the cold, deciding maybe she should venture out. Her Chief of Staff told her about the Guan-Yin II and suggested she see if they were hiring. She did just that and headed for Persephone, landing a job almost immediately with said crew.

Tatyana doesn't tell anyone who her parents are, nor does she use her last name unless for identification purposes. The only thing she lies about in her life is when people ask where she learned her skills, she will tell them she learned them from taking classes in school for advanced credits. Her punishments as a child have never left her mouth. Ever. And her legs had never seen the light of day, as her Mother demanded her legs always be covered. It's a habit with her that has stayed around. She also has nightmares and terrors, somewhat flashbacks of the 4 years of torture she experienced as a child.


  • Shooting Rainbow Stars across her hips.

Timeline of Events upon arriving in Persephone

  • October 2056-Arrives and quickly finds Donna McKellan, Captain of the Guan-Yin II. Gets hired along with Blake Lassiter, whom she begins a nice volatile friendship with. While on the ramp being interviewed she meets Adam Walker and the become instant friends, amazed she found someone who's personality mirrors hers in such a fantastic fashion! They spend the night ingesting boozahol, melting spoons and getting to know each other. Within a few days, and a few waves back and forth, Walker and Tatyana become a couple. He calls her Red.
  • November 2056-Had cosmetic surgery, scars upon her legs removed. NuSkin was used in the procedure.
  • Released herself from the Guan-Yin to further education as a pilot and is currently unemployed.
  • Adam Walker proposes marriage.
  • Accepted a position with Red_Lion_Industries, taking up residence upon Osiris.
  • Aubrey gave her a special gift, Panda the ferret.
  • January 2057-Was made CMO of Red_Lion_Industries.
  • Adam Walker disappears from Osiris and has not been in contact for a long period of time.
  • Was attacked on her birthday in a mysterious trip to Ariel that only few know the details of.
  • Lost hope of ever seeing Adam Walker again.

It was around this time that Tatyana chose to start venturing away from Bubastis , ending up in quite some bit of trouble. A total of three attempts on her life were made and she went on the run. During her travels she ran into an old friend and schoolmate, Braenen Alech Aja, and some of his crew. She was offered a position aboard the Evening Star with him, and that's where things get a might bit interesting. In a snowball of events, Tatyana left the ship alongside Braenen and went to help a friend, Caitlyn, aboard her ship. It was badness, icky Alliance chasing them, and eventually Carmichael found them just as they were about to turn the ship in for the bounty. A showdown took place and Braenen was arrested along with Caitlyn. Taty was free under the guidance of Carmichael, who then released her from her position. She went back to the Evening Star, where she learned Braenen was being released, cleared of charges and that she has some money coming her way. With this money, the two of them combined forces with Usagi to purchase the Dawn Star. Christmas of 2527, brought a mixture of joy and pain to Tatyana and the crew of the Dawn Star. Near the end of the year, she took ownership and control of the Medical Wellness Clinic and renamed it the Derrial Book Memorial Hospital in honor of a fallen shepard. It was decided that a charity auction would take place to benefit the renovations to the outdated equipment and building itself. Outpouring from the 'verse was tremendous, as was the turnout. The patrons also included someone with a motive that was not so charitable, and unknowingly Tatyana accepted a bottle of water from someone she thought was security. The following month was nothing but pure living hell, the water was laced with deadly toxins that attacked her body and sent her into cardiac arrest. Luckily, her crew and partners were on stand-by and Braenen's quick thinking saved her life. Several bouts of heart trouble revealed that she was in dire straits and needed a new ticker...Jonah was moer than happy to help with that and installed an AICD for the time being while a new heart was being cloned. can it go smoothly from here? of course not! Black Cell was behind all of this and they were not done by a long shot. Just days after her surgery, Braenen proposed marriage and she gladly accepted his nervous words, only to have an android attempt to kill them both in an explosion in her hospital room. Again, Braenen was there to save her life and his own. The morning of January 8th was the day she went missing. Her parents and their band of minions finally got what they wanted, and what they wanted was Tatyana alive and in their custody. The torture began again as soon as they had her in their hands. The Dawn Star crew along with the Fenrir and help from Babbage, mounted an attack to get her back. What they didn't know is there were two other members of her crew down there with her. Matty, and her best friend in the verse (who she shares a FREAKY connection with), Atticus. How'd they get down there? Well, see, these two men thought they'd be clever and take out Black Cell on their own...dressed like pimps. Two against Twenty-You do the math. If your answer was they got themselves locked up in cells, you get a gold star.
It was near this time that Taty found out that her 'father' was not her real father...she was indeed nobility. the daughter of Dark Lord guy Ro Locastra. Neat! Kinda....And she's giving birth to the next in line in the blood line. does that mean she's related to Carm now? OH BOY! The implications there *boggles*
Recently so much has happened that Taty's head is frickin spinning. Braenen was found dead, She herself was involved in a shuttle explosion where she lived but her dear heart Callum did not. Her freaky connection Atty left, and she found out that the first DNA test that declared her Ro's daughter was wrong and she in fact is just Tatyana.
Wanting to get memories buried and start fresh, Tat retired the broken down Dawn Star...and bought her first ship, one that is just hers...and it felt good to name is Shu Chang, which means Happiness without worry. She met a Shepard (maybe?) Who seemed to know just a bit too much about her. But, she fell for him as she tends to do and eloped. But soon, things started not adding up and she felt very unsafe with Kyle Cobain.
On her 31st Birthday, Her XO and Bestiekins Avery threw a Faritytale costume party for her, as a surprise...well the one gift no one expected,came a full 4 weeks early. Callum Braenen Alexander Quinn was born, But we know him as Xander. Many other Surprises came that day too. Taty has a cousin she didn't even know about....Ellie Quinn , who brought a Companion to the party. that didn't go so well. Her adoptive brother, Aubrey showed up and is now all romantical with Avery. She filed for divorce shortly there-after, citing the may questions she has about the man. She took her name back and keeps on flying in the black, having recently promoted Jento to Chief Bridge Officer, so she can spend more time being a mom.

She went down to a core crew, by her OWN DECISION to let some people go who just disappeared. The Shu keeps running around doing cargo, keeping pretty much to themselves for the most part...excluding the occasional Alliance questioning about her cousin-whom she honestly hasn't seen since her party and misses. She discovered she had a family home on Bernadette and had it totally gutted and remodeled. As it was used for a base of operations for BC, she never knew it existed but the name of the house linked her directly to the organization she wanted nothing to do with. Her parents little joke, obvious. 'See? we named a house after you. You don't want to be associated? Too bad...you already are.' But, the middle name that was bestowed upon her, written in Russian upon the entrance to the estate was in fact beautiful so she left it.
She's learned a lot in the past few years...and love? Will not come easy. Not anymore. The red-head had a habit of falling quickly as red heads tend to do. But lessons have been learned and now is the time to live life, learn what you thought you knew...but get facts and consider them, and She is going to show the Verse who tatyana Quinn is. Not who you think she is, so many layers to the Taty onion...how will you ever peel them?


Callum's last moment, in song

White walls surround us No light will touch your face again Rain taps the window As we sleep among the dead

Days go on forever But I have not left your side We can chase the dark together If you go then so will I

There is nothing left of you I can see it in your eyes Sing the anthem of the angels And say the last goodbye

Cold light above us Hope fills the heart And fades away Skin white as winter As the sky returns to grey

Days go on forever But I have not left your side We can chase the dark together If you go then so will I

There is nothing left of you I can see it in your eyes Sing the anthem of the angels And say the last goodbye I keep holding onto you But I can't bring you back to life Sing the anthem of the angels Then say the last goodbye

Your're dead alive [x4]

There is nothing left of you I can see it in your eyes Sing the anthem of the angels And say the last goodbye I keep holding onto you But I can't bring you back to life Sing the anthem of the angels And say the last goodbye

Callum & Taty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdGZBRAwW74
Taty's theme song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qrRzNidzIc&ob=av3e
The 'Family' (crew & staff) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjVNlG5cZyQ&ob=av3e