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Full name Tatum Corissa Rimes
Date of Birth March 15, 2505
Birthplace Ezra
Parents James Aristotle Rimes and Magnolia Cambridge Portman
Spouse She's not the type to settle down.
Children She's still growing up herself.
Assignment ManicPixieDreamGirl
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Grey Eyes, Rainbow-Dyed Hair
Height and Weight 4'11” 105 lbs.
Education Information

Sihnon University of the Arts, BA in Drawing and Calligraphy, dual minors in fashion and jewelery design – Art Institute of Persephone, MFA in Drawing

Employment History

Black Rose Body Art – Reception, Scheduling, Artist, Tattoo Designer, Jewelery Crafter, Apprentice Piercer and Tattoo Artist

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Short, yet willowy, it's hard for most to easily summarize this petite woman's beauty, her features aren't classic, but somehow they all fit together into a woman who can be hauntingly memorable. She seems to stand about five feet in height, and most would estimate her weight to be close to one-hundred pounds, give or take a few. Her skin is flushed with health, a rosy glow frequently coloring her cheeks, and at least what can be seen of it is free of blemish or scars, save for a light smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose.
Silvery grey eyes peer from a face of intriguing beauty - high cheekbones; an aquiline nose with a smattering of freckles; and full, pouting lips with a deep bow are the woman's most striking assets. The almost peculiar beauty of her face pales in comparison however to the depths and sparkle of her bright eyes. Pale grey orbs with flecks of charcoal and silver, they stare intently, taking in the world around her with an artist's careful gaze.
Cascades of gleaming rainbow hair are long enough to reach just past her hips when not tied up. Her hair is streaked with strands of every color imaginable, highlights and lowlights in vivid hues streaked through the dancing curls down her back. Two pewter chopsticks topped with large chunks of nacre stake through a messy knot of curls at the nape of her neck which hold the strands of hair her hair up and off her shoulders and back.
The woman's jewelry reveals her tastes, all of it vividly colored and sparkling. An artsy pair of silver earrings dangle at each earlobe, slender chains from which rainbow-hued glass beads dance and sway, glinting with every movement. A stack of silver and rainbow enameled bangles studded with opal and nacre beads jingles upon her left wrist. There's a silvery grey ribbon tied around her neck, and a pewter-plated key hangs from it, a few scratches along the metal showing that likely it's as functional as it is beautiful. There's a faint trace of perfume wafts through the air around her, the scent which enrobes her entirely unique. Either she has the aroma custom blended, or it's merely the lingering scents of the woman's day. Heaviest in her hair, subtle upon her skin, she smells faintly of orange lollipops, sugared tea, dark chocolate, bourbon vanilla, clove cigarettes, and black coffee.


Tatum is a free-spirit, and she goes wherever the winds and the shuttles take her. She's always chasing the next adventure, the next sight, or the next experience. Her deepest love is art, and she makes her way typically off the kindnesses of strangers and the selling of sketches. She's not likely to get rich off her skills any time soon, but she usually keeps herself fed and supplied with the basics. Even if the basics are a bench within a lovely park, or a good looking stranger's bed for a night or few. One way or the other, Tate survives.
She is bubbly, kind, and energetic. She's never met a stranger. Every person in the 'verse has a story to tell, and Tate wants to hear them tell it. And she'll likely be sketching it out in her pad as she listens. She's generous to a fault, likely to give a stranger in need the shirt off her back even if it is the last shirt she has. She's gregarious and can make herself a friend out of almost anyone. No matter how awful someone seems to be, she's convinced everyone has at least one good thing somewhere inside themselves. So she looks until she finds it, and focuses on that, drawing it out until it's a person worth making friends with.
Her morals are strong, and mostly straight. She dabbles with drugs here, she tells a few white lies there, but overall, she doesn't believe in hurting people. She's a pacifist to her core. Weapons and violence solve nothing. She would never hurt another person if it's at all avoidable. And she's got a soft spot for animals, too. She's not a militant vegan towards others, but for her, it keeps her conscience clean.
Tatum is the modern 'verse's equivalent of a Bohemian. She's seen politics from all sides of the spectrum, and knows none of them are for her. She's a lover, not a fighter. She's also an artist, hedonist, pacifist, and occasional recreational consiousness alteration enthusiast.


What would have happened if Romeo and Juliet had lived long enough to love and have children? Well, she can't prove it, but Tatum thinks it might have been the story of her own life. She was raised on Ezra, just a child when the treaties of Unification Day were signed. She grew up hearing stories of the war from all sides, browncoats and Alliance, independents and criminals, everyone willing to fight and kill for reasons that at their base roots were all the same. Control, power, and who gets to make and enforce the rules. Death and destruction, violence and cruelty, manipulation and abuses of power... She's seen all of it, from every side. And Tate wanted nothing to do with any of it. She's a bohemian free spirit, the classic ManicPixieDreamGirl. Art holds her heart, and travel is her one true love.

Family History

Tatum's parents weren't bad people, they were just pawns in a bad war. Her mother worked for the Alliance, translation and data mining, she was a technical genius. Her father was a browncoat, infintry and sniping. They fell in love despite their opposing sides, and both went AWOL from their units, settling out on the rim and making a home on Ezra. They wanted a whole entire passle of babies, but Tatum was their first. And thanks to complications with her delivery, she was their last as well. They were over-protective and somewhat smothering, but they loved and doted on her as well. She doesn't hate the people her parents are, she just can't stand their politics. Her form of rebellion was to shove their war-beliefs right back at them, taking up a life of pacifism and refusing to deal at all with politics of any kind.

Education and Employment History

Tate had a scholarship to the Sihnon University of the Arts, and she double majored in drawing and calligraphy, and picking up dual minors in jewelery and fashion design. She also spent as many semesters abroad as she could wrangle, studying for months at a time on planets all over the 'verse, seeing and experiencing as much of the world as she could.
Her next step was a small, obscure program offered at the Art Institute of Persephone where she pursued her MFA, this time with the single focus of drawing.

Black Rose Body Artwork


Body Modifications