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Full name Harika Yilmaz
Date of Birth Feb. 28, 2508 (not that she'll admit it)
Parents Unknown, both deceased
Siblings None
Spouse Unmarried
Assignment Entertainer
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Hazel/Black
Height and Weight 5'/100 pounds
Status General Crew - Guan-Yin II
Military Service


Life On Liann Jiun (Pre-IC History)

Life Before The Streets

Running Wild

Leaving It Behind (IC History)

Arrival At Persephone

Going To The Carnival

A New Home

Factoids & Trivia

Distinguishing Marks

  • Across her back, close to the shoulder blades, is a rather sizable tattoo of three tarot cards, all done in full color and elaborate detail; The center most card is the High Priestess framed on either side by the Death and Hanging Man cards, both inverted. (Image to come eventually)

Important People & Friends