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Tani Starr
Full name Tani Alli Starr
Date of Birth Never ask a gal her age!
Parents Jace and Alli Starr
Siblings Amylynn Starr
Spouse None
Assignment Intel/Recon
Specialization Stealth/thief activities
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Light green Red
Height and Weight 4'9
Status Active
Education Information
  • Street dodger
  • Self trained cat burglar
Military Service

Uh, no.


Born to two typical and boring corpers Tani's childhood was a lot of tomboy antics and normally getting a good smacking by her sister. As the years passed and Amy was off to college her father suffered a near fatal heart attack. Leaving home for longer and longer periods, she believed they would go broke if they had to worry about feeding and clothing her. Still going to school she began to steal small things. Food, clothing, and her life as a street dodger took off from there.
By sixteen she left home with a false story of early graduation (true but but altering school records) and a acceptance to college on a full scholar ship. Jumping planet she traveled around the verse taking odd jobs and time to time robbing the local nobility. Growing to protect the street kids of the worlds she visited she got a underground reputation and built quite a information gather network.
After a time on the streets she joined the crew of one Frost and his infamous pirates. Almost four years with the pirate she never racked up a kill save for a few reavers. More intrested in the stealth operations of thing and not the blood and guts she was promoted to head pilferer. Shortly after Frost and his pirates marrooned her on Three Hills. After a month and some daring native dodging she escaped. Bouncing ship to ship she is now attached to the Traveller.



Tani can't be more than four foot nine, a small heart shaped face and a youthful grin. Her red hair is currently adorned with purple ribbons and clip on designs. Today she is in a rather strange outfit. She is wearing a baseball uniform, a shadow white color. In black letters the front says "40-Watt Club" and on the back "665 The Neighbor of the beast." As well on the left breast the number 23 in black letters. A normal belt wraps her waist but most of it is covered by the addition of a furloin cloth drapping over her uniform pants. A oval buckle with a black obsidan stone hugs her waist. On her face is also a rose tinted pair of rimmed glasses that cover her green eyes. Top top it off a classic all canvas baseball cap on backwards tops off her fashion statement.


Self proclaimed "Cosmic ninja princess, great red hair hunter, reaver slaying, firefighting, bio hazard braving, animal training lord of the dance" Tani's skill set is fairly extensive if not as erratic as her personality. Know for her kung fu, nunchaku's, blades and swords of various sizes, to heavy pistol like her trademark Star-Shot to the MSG-1A9 rifle for long distances her combat abilities are formitable. Possessing the skills to hack, lock pick, and defeat many security systems, sneak in and out of facilities, gather info, barter for goods and find sellers she is also a novice pilot. Currently her animal training has gotten her wanting to find and raise a tiger much to her captain's dismay. And seems driving him up the wall is another one of her special traits.

Da boys

The infamous Genghis Khan (Genghis for short) albino ferret and the murderous and vicious Mister Snuggy, the striped ferret bringing of doom!

Theme Songs

  • So What!? (Rockstar) by Pink
  • There coming to take me away! HAHA Dr.Demnto