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Talia Dashwood
Full name Talia Dashwood
Date of Birth January 3, 2492
Birthplace Beaumonde
  • Phinneas "Phin"
  • Evalene
  • Jebediah "Jeb"
Assignment Security
Specialization Gunslinger
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown, Reddish Brown
Height and Weight 5'10. 155
Status Inactive
Education Information

Some high school

Employment History

Tienlong Organization

Talia Dashwood is a fictional character in the Science Fiction game called Senerity: A FireFly Mush. This a game based on Joss Whedon's FireFly tv show and the Movie Serenity. The game takes place 3 years after the credits of Serenity. Talia is a former Browncoat soldier who has been unable to quell her restlessness since the war ended.


PreIC Timeline

  • 01/03/2492 - Born on Beaumonde
  • 05/03/2493 - Brother Jeb is born
  • 02/01/2509 - Enters the Unification War for the Independent Faction
  • 06/30/2510 - Jeb follows his sister into the infantry
  • 05/2511 - Jeb is killed in Serenity Valley
  • 06/2511 - Talia begins a life of odd jobs in security and information gathering
  • 12/2522 - While working as a bodyguard for a singer on Paquin, her employer loses his gig for public drunkenness and flees the planet. Talia goes to Persephone to seek a new job.

IC Timeline


Talia gained an appreciation of all types of firearms from her father who dealt, discreetly, in guns on Beaumonde. Her mother was a factory worker and neither parent paid much attention to Talia or her brother Jeb. It was apathy, rather than anger, that Talia received from her parents when she faked her ID and entered the Independent infantry at 17. Thus, Talia has little appreciation for authoritative figures and no desire to return home.

Jeb followed in Talia's footsteps, as he was in the habit of doing, and also joined the army before he was of age. He served less than a year and was killed days before U-Day. This event and the seeming injustice of it has a lot to do with who Talia is today. With no sense of, and no desire for, a home or family, she has skipped from job to job ever since the War.