Takeshi Odori

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This is IC information.
This information is displayed publicly on the cortex, and may be used ICly.
Takeshi Odori
Full name
  • Takeshi Odori
Date of Birth
  • January 18, 2494
  • Father: Viscount Keisuke Odori
  • Mother: Viscountess Yuuka Odori
  • Aoi Odori, Sister
  • Tsubasa Odori, Brother
  • Koukin Odori, Brother
  • None
  • Bernadette, Influential Citizen
  • Male
Eyes and Hair
  • Black Hair, Dark Green Eyes
Status Political Activist
Education Information

  • Persephone Young Scholars School
  • Royal Persephone Elementary
  • Sky Wards High School
  • Persephone General Medical College
  • Highton Psychological University
  • Alliance Military Officer Academy
Military Service

  • Major, Medical Officer, 63rd Federals Division
  • Chief Medical Officer, Department of Alliance Security
  • Assistant Director, Alliance Central Intellgence, Department of Alliance Security
  • Chief Medical Officer, Lt Cmdr, IAV Temperance
  • Lt Cmdr, Alliance Navy, ABS Destiny, Medical Officer
  • Political Activist

Takeshi Odori


Takeshi of Planet Bernadette

"Nothing will stand in my way. I'll push through it even if the price is my life."


Lord Takeshi Odori was born to the Noble Odori line on the planet of Bernadette. The Odori line has been known as a family of great leaders in their field, but they themselves have never owned businesses. As a family, they thrive on being in charge of things and people, leading others and their companies to greater heights. There has yet to be an unmentionable Odori and if there was, they were quickly written out of the family history. Those born to this line are tasked with high expectations even during their youth.

From a young age, he was bred for nobility and leadership. The schools he was sent to were the best, his training in a doctor even more so and then he joined the military, as is the course of action for most of this family line.

In the military, he worked his way up from a lowly ensign to a major as a medical officer. During the restructuring he was shuffled back and is now the Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Alliance Security. The company business is safely in the hands of his trusted Chief Operating Officer whose name shall remain unmentioned.

Recent Events

From most recent to oldest:

  • Recalled to Home Planet
  • Signed on with Aces and Eights
  • Left DAS
  • Promoted to DAS Assistant Director ACI
  • Transferred to DAS, Chief Medical Officer
  • Promoted to Major, Medical Officer, 63rd Federals
  • Graduation of Alliance Officer Academy
  • Graduation of Highton Psychological University
  • Graduation of Persephone General Medical College


Takeshi is deadly serious, or so it seems. In reality, he's just a more sombre individual and doesn't always mesh well with others. Exceedingly reliant on the numbers, he has a cold touch to the world about him, but it was a necessary development given his previous job description. Still, he can best be summed up as one of those harsh doctors who actually does care, albeit doesn't entirely know how to show it. at the end of the day, he's just a quiet thinker, but he'll still be your best friend too.

The People

Coming Soon.

RP Hooks

  • Doctor? Agent? Noble? All Three?
  • Bernadette? My backyard
  • Just who and what is this man asides from a doctor?


Gangsta Sexy - Hollywood Undead

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