Tacitus Barnard

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Shepherd Tacitus
Full name Tacitus Able Barnard
Date of Birth October 31st 2494 - Planet Verbena
Parents Sarah Kemplin and Carmichael Barnard
Siblings Manfred, Amos, Kelly, Ariel, and Jacqueline
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Shepherd of the Ethereal Embrace
Specialization The Universal Truth
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue/gray eyes, brown hair.
Height and Weight 6'2", 180lbs
Status Inactive

Personality and Demeanor

A man who had left home at the age of sixteen, only to fall to ruin and gambling due to a youth squandered on gambling and selfish goals. Shepherd Tacitus is a very much changed man. Peaceful, but worrisome of his own salvation. He makes it a personal goal to see to it that those he interacts with be made aware of The Universal Truth, seeking to bring enlightenment and peace to all whom he encounters. Dead set on proving that all religions that tout peace and kindness are all one, but have simply grown into separate sects of one single idea.


Standing at an even six feet, two inches tall. Weighing, likely, only around one hundred and eighty pounds or so. He is gangly, but not unkempt. His hair is worn short, with a mess of cowlicks forcing it to spike out in a few areas. Colored a dark brown with the shootings of gray that come with the early thirties. His face is careworn, lined, and holding show of light tans, laugh lines crinkle at the corners of his blue/gray eyes. The beginnings of deep nose lights run from the nostrils of his slightly hooked nose to the corners of his mouth. With slightly pronounced cheek bones, and a sharp jaw, his face isn't like any would see of a toughened member of the verse, especially with the light smile on his thin lips.
His dress consists of a chambray shirt, that may have once been blue with tan shot through it, but has now faded to that sort of traveler's no-color. The shirt is, in turn, tucked into a pair of black slacks that are belted to his waist. On his feet are a pair of black shoes, made of cloth with hard soles, and laced like moccasins. Over his left shoulder, normally, is a canvas haversack that started life a dark brown but has faded to a dull tan. Around his neck hang a few religous charms, an icon of Buddha, a Star of David, and even an Egyptian Ank. Hanging from his right hip are Catholic style prayer beads, complete with a small wooden crucifix, and from the left dangles a few old charms in the shapes of crecent moons, pentacle stars, and a wooden square carved with the four elemental symbols on it.

Character Biography

Growing up the third of six children on Verbena, to a group of parents of vastly different religious belief and officer status in an orchard managing company. Tacitus Able Barnard regularly took the lessons both parents taught him to heart. One a Buddhist and the other a former Protestant become Mormon.
After a brief argument at the age of sixteen he fled home, signing onto a trade cruiser headed for Paquin. On the Gypsy Planet he developed a gambling addiction that left him fleeing the planet after repaying debts, and then an indentured servant from age eighteen to twenty two on Ezra when his gambling problem once more reared it's ugly head.
Following his release with his debt repaid, Tacitus made way to Sihon, where he studied at the Buddhist temples, then spent the next six years of his life traveling to different religious temples and monasteries throughout the core, noting the similarities between religions, and coming to the realization that all had one universal connection. Taking the money from a trust fund granted to him on his twenty eighth year, he traveled the core, border, and rim worlds helping others out of debt, and paying for their rehabilitation
Those who have managed to interview the man learned, and broadcast on news links, that he was founding what was called The Church of Universal Truth. A sect dedicated to proving that all benign religions are truly one, but have separated due to human nature over the centuries.

Current Events

Having worked on Persephone for the last year, running an AA section, and aiding the workings of several shelters and rehab clinics. Shepherd Tacitus has taken onto the Ethereal Embrace, taking place aboard as the resident Shepherd, and trainee ships cook.


John Lennon - Imagine.
Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah.
Simon and Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence
Goo Goo Dolls - Broadway

Special Note

Good Name Feat
Tacitus Barnard is known in the 'verse for being a man who had granted a trust fund at the age of twenty eight, he immediately put it to helping others, vowing poverty for himself.