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Each Judge/Storyteller runs their TP/Scene differently than another one. The below method is one that is used by a number of different sources, though others will not be running them the same. Over all, this is a pile of information that can be adapted to help ease the learning process over all.

TP, Timestops and YOU Guide

Welcome. Please take a seat as we go on this little journey called 'TPs, Timestops and YOU!'. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them at the end of our lecture. Keep in mind that while this may be overwhelming you first time, your fourth time, your tenth time.. It gets easier as we go along. There will be those times that you're like ZOMG! I can't do this! Just take a deep breath, and -have fun-.

TP - What is a TP? A TP is short for 'Tiny Plot'. A tiny plot is a coordinated roleplay event, where typically there is a preset theme or storyline, to be played out and directed by a storyteller. A TP tends to be ran by an Admin (Staff) though also can be 'Player Ran'.

Timestop - A timestop is an object that an Admin (Judge) places down that creates a 'pose order'. By looking at the timestop (look timestop) it will tell you the pose order of the scene. These tend to be placed down during 'TPs' and violent scenes where a judge is present. Below is an example of one:

TIMESTOP: Created at 22:48:47

NOTE: This situation is already under way. You must await the Judge to open the scene again.

Now we move onto the knitty gritty of it all!

Make sure you are prepared! +wear <armor> for instance, make sure you have your armour on if you have any. (+sinfo +wear)

Have a weapon? Make sure it's loaded if it needs to be. Look <weapon>. Example: Ammo: If you are low on ammo, then reload: +reload <type of ammo> (+sinfo +reload).. You have to have the weapon wielded in order to reload by typing: +wield <weapon> (+sinfo +wield). You must type it exactly how your weapon says the ammo is. For example: You have a box of Cal 38 but your Colt Peacemaker says on its description for ammo: 38Cal. Then you would be typing +reload 38cal

All prepared? Good! When the timestop is dropped, remember to 'look timestop' to see your place on it. Keep looking at it to remember your place if you have to. It's there to help you. If you break the timestop and pose out of order repeatedly after being asked to stop, the Admin (or player) will most likely ask you to leave.

When a timestop is created, refrain speaking in <OOC> unless you are announcing something important such as you must go AFK (Away from keyboard) or a case such as that. There are channel to speak on or pages.

A good rule of thumb to keep the scene flowing is begin to type your pose in a wordpad before it's your turn. Add to it as you need to, and leave room to include your action.

Most storytellers (The Admin or Player) will give you an allotted amount of time which in order to pose, the usual number is 7 (seven) minutes. If you do not pose within that time, you will be SKIPPED that turn.

Page the Judge when the person two spots ahead of you poses.

For Example: The pose order is: Rock, Mouse, Anastasiya.

Rock runs from behind a barrel shooting at bad guy #1. BANG BANG! The bad guy is hit and falls to the floor deader than a door nail.

This is the appropriate time for Anastasiya to page the admin with their intentions. You will want to do your rolls before the person before you poses if possible.

Page admin=I would like to attack bad guy #6 then run for Brian.

The admin will page you with what to do per say to your pose.

Admin pages: Attack Admin, 65 difficulty and taskroll Run: Short sprint at 50.

This is when you follow through with the instructions of the admin:

+attack admin at 65 (+sinfo +attack)

+taskroll Run: Short sprint at 50 (+sinfo +taskroll)

The Admin will then page you the results of your rolls, and tell you to pose it accordingly.

Keep in mind if someone attacks you in a pose, and hits, you must pose responding to being hit accordingly. If you FAIL the +attack or +roll, you must include this into your pose. If you succeed, include this in your pose with the results that the Admin (Or Player running the TP) tells you.

Actions: You are able to get two actions (usually) per round. In essence, two typed commands are two actions. (+unconceal, +wield, +attack, +taskroll, +reload, +toggle, ect.). The only time you get more than this is when you have the Lightning Reflexes feat. With this feat, you get 1 extra non-damaging turn per round. Lightning Reflexes typically only counts for +reload, +unconceal, and +wield. You cannot shoot 3 times with LR. You cannot run and shoot twice.

For Example: You are rolling concealed. With lightning reflexes, you can: +unconceal. +wield. +attack once. Without Lightning Reflexes: You can only unconceal and wield.

+attack does include the dodge of who you are attacking, therefore there is no countering rolls such as 'dodge' in this case.

Difficultly: Depending on your action, the difficulty is liable to be different. For example: A 'Called Shot' (I.E. Head, specific area, ect..) tends to be higher than just a normal 'body shot'. If you take one action to aim, that means you can only +attack once but it'd lower the difficulty.


~*Below is a brief guideline of what we have covered*~

1: During timestops and TP events, there is often a massive amount of information to be passed out to and received by all. It is important we maintain respectful silence until spoken to. In most cases, a channel for chat will be utilized for use open use. Please keep OOC chatter to a minimum in the timestop/event zone.

2: At the start of the scene, the Judge/Storyteller will assign a pose order. Please make note of that order and attempt to write a basic pose for your intended action, before it becomes your turn.

3: Page the Judge/Storyteller with your intended action when you are 2 people from your pose. They will notify you of any difficulties or taskrolls required.

4: +taskroll or +attack at the indicated difficulty /before/ the person before you poses. Please wait until after they have posed to enter your own pose. If you are idle for more than seven minutes without a pose, your turn will be skipped.

5: There is no skipping pose order, unless it is due to the before mentioned time limits. As such, please be respectful of others and announce before going afk.