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Sypher without his mask and looking girly!
Full name
  • Sypher Arcturas Maxwell
Date of Birth
  • March 21, 2510
  • Father: Alexander Maxwell.
  • Mother: Sarah Maxwell.
  • None
  • None.
  • Abigale Maxwell (7:23)
  • Male
Eyes and Hair
  • Black hair, Violet eyes.
  • Active
Education Information


Military Service



Before CG

Born on Whitefall on march 21, 2510 to an emotionally and mentally abusive mother and an absent father, Sypher's childhood was less than kind. From the young age of six he was expected to work on a farm belonging to an old family friend, given minor jobs such as stable mucking and milking cows due to his age and lack of upper body strength.

At the young age of nine his mother fell violently ill and - despite medical treatment - died shortly after Sypher's tenth birthday. A few months after his mothers death, a traveling merchant by the name of Reginald Fawks took him in and he was put to work on their Dragonfly Class ship aiding the ships cook. Though he never actually prepared meals for the crew, he became fascinated with cooking and often tried to memorize the cooks recipes.

Only a year after being taken in, 'Red Fawks' left Sypher in the care - or rather sold Sypher to - a small group of mercenaries based in a small bunker nestled in the wastelands of Lilac. Within the first two years of living with the mercenaries he was taught minor first aid.

At the age of twelve, Sypher took an interest in the unique fighting style used by the mercenary band. When his interest was noticed by one of the older members, they began to teach him on a regular basis. By the age of seventeen Sypher had become a 'full fledged' member of the mercenary band.

During his training, Sypher was taught by one of the more eccentric mercenaries how to mask his physical appearance in order to fool possible enemies. This - coupled with an underlying gender identity issue stemming from his mother's abuse - led to a habit of cross-dressing.

At the age of eighteen Sypher was allowed to join in his first mission. Acting as one of four personal bodyguards to a wealthy resident of Lilac, Sypher was charged with defending the entry point to their employers personal quarters.

Late into the night, an assassination attempt was made by cutting the power to the small estate and while Sypher inevitably killed the assassin, the realization that he has just killed a young woman quickly took it's tole. Seeing no remorse for the womans death among his fellow mercenaries, Sypher left the band a few months later.

Having taken to the life of a freelance mercenary, Sypher eventually found himself on Persephone, living either in hotels or with fast-made friends. This lifestyle however was about to come to a swift and joyous end.

After CG

Two years after leaving the mercenary band on Lilac, Sypher - under the guise of a young woman named Lilith - found himself on Paquin. While cloths-shopping, he found himself in a chance encounter with Chovian, the owner of a Romany ship known as the Bengalo Draba.

After offering to act as the ship's cook, Sypher was welcomed with open arms by most of the crew. Fearing however, that his new companions would be displeased with who he really was, he decided to keep to the guise of Lilith indefinitely. His private quarters - which were granted upon request - serve to aid in this matter, granting him a place to keep his armor and equipment hidden as well as a place to work and rework his physical appearance to keep up the elaborate masquerade.

After only roughly a week of employment on the Draba however, a confrontation between Sypher and a man named Davis led to him being asked to leave the ship. While he did comply, it came as quite the sting to the young mercenary.

After a handful of weeks searching for a home and working odd jobs, Sypher came upon the Hope House and a strange man named Aubrey. Working in his free time wthe newest viral cartoon to ith the Hope House, he now finds himself in the company of friends once again.

Shortly after joining the hope house, Sypher got a wave from Carmichael in regards to his freelance work and after a short meeting, found himself serving aboard an old Independent blockade runner the nobleman was restoring. Now stationed on the Falkirk as a member of their security team, Sypher has been tasked with the protection of both the crew and the ship.

While serving on the ship, an incident involving another member of the crew and an old enemy of hers has secured Sypher's place among the crew emotionally. The Falkirk has since become his home, though he is still reluctant to call the ships crew 'family'.

Nearly half a year into his service aboard the Falkirk as it's Chief of Security, Sypher fell ill, afflicted with a disease which was slowly causing him to devolve into a caveman-like state. During this insolent, Sypher met Victor, a sniper who at the time, was in service aboard the Wulver. The two became close friends during their time in quarantine and once it was cured, Victor left the Wulver crew and took up with the Falkirk under Sypher's command.

After nearly a year aboard the Falkirk, meeting friends and making enemies - one of the greatest of which being Rodney Killbride, captain of the Wulver - before a secret training exercise designed to test the unity of the crew backfired. What was meant to bring the crew closer, caused a great rift between some and left Sypher temporarily without a job. The issue was resolved however under three months time and Sypher was re-instated under his previous rank.

When Aeron, a woman Sypher considered to be a close friend, left the falkirk ir lead to an emotional outburst on the mercenary's part that inevitably got him removed from the rank of Chief of Security after he blew up at his employer, Damian Carmichael.

At nearly two years of employment under Red Lion Industries, Sypher was abducted from his home on Newhall by his former family, the mercenary band known as the Seven of Skulls. It took over a months time for his rescue to take place and in that time he suffered unspeakable torture at the hands of a man he'd one called 'Father'. This event has changed Sypher a great deal, though very few of the changes are truly apparent.


While the Mercenaries - known only as the Seven - did not treat Sypher like a typical slave, he was reminded that he had no freedom outside the company until he could earn it. During his training to become a mercenary, he was given 'Missions' by the leader of the company to test his 'worth'.

During one such mission, he was given a gun and instructed to shoot a man who had assaulted and seriously injured one of the other Mercenaries. The man had been captured and bound, though it didn't seem to matter to the other mercenaries. When Sypher tried to refuse, he was told if he did not he would be marked as a traitor and would be killed as well.

Fearing his own death, Sypher shot the man several times and was then forced to watch the man die.

Code of Honor

Sypher lives by a code of honor that he has personally designed over the years. This code dictates a great deal of his life and affects most of the choices he makes. In moments where he is forced to break this code, he tends to slip into a deep depression afterwards.

Parts of this code are typically set in stone however, as he lives on, Sypher tends to add segments to it as a reaction to certain events.

  • Life is to be cherished and not taken without cause
  • Forsake not those who would call you 'friend'.
  • To lay hands on a women in violence or malice is unforgivable.
  • Children are to be cherished and protected at all cost.
  • Never strike out of anger.
  • Loyalty once given must not be broken without cause.
  • Show mercy where you can, even to your greatest of enemies.
  • Never allow thoughts of Vengeance to corrupt your heart.

Spells, Spirits and Gods

When it comes to Religion, Sypher has a slightly obscure approach to his personal beliefs. Instead of adhering to a normal religious ideology, he studies the 'ancient ways', taking a lot of the mythology of ancient earth and molding it all into one belief. While much of his religious views center around Greek and Norse mythology, he also follows many Wiccan ideals and even studies some of the more taboo arts such as Demonology and 'Voodoo'.

In recent history, Sypher's practice has gone from a more Arcane, ritualistic method, using inscribed runes and symbols to varying effects, to something resembling Voodoo or a Shamanic method.

Weapons of a Blind Man

Sypher is currently building a small, personal arsenal of heavily customized weapons. Each of which are not only designed and modified to increase their capabilities in combat, but 'marked' in spiritually significant ways. Whether the ancient designs work or not however is impossible to determine.

Samael & Belial

Samael and Belial are an identical pair of Accuracy International 2519 Special that have been heavily modified. The twin weapons are coated in black chrome and are decorated with gold inlay of tribal vines which flow from the barrel, all over the gun and end up converging at the back of the grip, where they form an ancient archaic script. The script, as well as the markings themselves are all part of a spell designed to imbue the weapons with the spiritual essence of their wielder. While the weapons are named after two significant demonic figures, the names themselves are quite deceiving.

Three Faces

Due to issues with his past, Sypher wears an array of mental and even physical masks to hide who and what he really is. Each mask is in part, a manifestation of some part of his true self, be it a desire, a want or even a fear.


Sypher often disguises himself as a female counterpart to his own personality and portrays her as mostly innocent, if not a bit of a flirt. Some would say the act is a way of escaping the realities of his life or that it's a disorder but in truth Sypher sees it as a sort of penance. While in the guise of a woman he takes on the name Lilith - the same name as the young woman he'd killed on Lilac - as a reminder that he can never give back what he had taken from her.

Lilith counters Syphers persona in small part because any less would be a dead giveaway for the disguise itself. However, in large part it is also because the guise has become a manifestation in his eyes, of everything he wishes he could be.

Sypher the Blind

When not masquerading as a woman, Sypher will usually don a physical mask along side a mental one. This persona is Sypher the Blind, a mercenary by trade and fairly laid back. While this persona is closer to the real Sypher, it is no more or less a part of him than Lilith is. When in this guise, Sypher is often seen as either cold or too friendly.

The physical mask that is worn is a manifestation of his fear and his grim personal belief that no one ever sees people for who they truly are until it's far too late. While, in some occasions he might take the physical mask off in this guise, the mental/emotional mask is never removed.

Sypher Maxwell

While Sypher primarily guards himself with masks, there are rare occasions where he will reveal who he truly is. While his masks reflect aspects of himself from his own perspective, both of them could not be further from truth. Without his masks, Sypher is an emotionally torn and very shy individual.

In these moments he will express himself and his true desires to the ones who have inspired the moment, admitting that he longs for someone to love him for the timid, submissive thing he truly is or expressing his nearly crippling fear of truly being alone in the 'verse.

As well, in these rare occasions he may become very emotional for little to no reason and will typically try to flee or replace the masks in odd ways.

IC Trivia

Alright, so here's a bit of information about this character which players will be allowed to use IC if they wish, it's fairly obvious if you've heard of or met the character Sypher.

  • Sypher is a very friendly individual despite his line of work and his past.
  • Sypher has a pair of pet Ferrets named Dante and Syn who often travel with him, typically curled up in duster pocket.
  • Sypher is rather outspoken about his past and the dark nature of his training.
  • Sypher is utterly incapable of forgetting anything, taking the term 'Total Recall' to an extreme.
  • Sypher's favorite drink is Absinthe.
  • Sypher's favorite food is, of all things, Lasagna.
  • Sypher's fast metabolism and constant training demand that he eat quite a bit more than expected.
  • While he probably wouldn't admit it openly, Sypher is the creator of the viral cartoon: Ferret Report.

Log Archive

Given that this character is fairly active on the grid and tends to get into a lot of interesting scenes, the player has decided to clean up a few of his logs and share them with the player base. Please keep in mind that some of these may contain harsh language, gruesome, descriptive depictions of violence and random silliness.

Random Ferret Cuteness! Medbay Moments - 01