Synthia Thorne

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Full name Synthia Elizabeth Thorne
Spouse Single
Assignment Performer, Master Mandrake's Merry Menagerie - Honour Merriway
Specialization Knife Thrower
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark red hair, Blue eyes
Height and Weight 5'9", 142lbs
Status Inactive
Military Service
  • Alliance, tour 2514-2522. Honorable Discharge.
Personal Notes

Advantages: Ambidexterity, Lightning Reflexes Allergy: Shellfish

Age: 28


Lithe limbs and fluid movement lend to an unmistakable air of confidence about this woman, who stands a strikingly scant few inches below six feet. At once both curvaceous and superbly toned, she seems the sort who can handle herself well in most any situation. The gleaming flow of her deep red hair tumbles well past her shoulders, offsetting the fair perfection of her skin quite beautifully. Framing pale blue eyes are a pair of stylish, rectangular glasses perched cozily at the bridge of her nose. Luxuriously full, crimson-kissed lips often carry the traces of a wry smile, matching the vaguely knowing glint cradled within her eyes.

A simple yet charming black top falls somewhat loosely about her, blousing out gently at its lower hem in compliment to the flowing dolman sleeves. Its neckline borders on being off the shoulder, and low enough to grant a glimpse of shadowy cleavage without seeming immodest. Beneath, in contrast to the more casual drape of her blouse, the leather pants that encase her shapely legs behave almost as a second skin, outlining every line, every supple curve. Low boots in matching black leather complete her attire, their stiletto heels granting an additional few inches to her height.



Swamped - Lacuna Coil

VNV Nation - Farthest Star