Syna Halleck

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The character Syna Halleck
Full name Syna Halleck
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Assignment Chief of Staff, R&D
Specialization Doctor
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Bright green eyes, long red hair.
Height and Weight 5'1" 105lbs
Status Inactive

Syna is a Doctor employed by Red Lion Industries to be their Chief of Staff for their Research and Development section.


Pre-PC History

Syna Halleck was born in the middle of the central core worlds to a wealthy family. Her father was a doctor, her mother was a doctor, her father's father was a doctor and so forth; even her brother was a doctor. Everybody in the family were doctors and naturally she was also expected to be a doctor. Syna was a very intelligent young lady and her parents had high hopes for her. Her parents were controlling, planning out her entire life from even before she was born. They had high expectations of her constantly and if she ever failed (which was rare), they were incredibly disappointed in her and let her know by negative words and locking her in her room for long stints. They never forgave her for anything bad she's done and rarely gave her any positive feedback.

Growing up, she was very lonely, the only friends she had were her parents friend's children and they were all rather stuck up. She didn't really consider them friends and escaped into books and hobbies. Some of her hobbies were exercising, she had a huge crush on her personal trainer who trained her in the art of martial arts. He went beyond the call of 'duty' because she was actually quite talented in martial arts and he wanted to help her excel. When she was in high school, she had an affair with her personal trainer and her parents found out and things got very ugly. She never saw him again, which made her life even more lonely.

For the most part, she was a 'good girl' most of the time (she was forced to be good) and went to school and graduated at the top of her class. She got into her first choice of college, especially because of her family name and money. Once graduated, she was accepted immediately into a research hospital because of her family name and her intelligence level.

Once there though, she saw how people were treated when they were not raised in a good family. She never had seen it before, since she was always protected by her family, but this shocked her. In an attempt to discuss it with her parents, they patronized her and completely dismissed her concerns. Blowing up at them, she argued with them which made her father angry and started a very loud angry shouting match. Stalking off, she ran to her bedroom, packed some things and took off. She hasn't looked back since. This made her decide to try and help those who really need it, and live her OWN life. She found a merchant ship and it didn't take much goading to have them hire her on as a doctor... that began her exploration into the black.

The merchant ship Syna was on was attacked by pirates and Syna was taken hostage. She knew that the reality was harsh in the rim planets, but this was her first -real- experience with it. When the pirates landed on a planet, she was 'saved' by another pirate named Lee who recognized her potential to be more than just a 'pretty' face and instead a doctor. She followed him around now due to the fact that she thinks he lost his ship because he was rescuing her when in fact he lost it already beforehand, he's just stringing her along with the lie because she's so easy to manipulate when she feels extremely guilty. Another reason she followed Lee around was that he saved her life and she wants to repay him somehow.

While in the black, Syna rarely gives out her last name (unless absolutely necessary) and never delves into her history. She's paranoid her parents are searching for her and have hired people to bring her back forcefully, so she's careful to try and not draw too much attention to herself.

PC History


Reaching the diminutive height of 5'1", this pretty young lady is a definate eyeful. Long, cinnamon-colored auburn hair flows down her back in thick waves. Her straight bangs are barely seen beneath the bolo hat she now wears which also shadows her eyes of bright emerald-green. Her gentle-looking face is heart-shaped, with soft curves to her cheeks and a tiny pointed chin beneath a small full-lipped mouth and a tiny button nose. Around her slender neck is a red-ribbon tied such that a small jade dragon dangles just above the hollow of her throat.

Today she's wearing a pair of brown leather pants that hug her hips tightly, yet loosen up as they follow her long legs down into a pair of cowboy boots. Over her chest, she wears a loose, white button-up blouse that is tucked into the pants that are cinched with a brown, leather belt. Over the white shirt, she wears a loose jacket of soft brown leather that hangs a little large on her diminutive frame. Overall, the clothing looks very well taken care of, even if they are a bit threadbare; nothing seems out of place on this young lady.