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Sybella Naima Lorasine

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Sybella Naima Lorasine, Companion of House Daska

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Full name Sybella Naima Lorasine
Date of Birth December, 25, 2503
Birthplace Bellerophon
Parents Jygiour Lorasine and Javaria Rosine Harka-Lorasine
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Companion, House Daska
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Ocean Blue, Raven
Height and Weight 5'5 , 129
Status Active
Education Information

Sihnon Companion school

Employment History

Companion, House Daska


Sybella is a woman of 24. born into a lavish lifestyle who always knew she would be a companion. She is Very widely trained in a multitude of musical and linguistic skills as well as dance and Earth-That-Was.She has a vibrant smile, framed by a dimple upon each cheek. Long, thick eyelashes act as curtains over her ocean blue eyes, emotions easily seen swimming in them. Her heart shaped face is surrounded with locks of perfectly curled raven hair that falls to the small of her back. Her posture reflects dignity and grace, as do her movements, which are those of a dancer. Her skin is a rich tan color, always flawless, her face never without makeup.


Her training began at a very young age with classical music such as Piano, Violin, flute and voice lessons. Schooled in the finest of private academies, she is a natural linguist speaking a variety of languages fluently and without hestiation whatsoever. She has extensive knowledge of Earth-That-was, politics and even a quick witty sense of humor that draws her clients to call upon her often. Her parents were very loving and supportive, yet strict. Much discipline and training from a really early age. At the age of 17, her mother died, and it hit her very hard. She was her best friend and confidant. Her father passed away shortly thereafter, leaving her orphaned but technically an adult. Recently has been accepted as a Companion and is ready to begin working for a new house. Her previous house destroyed in a fire. She's the only survivor. She does have a secret however, and only three people in the 'Verse know of it...and those are the only three that ever will.

Recent Events

One Persephone one afternoon as she was out, she ran into an old friend. A former companion named Xan. they quickly rekindled their old friendship, he becoming her first dedicated client. Upon her visits with him, she's met Duke Damien Carmichael and was invited to be a guest in his home where Xan took a job. She very much enjoys Osiris, and the compound of Red Lion. Upon the Duke's death, she consoled and comforted her friend in his time of need...the death having hit the 'Verse as quite a shock.
So, it turns out that Carmichael was not dead after all, and Xan took a job leaving Sybella behind. However, Red Lion Industries is no longer on Osiris and Sybella is Patroned to them, as their Companion. She has done a couple of jobs for them and is truly enjoying her time there.


Quite Witty, and of course charming. Ever the one with a compliment to pay and gracious to accept them as well. Never snotty or braggy, but a woman who is fully confident in her talents and abilities. She seems to make those around her smile, as hers is contagious...and she will always try and comfort a client or a friend in hard times. History and Science fascinate her, and she often spends free time helping mold young companions and teaching them the ways of life. Strong morals. Excellent character. Companions do not kiss and tell, nor do they gossip to client a about client b just because they are mortal enemies.

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